Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jin from BTS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jin from BTS

BTS Jins' style revolves around not depending on his outfits, but on his visuals

By Julianne Babaran

The oldest member and self proclaimed 'worldwide handsome' face of the group has only a handful of cult fave brands that he dons. The man is solid in having his style be as low key as everything else. As probably the most conservative and laid back, the singer comes alive in showing his bright, charismatic and funny persona when needed. The main vocalist keeps his persona seriously, if he shows his serious face and attitude, we might not make it. 

With features like a slim and fit body, wide shoulders and handsome face, most brands must be out of their minds wondering why the star insists to dress simply. But it is all in tie with his true shy self. Most people wonder as they never see him not dressed for official events.

In this article we'll help you navigate the style behind the handsome face of Kim Seokjin. 

Tops : Crewnecks, Vest and Polo, Pastel Colored Sweater or Hoodies 

Gray Crewneck with White Collar 

Jin's visual and style is quintessentially that of the polished rich and educated man, he styles or is styled is clean cut looks more so before than now but it has always been associated with him specifically. 

Black and White Crewneck Knit Sweater 

For the Butter Holiday Performance, Jin wore this black and white sweater, the style is loud and simple at the time which is the balance of most of his official outfits. 

Cream and White Knit Vest with White Polo 

This combo is staple in achieving the educated shy person aesthetic. Also notice how the clean cut style goes all they way down to his shoes with no differing element. 

Black and White Knit Vest with White Polo

The same outfit with a different rendition comes in versions with just a minor detail change. Jin is consistent with the kinds of looks he wears and this is the proof. 

Pastel Purple Hoodie 

Jin practically lives in these, he's seen wearing it all around In the Soop and of screen or even during dance practices, he wears it specifically as a set and not separately.  

Blue Hoodie Set 

Jin seems like he likes to troll us by dressing super laid back but this is actually his style for a while you see on many different occasions. The solid color set is very Madonna it's hard to criticize. 

Jackets : Blazer Jackets, Wool Coats, Trench Puffer Coat 

Black Zip Up Collared Jacket 

Being the oldest means you need to dress the part, Jin wears a black blazer style coat for an event. Of course, keeping that polished and clean cut look. 

White Wool Coat with Green Zipper 

The singer occasionally switches up his hoodie with a zip up style coat. He particularly likes outer wear is lighter colors compared to dark ones. 

Black Trench Puffer Coat 

The most laid back and casual coat also needs to continue its theme down to the shoes, he matches it with the most laid back shoes as well.

Black Trench Puffer Coat 

The key to dressing like Jin atleast in his off days, is to simple dress as though you're a local. When out and about, he likes to wear this long black puffer jacket, the easiest way to seal (and hide) everything underneath. 

Bottoms : Brown Khaki Chino Slacks, Classic Slacks 

Brown Khaki Chino Slacks

Just because he loves wearing sweat sets, doesn't mean he doesn't dress the occasion. While on the beach, he bared it all out but his choice of chino khaki pants are conservative yet fitting for a day at the beach. 

Light Beige Cargo Pants

Jin loves to dress light and it definitely comes across as he prefers lighter colors. While posing (not alone) he wore a white striped polo with a cargo slack style pants for a semi formal casual look. 

Black Slacks 

As the article of clothing occupying majority of the outfit, Jin keeps it simple and focus more on clean looking silhouettes. 




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