Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jay From ENHYPEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jay From ENHYPEN

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen fast-rising group, ENHYPEN. ENHYPEN is a 7-member group formed in a survival show called I-LAND. They debuted on November 30, 2020, their first EP, Border: Day One.

     Jay in a Cream and Black Graphic Button-down Shirt


Park Jongseong, or most popularly, Jay, is a Korean-American from Seattle, Washington, USA, born but moved to South Korea later. He attended LP Dance Academy before joining Big Hit and trained for two years and eleven months before joining the survival show I-LAND. He ranked second place on the final episode and debuted as Main Rapper,  Vocalist, and Lead Dancer- somewhat expected, especially of his background in dancing.

     Jay in a layered top is composed of A Gray Shirt, a Graphic Cream-colored Button-down Shirt, and a Black Blazer Paired with Brown Shorts


Growing up, it seems like Jay is already used to wearing formal outfits that are clean and nice to see- an old-money aesthetic vibe, especially in his background. Even though with his experience, he didn't resist himself by wearing those, he also has his style like muscles tees or pullovers he uses often. And that's what made the fans look over to his techniques very much, and he is the member that is voted the most that took time to style but didn't disappoint as he serves to much of his creative mind.


If you are still wondering how this 4th Gen Fashion King styles himself in casual-formal tropes, keep scrolling as we have everything covered.


Flexing those hard-earn muscles, a muscle tee could be the perfect fit for you. Muscle tee is perfect to wear during the summer, just in time to show those muscles you worked hard for so many months. In Jay's case, he wears his muscle tee, especially during summers when the heat is crazy high, and would pair them with jeans or flowy bottoms.


Black Graphic Muscle Tee

In this example, we could see Jay wearing a black graphic muscle tee paired with trousers in a TikTok challenge he did with SEVENTEEN's JUN.


White Muscle Tee Shirt 

Jay also wore a plain white muscle tee shirt at SEVENTEEN's recent concert. What a supportive hoobae he is.


Black Muscle Tee

In their recent comeback, Jay also wore an all-black outfit with a black muscle tee paired with denim pants. 



Aside from muscle tees, Jay also likes wearing a button-down shirt. If he knows how to do well with casual outfits, he most certainly is comfortable with formal ones- he's very used to it. He loves pairing these button-down shirts with trousers.

Gray Button-down Shirt

For example, Jay wore a gray button-down shirt tucked in black trousers paired with a belt. Very smells like a luxury- old rich vibes, to be honest.


Black Button-Down Shirts

In this second example, Jay wore these black button-down shirts and partnered them with green trousers. It could also be a perfect summer outfit.



When it comes to bottom wear, Jay also likes wearing denim jeans. He either likes wearing fitted ones or loose ones. It just depends on the outfit he wants for that day. 

Fitted Black Jeans

For example, Jay wore an all-black outfit with fitted black jeans paired with long sleeves and boots. He was opting for an edgier look for this one primarily because of the shoes.

Light-washed Denim with a Knee Cut

In a photoshoot with Naver, Jay wore light-washed denim with a knee cut paired with a layered shirt and jacket combo. This outfit reminds me of rockstar outfits for some reason.
ENHYPEN Jay Fashion Photoshoot Outfit


As mentioned before, Jay likes wearing trousers and pants. Trousers are likable, primarily because of how stylish and comfortable it is to wear. Jay likes wearing his trouser either with a button-down shirt or outerwear jackets.

Black Trousers

In this example, we see Jay wearing these black trousers paired with a layer top compost of a shirt, a button-down shirt, and blazers. It seems like he wore this one during the cold weather.


Black Trousers

Jay also went for a layered outfit in this one - button-down shirt, textured vest, and zip-up jacket- for his black trousers. He played with different texture types since he wore an all-black outfit.


Gray Trousers

For this example, Jay wore gray trousers, a white button-down shirt, a black vest, and a brown trench. 



As mentioned before, Jay can be seen quite obsessing with blazers. He wears them with his trousers, over his shirts, vests, and button-down shirt- the possibility is endless. I think this has something to do with how he dresses back when he was still young and got until he got his senses.

Plaid Blazers

For example, Jay wore these plaid blazers over his black shirt and beanies. For this outfit, he wore them as casual wear, mainly because of the beanies.

Gray Blazer

For a much more formal outfit, Jay went for a gray blazer he partnered with black trousers. The highlight of this outfit was the red patterned button-down shirt he wore inside.


If blazers are not for you, you could always opt for something lighter like pullovers. Jay can be seen wearing pullovers on social media posts he shares with his fans. He usually pairs them with trousers, complimentary with the theme of the pullovers, light and flowy.

Cream-Colored Pullovers

For example, in this video, he shared that while playing one of their popular songs, Polaroid love, Jay can be seen wearing these cream-colored pullovers he partnered with black trousers.

Cream-Colored Pullovers

Jay can also be spotted wearing these cream-colored pullovers while cooking. Perfect for chill and relaxing nights.




Jay in glasses is really something else. He likes wearing glasses, especially in metal frames, whether in semi-oval shape or what's trendy these days, the rectangular ones.

Semi-oval Glasses

For example, Jay wore these semi-oval glasses he paired with his blazers creating a much more smart-casual look. The business type is his feel for this 

Rectangular Framed Glasses

Jay also wore these rectangular framed glasses he paired with blazers. This outfit reminds me so much of anime, mainly because of the glasses.


When it comes to hats, Jay does wear different types of hats- bucket hats, baseball ones, or beanies, his favorite of them all. He prefers wearing them over his shirts or his hooded jacket for different fashion styles.

Plain Textured Black Beanie

For example, in this plain textured black beanie, Jay matches his plain black shirt.

Baseball Hat

This baseball hat Jay wore over his mustard hooded jacket.

Bucket Hats

Jay also went through a phase where he liked wearing bucket hats- whether in leather or cotton ones. In this picture, Jay went for a leather bucket hats.

Bucket Hats

Jay opted for a cotton bucket hat for this dancing practice outfit.


Hoop and Stud Earrings

Jay is one of the two members of ENHYPEN with the most numbers of piercings- he has four in total. He has 3 in the right, a conch, a double lobe, and one in his right ear. He usually likes to wear a stud for his conch piercing and a combination of hoop and stud for the lobe areas.

Large Width Rings

Aside from that, Jay also likes wearing rings with large widths. He has one he certainly likes and usually wears them on his ring or index finger.




Dress Shoes

When it comes to footwear, Jay usually likes wearing dress shoes- judging from his aesthetic, it seems like he opts for casual-formal looks. He can be seen wearing them with a blazer and trouser combo.



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