Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jake From ENHYPHEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jake From ENHYPHEN

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen fast-rising group, ENHYPEN. ENHYPEN is a 7-member group formed in a survival show, I-LAND. They debuted on November 30, 2020, their first EP, Border: Day One.

     Jake In A Layered Top Composed Of A Black Pull-over, A White Graphic Shirt, And A Black Leather Button-down Top partnered With Black Bottoms And Chunky Shoes.


Sim Jaeyun, most famous as JAKE, is a full-blooded Korean raised in Australia. He was an intelligent kid who used to compete in math competitions before returning to Korea and participating in a survival show called I-LAND. He made up the final list, ranking 3rd out of all contestants and debuting as the Rapper and Vocalist of the group.

Moving on with his fashion style, he mostly has two types of aesthetics- the bad boy and dark aesthetic, and light and soft aesthetics. He mostly jumbles between these two depending on the look he feels wearing. The unique part of his fashion sense is his footwear. Out of all idols I know, he's the only one who loves wearing dress shoes- and it honestly suits him the best.

      Jake In A White Hooded Jacket


If you're still wondering how ENHYPEN's Aussie Singer radiates his fashion style, scroll down for more as we have more to discuss for.



Starting this discussion with the basics, shirts are one of Jake's favorite tops to wear. It is simple yet radiates so much of a clean and casual look, perfect as everyday wear. He likes wearing them as is or wearing something over them like denim jackets.


Black Shirt With An Embroidered Print On The Back

Here, we could see Jake with his pet dog, Layla, a Cream Border Collie he adopted from his neighbor back when he was still in Australia. He was wearing a black shirt with an embroidered print on the back- this was his favorite picture of them, according to one of his interviews.
Fun Fact: Jake is a full-blooded Korean but moved and raised in Australia.


White Shirt

Jake also likes wearing denim jackets over a white shirt. This, by far, is one of the favorite combos to wear by everyone- a simple, neat, and casual combo.
For example, in this one, when he was traveling on their way to Germany.




Flannels are another top Jake likes wearing so much- this was one of the old trends back in the early 2000s that has been revived throughout the pandemic. It's a classy piece that you could rock in your way.

Green And Blue Flannel 

Starting from a more casual everyday look, Jake wore this green and blue flannel over his black shirt. 


Black And White Flannel

Moving forward, this black and white flannel matches Jake so much, especially his hair with metallic gray highlights that complement it.


Green And White Flannel

For a much retro look, Jake wore his green and white flannel over this green and brown vest and cream-colored trousers. This outfit reminds me so much of library fits.




Jake loves wearing denim pants. He likes to partner his denim pants with different fashion aesthetics he has- light aesthetic, beige, and mysterious looks. Noting how diverse these pieces are, I surely know how these pieces are essential to his closet.

Straight-Cut Black Denim Jeans

It looks like Jake is opting for a mysterious look here- he went for an all-black outfit from head to toe. He partnered his black turtle neck and mid-length trench coat with straight-cut jeans- a classic fit during cold seasons.


Cream-Colored Straight-Cut Pants

Going for retro vibes, Jake wore these cream-colored straight-cut pants with some green buttondown shirt and shoes. 


Simple Faded Denim Jeans

For a much simpler look, Jake opted for some simple faded denim jeans that he partnered with his favorite tops, the flannel and white shirt combo.





When it comes to outerwear, Jakes loves mixing his textured cardigans with some shirts on the inside. He also loves wearing them on with some pants that also compliment the color of the top he's wearing.

Navy Blue Textured Cardigan

Jake wore this navy blue textured cardigan with a white shirt on the inside. You could also wear some cream to khaki-colored pants as bottom wears for a more school-aesthetic look or old-money rich vibes if you like those.


Black And White Patterned Cardigan

These black and white patterned cardigan he wore with some plain black shirt radiates so much comfort. It must be good loungewear, especially during rainy seasons.


Tiger Pattern-Inspired Cardigan

This outfit radiates so much of a 50% bad boy and 50% soft boy look as he wore fitted black jeans as his bottom for his tiger pattern-inspired cardigan. 




Hooded jackets are another thing to list if you like Jake's fashion style. He especially likes wearing them in the dance practice room and would prefer wearing black occasionally, but he also has them in other colors.

Black Hooded Jacket With A Small Print At The Center

An example of this is this photo of Jake he shared online. He wore a black hooded jacket with a small print at the center. He partnered them with a black baseball cap for a much more fashionable look. 


Black Hooded Jacket With A Statement Print On The Center

This picture of him was in their company's dance practice room. Jake was wearing a black hooded jacket with a statement print on the center that also matches the color of the baseball hat he was wearing.




Aside from hooded jackets, Jake also likes wearing pullovers. He can be seen wearing them constantly as loungewear pieces, but sometimes he adds a bit of his style to them. 

Gray Statement Pullover

An example of this is this picture of him with Sunghoon. Jake (on the right) was wearing a gray statement pullover that he partnered with a backward baseball hat.


Plain Black Pullover

Another picture of Jake in a plain black pullover he partnered with a backward baseball hat at what seems to be their recording studio. Speaking of recording, ENHYPEN released a new EP with its main track, Future Perfect (Pass the MIC).




Black Hats

Hats are another accessories Jake likes to wear, and he has a variety of them. He has them in beanies and hats, but mostly, he wants to wear something in black. 

These black hats Jake used backward suit his plain black pullovers.


Black Textured Beanies

Jake also has these black textured beanies that he matches with his black turtle neck undershirt.


Baseball Hat

And these black baseball hats that he wore with his black hoodie jacket.


Curb Chain Necklace

Jake is one of the members that doesn't have ear piercings. Although he does not have one, he likes wearing curb chains that are perfect for between his neck and shoulder distance. It's simple but could make quite an impact.


Dress Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Jake has a different taste. He mostly likes wearing dress shoes- these shoes are perfect if you want to create an illusion of having long legs and additional height. They are pretty stylish and could go well with trousers.




If you like reading fashion articles like this, You could also check out ENHYPEN's lead vocalist, sub-dancer and visual, Jungwon, here.

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