Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jessica From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jessica From SNSD

Jessica Jung is a K-pop idol turned business mogul millionaire 

By Julianne Babaran

Former member of Girls' Generation and arguably the most famous member at a point in time, Jessica was the main vocalist of the group. She was one of the prominent members in the group that brought attention and talent until her departure from the group. The decision left the world in a shock as even Jessica herself was taken aback. Although no proof has been released, for now she is not publicly associated with the group. 

Nonetheless the star remain undefeated, Jessica went on to launch her lifestyle brand, Blanc & Eclare. On top of launching and achieving so much with her fashion brand, around $18 million dollars worth, the star also dabbled in collaboration with other brands, her solo music and even being a published author. Needless to say, Jessica is a household name who jet set her career in her own terms. Launching a fashion brand means she must have the eye and style come naturally.

In this article we'll dive into her different looks to admire the fashion of the fashion label owner herself. 

Tops: Lapel Blouses, Doily Detail, Gingham Print

Blue Striped Long Sleeve Blouse 

From her very own brand, Jessica poses in shades of blue while wearing a blouse with lapel and stripes detail. The shades of blue are prominent all over her cap, shorts and nails (if you can spot them). Looking like she's straight out of a magazine. 

Mint Green Knit Blouse with White Eyelet Lapel Detail 

Jessica takes the role of model for her own brand and it's clear she's confident in showing it all off. In a series of poses, she styled the light colored top with wide leg gray slacks and white mini purse matching the color of her sneakers. 

Navy Top with White Doily Detail 

Jessica is a true fashion lover, her outfits are always well coordinated and put detail over everything. In a monochrome navy and beige palette outfit, the star wears a blouse from her own store that features a prominent neck detail. It adds a cottage feel to the chic city outfit. 

Pink Knit Cardigan Top

The contrast of colors seems to be something Jessica has mastered. While wearing a delicate pink mauve top, she matched it with dark wash jeans and white sneakers to let her legs shine.  

Sky Blue Blazer Top

Peep the matching detail from the head to the blouse, Jessica wears a gingham print on both items while her inner wear were a same solid color to allow the prints to shine. 

Sky Blue Gingham Midi Dress 

Gingham was a moment for Jessica's brand, when styling their sky blue gingham dress, she paired with a lovely rattan hat and flowers to complete the delicate look. 

Bottoms: Straight leg denim and Denim Shorts

Slim Fit Straight Leg Denim 

In a flattering and low key way to look like a doll in jeans, she prefers straight leg pair opposed to a loose fit one. It looks a lot sleeker and simpler and more fitting for casual days and outfits. 

Slim Fit Mom Jeans

Posing in front of her campaign photo for Revlon, Jessica wears another striped lapel top with slim fit mom jeans. The outfit looks like it's straight out of a boardwalk scene. She always dresses for the occasion making her outfit impossible to look out of place. 

Slim Fit Jeans 

Posing in a series of photos, Jessica wore a fitted on fitted top and jeans and elongated her legs even more with pointed top shoe. Her outfits had small jewelry detail by the shoe and watch making it simply chic. 

Frayed Denim Shorts 

We love a good leg moment, in a performance outfit Jessica wore a Western style outfit featuring denim shorts. She rocks the pair casually but also wears it for official performances. 

Dark Wash High Waisted Shorts 

Although it's more trendy to wear something else, basics will always prevail! While out on sea, she wore an outline blouse paired with dark wash denim shorts, a more practical and basic choice for this activity. 

Light Wash Folded Shorts 

Lighter wash denim are so refreshing on the eye, she paired it with a vacation style striped long sleeve with black boots and pearl detail. The color combos and incorporations come in so seamlessly. 

Dresses : Elegant Midi Dresses

White Tweed Dress

This elegant number deserves a top spot in Jessica's top looks. It's the type of dress that doesn't need match and she knew that. She matched it with a sleek pair of heels, straight hair with a frame detail and pearl earrings. 

Black Doll Satin Dress

Posing with a Dior Micro Bag is a whole event, in a series of photos with the coveted purse, she wore the brands tee layered under a large satin doll midi dress. She took it up a notch with metallic heels and socks to get the high fashion elements in. 


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