Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mi-Yeon From (G)I-dle

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mi-Yeon From (G)I-dle

Multifaceted visual queen Miyeons' fashion is "It girl" material

By Julianne Babaran

The visual of the group has been a longtime-coming star to be. Her 5 years of training in YG Entertainment as well as other educational attainments in music has allowed her to flourish and own the K-pop idol life. Miyeon's affinity and natural love for music is present in most of her early childhood as well, and is said to be in the process of writing her own music. After years of training and other personal endeavors (G)I-dle is having a moment in the industry over the past couple of years and is set to be getting stronger. 

Miyeon is definitely a natural born singer and music lover, coupled with her looks, it's no surprise she was chosen as the visual. Miyeon's wide and puppy set eyes make her look irresistibly adorable for fans but just as well, her versatility doesn't stop there. Out of work, her definitely is on the books for girlfriend material as well. 

Read more to see more of (G)I-dle's Miyeon envy-worthy style. 

Tops: Sleeveless Crop Tops, Button Downs, Corset Tops 

White Bustier Style Top

Strolling in NYC with a rocking figure is technically a free run way. Miyeon styled a simple white high crop top bustier style top with slim fit flare jeans and black heels. The combination contrasted the city lights well and she added some Y2K style jewelry to tie it together. 

Champagne colored Cowlneck Blouse 

Dyed hair with any outfit works as long as you style it accordingly. Miyeon loves sleeveless tops while out of work, she paired the delicate top with slim fit flare pants with a lit detail and black heels. The less accessories, the better! (sometimes!)

Chiffon Floral Crop Top 

POV: you're on a day trip with Miyeon. While strolling around Seattle, she styled a black flowy lop with floral and lace detail and slim fit jeans that showed her low waist. Simplicity upon simplicity is the best combo especially when sight-seeing. 

White Lace Button Top  

In announcing (G)I-dle's world tour, one had to look professional. Minnie showed just that with a white lace button up with gold detail, she matched the color detail in her top to her jewelry as well as bag with the patch detail on her pants. 

Pinstripe Button Down Dress

Meeting with Sanna Unnie! Best to go with something casual but not too dressed down, Minnie opted for a button down dress with color but baggy and relaxed silhouette, not to mention the laced up boots for extra zest. 

Button Down Shirt Blouse 

Button downs aren't limited to long sleeves which may gave a formal feel, but sleeveless ones are more relaxed and casual for the day time activities, she matched hers with jeans and her earrings with the color of her shirt. 

Black Corset with Lace Detail

This era is iconic, best to have it saved in the books! This corset with lace detail perfectly suits her girly aesthetic but with potential to get to that "edgy" persona on stage. Pigtails give way to the girly style but everything is badass. 

White Frill Top 

This top definitely falls on the lowkey corset side but its just fitting either way, she matched it with slim fit jeans and colored sneakers for that cute and simple aesthetic look with block colors.  

Beige Cottage Core Corset Top

Going all out for this look! Cottage core meets bookish student, she matched the floral vintage top with dark wash jeans with outline detail for that Y2K vibe, and similar toned headband and cardigan. The cardigan having lace detail matched with the top uncannily. 

Dresses : White Dresses, Princess Style 

White Eyelet Dress

Strolling around has never been more fun especially with a dress, she wore an eyelet a-line dress with cowboy boots and styled her hair simply in a low bun with a black bow detail. Talk about not trying hard. 

White Puff Sleeve Baby Doll Style Dress

Looking like a dainty pop princess, Miyeon was decked out in jewel and pearl accessories to compliment her stark white baby doll dress. The combination and overall matching is easy on the eye and makes her look delicate and put together. 

White Textured Dress

Nothing new here just a princess playing around in a field! Miyeon wore this white textured dress with an elaborate and bold pearl detail. Styling her in the simplest way is the best approach so as to not overpower her visuals. 

Baby Blue Ruffled Dress

Miyeon in dresses is too easy, she is often styled in straight hair as to soften her look as it looks better opposed to curls, she's also styled simply with just pearl or silver jewelry. 

Floral Peach Baby Doll Dress

Miyeon is signature princess. For Nylon Magazine Korea, she wore this floral peach baby doll dress with her hair styled in a low pony and thick black hair bow and chunky platform heels, mixing soft and bold shaped elements. 

Champagne Satin Floral Dress

Miyeon honestly doesn't need anything. Her go to style is minimal make-up simple or just the slightest bit of wavy hair. She styled best with soft and pastel colors and mint blue shoes, other elements of dainty earrings and color complimentary bag. 

Bottoms : Mini Skirts

Khaki Block Pleated Skirt 

Every feature is can easily be the best, but showing off the legs are great for anyone! She wore a dark khaki colored skirt and matched the color with her purse, and the sole of her shoes, the little elements make it more cohesive and subtle. 

Black Leather Skirt 

Pleated skirts are often attached to the school girl and preppy aesthetic, but Miyeon wore a remix in a grunge version stylish it with a cropped leather jacket and the longest platform and tie boot style heels. 

Barbie Baby Pink Mini Skirt 

Prada moment or Barbie moment? Mix match fabric look amazing! Especially with knit and leather, the gray and baby pink moment gave chic at home vibes, you can be comfortable and stylish without choosing. 


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