Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jungkook from BTS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jungkook from BTS

BTS' maknae dresses in the ultimate boyfriend outfits yet he doesn't seem the slightest bit aware, read more to see to dress just like him

By Julianne Babaran

The youngest member is at the forefront in all areas of the band. Main vocalist and a prolific dancer, most industry constants and fans are well aware of the singer's stage presence and brilliance in performing. Being the youngest and thrown quite quickly into the mix of popularity, the star grew up right before everyone's eyes. Everyone knows his vocalist but the singer actually started out as a rapper before anything else. Little by little, fate brought him close to his idol and soon the formation of the world's biggest boy bands came about. 

The singer has mentioned in multiple occasions he prefers clothes that are much more oversized, mostly black and most importantly, comfortable. He carries it well given his well muscled and toned body, wearing loose fitted clothes softens his look and makes it not pretentious as to what he has underneath. But of course there's much more than just his baggy fit, although that is the most important takeaway.

In this article, we'll dive deeper into the silhouette he likes to rock on various articles of clothing so you can emulate his style in area you'd like. 

Tops : Oversized Monochrome Tees 

Gray Oversized Shirt with minimal text detail 

Oversized shirts are given, but one thing to look out for is a slight detail or design the tee may have. He commonly wears ones with a small text or design such as this to give the shirt some life. 

Something with a bit more color can add life and is very much in the trend. Dainty and minimalist can have it's own flair, JK wore a more colorful graphic style tee which you can get here


Photo Taken from Wattpad via Pinterest

Oversized Black Shirt with minimal text detail 

Another example is to simply wear oversized statement shirt in neutral colors like black, brown dark blue and navy. He likes to double down on the baggy and wear it with equally baggy or structured pants to create a large shape. 

Photo Taken from Wattpad via Pinterest

Blue Checkered Flannel 

A good way to sport a low maintenance person is their flannels. It's hard to wrong with these and JK likes to use it for layering at times. Wearing ones that are long can create various lengths and shapes making the outfit more stylish with layers.

Photo Taken from Pinterest  

Purple and black checkered top 

Wearing it alone is also good, he likes to wear it oversized, doing so will create a baggy and more trendy look as opposed to having it fit so tightly. His usual colors are dark and paired with darker pants but jeans work just as well if they're as big as the top to create proportion. 

Photo Taken from Wattpad via Pinterest  

Bottoms : Wide leg pants 

Wide leg pants 

It almost seems that the baggier a pair or pants are, the better it is for him. If you don't care to show your body or need it to be flattering at any particular time, the baggy on baggy look is very much on trend with how he styles himself. 


Photo Taken from User via Pinterest

White white leg pants with a ball design 

A straight leg type is too boring and safe. One with a more balled and cinched shape give pants more flow and flare. Such that it gives it a streetwear look rather a such clean cut style. Look how he styled it simply with plain top. 

Cargo Pants 

Black fitted cargo pants 

This piece is always synonymous and known as one of JK's main outfit pieces. It will never look out of place especially when you go all black, the hip and baggy look is low maintenance style and it gets better with different textures. 

Photo Taken from Twitter via Pinterest 

Gray dusty brown jogger pants 

Neutral and lighter shades give a very laid back feel that scream boyfriend material! The pairing looks hip and put together without trying so hard, this is the epitome of his style and it would be very easy to match with layers and any type of sneakers. 

Photo Taken from Twitter via Pinterest 


Black and gray gradient leopard print shorts 

These pair caught everyone's attention in In The Soop 2. The mature styling of leopard print in monochrome color paired with the back graphic top looked so good! Try to do this next time instead of a solid color shorts especially if the designs of your tees are simple as anything will match easily. 

Photo Taken from User on Twitter 

Dry Fit sports shorts 

As a gym rat and sports enthusiast, a good pair of dry fit shorts are a staple for any person. It's another no brainer piece as it matches with anything and it can match any outdoor occasion again matching any color. 

Photo Taken from Pinterest

Jackets : Oversized Bomber Jacket 

Black bomber jacket 

Black on black on black is the way to style these. But the star often rocks these oversized black jacket. Perhaps to seal everything together, the style is timeless and easy to match anything underneath, the style is also formal event friendly.

Satin finish bomber jacket 

Another version is to wear ones with a different finish to add some flare to the monotonous outfits. The bomber style is very celebrity inspired but him wearing it in plain black makes it more casual and relatable. 

A classic style that is equally timeless and also fit for casual events is a varsity bomber jacket style. The style is youthful and stylish getting people doing a second take, dress this down simply with black pants or skirt, get it here. 

Shoes : Chunky Sneakers 

Monochrome chunky shoes 

The maknae wears all kinds of sneakers but one thing they have in common is they're all chunky and mostly high cut. Having high cut style makes you look taller and gives a stronger presence. 

High top monochrome chunky sneakers 

On top of making you appear taller and have a stronger presence, high cut shoes are versatile making it look hip hop or more dressy and formal or fancy and boujee, all depending on the kind of design. 

Photo Taken from User via Pinterest

Combat Boots / Leather shoes 

High cut combat boots 

Another important piece in the JK look is combat or chunky leather shoes. These are more iconic and classic look as opposed to recent where he wears sneakers. Copping a pair is for everyone who needs to get out of their shell or wants to channel a sense of inner goth or emo. 


Leather boots 

A classic Doc Martens will never go out of style is a go-to boot style for a lot enthusiasts. We'll give you a pass and suggest to try the pair with different kinds of colors and types of styles but the JK way of styling can be seen below. 

Photo Taken from KissAsian 

A little foreshadowing of the mysterious vibe from Jungkook's style is always worth sharing and talking about. Check out his hyung's style, one who is most known for it, read Hobi's style guide here. 

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