Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Leeseo From IVE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Leeseo From IVE

Photo credits: Starship Entertainment

IVE's Maknae, Leeseo is making waves in the online community due to her captivating visuals emphasized by her incredible fashion styles

The youngest member of IVE, Lee Hyun Seo (이현서), now known as Leeseo has an outstanding visuals that is unbelievable for her young age. Despite being a 15 year old or 16 in her Korean age, she already possessed a matured and developed look, and blessed with a tall height, making her look more matured. With that, most people are shocked when they found out her actual age, and some also wonder about her ideal type despite being a minor. Also, her incredible fashion style elevate her ethereal visuals even more. Isn't it awesome to have an amazing fashion statement at a very young age? Well, Leeseo surely learned it in her modelling years. Yes, she used to be a popular child model handled by SM Entertainment back then. Surely, that's indubitable as she possess a beauty of a goddess that most are certainly wishing for, especially to Santa.

Worry no more! Today Unnie Looks would be your fashion Santa as we would discover her impeccable fashion styles by looking into her various outfits and learn how Leeseo styles them.



Fitted Cropped Tank Top

Tank tops are one of the basic staples in women’s wardrobe because they are very versatile. They could be use for night parties, gym work out, or even daily outwear. But, Leeseo loves to create a chic look by layering them with cropped bolero blazer. Pairing them with high-waist bottoms like shorts or jeans is ideal to complete the perfect chic style.


Varsity Shirt

Leeseo can also nails a sporty style by wearing varsity shirt as seen on the picture below. But, she opted to tied it on the side, making it look shorter and a bit fitter. Hence, adding a touch of chic to her overall fit. Also, paring it with a high-waist denim shorts gives a touch of feminine like what Leeseo wears. But, if you’re into boyish style, choosing the loose type and pairing it with long shorts or loose base would do the look.


V-neck Line

You would never missed a v-neck line staples in women’s wardrobe. These styles are very flattering on almost everyone, helping them earn a quick style points. Here, Leeseo wears a v-neck line fitted long sleeves that help accentuate her neck and collarbone. She also layered it with a sheath dress to add a touch of feminine feels.



Micro-mini skirt

Surely, this skirt is not for everyone but it’s one of the popular trend among tiny staples especially in the runway industry. Leeseo was once seen rocking a pleated denim micro-mini skirt in the Seoul Fashion Week as seen on the photo below. Here, she paired hers with a cropped inner top layered with a formal coat, creating a modernized office style while at the same time gives a Y2K fashion feels.


A-Line Miniskirt

Here, Leeseo wears another skirt but it's a bit longer and its length is just enough, not too short nor too long. As flashed below, the A-line cut of the skirt flatters her legs more. Meanwhile the top and shoes she paired for this skirt created a very feminine school-styled fashion.

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Photo credits: Kpopping

Denim Jeans

No one can’t go wrong with denim jeans. They come in variety of silhouette from slick to voluminous, and relaxed ones. Pairing them with any top goes well. But, Leeseo in particular, pulled off another Y2K fashion by wearing the bootcut type, matched with a bright green fitted tee that adds a vibrant touch to her fit. She also layered hers with a white cropped bolero and paired it with sneakers to add a modern twist.

Playful Jeans

But if you want to give your denim and basic pants a break, playful jeans are the perfect choice to achieving a unique statement. For instance, Leeseo wears a white tee embellished with minimal polka dots as her inner top. Then, she paired it with a playful hot pink jeans with printed hearts all over to keep the rest of her outfit muted, and thus letting her jeans stands out, creating a bold statement.



Long sleeve Bodycon Dress

Whether you’re going to work or have a formal office party, bodycon dress can be your choice. However, it’s best to avoid too fitted type to prevent overpowering its formal function. Take a look at this photo of Leeseo below, she wears a royal blue bodycon dress with long sleeve. But, hers is not too tight. Also, she embellished it with a black belt to add a touch of sophistication.


Long Formal Dress

But, if you’re a wedding guest or simply have a formal events to attend, long or floor length dresses make you classy. While gowns are common, these type of dresses are simpler version and alternatives but still makes you elegant. Here, Leeseo wears a black long formal dress, giving her an expensive look. Also, she opted for a slick straight hairstyle to create a polished look while at the same time showing off her ethereal face.


Tweed Button Down Long sleeve Polo and A-Line Skirt

Meanwhile if you’re not comfortable wearing dresses, formal long sleeve polo and a skirt is the best alternative. This pair is for other formal events, primarily the corporate ones like business meeting, presentation, and seminars. An example of this is what Leeseo wears in the photo. She opt for the tweed button type to add a touch of style and tied her hair up to look more formal.



Crop Top and Jogger

An appropriate dancing attire are those loose or fitted staples to allow you move freely, and thus it can be anything as long as they’re comfortable and stylish. For a basic but absolutely chic, fitted cropped tank layered with cropped blazer helps accentuate your hand and waist moves, just like what Leeseo wears below. She paired it with a jogger pants for it has a stretchy and comfortable fabric, thus allowing her to execute dance moves easily.



Layered Top and Pleated Miniskirt

IVE's stylist definitely loves to create a girl-crush concept by dolling them up with a chic ensemble with a touch of feminine vibe. As seen in the photo, Leeseo wears a pleated miniskirt, matched with a long-sleeve polo layered with an embellished blazer. The playful colors of her clothes bring another statement which helps unveil her feminine side more. So, if you're more into feminine concept, surely this look is for you.


Long-sleeve Polo Layered With Pleated Jumper Dress

School-girl concept never goes out of style when it comes to dance attire. They look best with ladies as it doesn't only upholds a chic style, but also help in revealing their cute side. For instance Leeseo, although she has a beautiful visual, her school-inspired dance outfit revealed her kawaii (cute) look. Achieving this concept is possible by just combining two staples: long-sleeve polo and a jumper dress.



Black Sheath Square Neck and Puff Sleeve Dress

Square neck and puff sleeve staples are Leeseo's favorite and you'll surely noticed that once you scroll across her photos. But when these types are combined in one, she surely rocks them off and easily pull a sophisticated look as seen on the first photo. Here, she wears a plain black sheath dress with the mentioned silhouette and sleeve. Then, she embellished her fit with accessories and kept her shiny hair down, which gives her an expensive aura.


Purple Square Neck and Puff Sleeve Dress

Meanwhile, in this different shade and variation, Leeseo easily throw off a sophisticated chic look. The puff sleeve pleated flared dress and its purple shade flatters her ethereal visual more. But, she likes to reveal her adorable self by styling her hair with hair clips on both side.


Black is surely her language for she looks stunning on it. Also, this shade easily show off her glowing porcelain skin. As flashed on the video, she wears the same dress but with crystal embellishments that gives her more sparks and lavish touch.

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White Oversized Jacket

Whether Leeseo is out of stage, practicing, travelling, or enjoying herself on their dorm, she loves to keep herself comfortable by wearing an oversized jacket. The video below speaks for this truth as you can see her wearing different type of oversized jackets like knitted, cotton, and even cropped variation. To complete the cozy look, she mostly pair her oversized jackets with jogger to keep herself warm.


Acid Wash Light Gray Oversized Jacket

Meanwhile in this photo, she easily throws off a kawaii (cute) style by simply wearing an acid wash light gray oversized hoodie, and paired it with a pig tails hairstyle to elevate her adorable look.


Layered Oversized Jacket

While Leeseo loves to wear jackets to keep herself cozy, she could also slay through those thick layers by layering and styling them. As seen on the photo, she layered her light gray oversized jacket with a knitted vest and embellished it with a detachable collar to create a cozy chic style.


Red Knitted Jacket

While Leeseo love oversized jacket, she also likes to reveal herself by choosing stylish knit jacket. In this photo, for instance, she wears a red plaid jacquard rhinestone knit jacket which gave her a more lavish feels while being comfortable.

You may find this exact jacket of Leeseo in this site to make yourself looks lavish while being cozy.

Photo credits: MBC Naver

Light Blue Fur Coat 

Surely, Leeseo likes to unveil her expensive aura when wearing jackets that are not fabric. In the photo below, she primarily wears a light blue fur coat, which unveils her expensive and feminine look. As you know fur fabrics are quiet costly, so wearing one would give a lavish touch for sure.

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Photo credits: OSEN


Plaid Beret Hat

Whether you’re a hat person or not, you’ll surely find beret hats very stylish. It’s a staple in French accessories that could easily gives anyone a fashion statement. For instance, Leeseo matched her plaid beret with a plaid skirt as well. But to balanced out the playful color on these, she paired them with a black shirt and throw off a detachable collar to complete the Parisian chic look.


Plain Red Beret Hat

Meanwhile in this photo, she opt for a plain version of beret to create a French-like school-girl  outfit. Although the beret is plain, it didn’t fail to give Leeseo a grace and elegance.


Black Beret Hat

This photo shows a young Leeseo wearing another beret hat while pulling off a classic yet casual look. You see, berets aren’t just for glamorous outfit. In fact, they suit almost any fit may it be simple or grandeur.



Block Heel Shoes

The easiest way to pull of a chic look is to wear a chunky footwear with elegant touch, like these block heel shoes. But, opting for neutral colors goes well with any tops especially those with pastel hues. Take a look at Leeseo’s fit, the white block heel shoes she wears easily create a perfect balance to her pastel purple dress. Thus, completing an elegant chic look.


Knee-high Combat Shoes

Another footwear that Leeseo easily slays are the knee-high combat shoes. As seen on the photo, she likes to elongate her legs by wearing knee-high shoes, but for this outfit, she specifically opt for the combat one to add flair on her red varsity jacket.



While you’ll see Leeseo mostly wearing knee-high or heel type footwear, she can also look fine in a more relaxed shoes like sneakers for instance. Also, she paired them with the classic crew socks to add an extra detail to her sporty style.


Accessories: Layered Necklaces

Leeseo certainly likes to show off her defined neck by layering necklaces. Most of which are of different sizes and shape, but still creates a good ensemble. Also, she base her necklaces on either the design of her clothes or the clothes itself. For instance, in the photo below she wears chain necklace with a bigger chain pendant, layered with a pearl necklace to balance out the latter. The chain obviously aimed to match her belly chain accessory while the white pearl harmonize with her inner top.


But, in this photo Leeseo opt give her fit a more details by wearing a rollo chain necklace layered with a ball chain.  The layered necklaces surely helped in giving her an extra confidence while enjoying her fashion game. However, it’s important to note that when it comes to layering chains, using different chains is advisable to avoid tangling for they have different textures.

Meanwhile in this one, Leeseo achieved a laid-back glamour by wearing double layered necklace. Both of which are lightweight and thus, are good for an everyday stack. Also, she loves  creating balance among her accessories so she have also worn multiple rings to make another statement.


Daebak! (Amazing!) Your wish have been granted now and surely, you were able to grasp some ideas on how to dress like Leeseo to unveil your goddess beauty. However, if you're still hungry for knowledge on the different fashion styles, you may consider reading the other IVE's members fashion guide on this section.

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