Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mia From EVERGLOW

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mia From EVERGLOW

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EVERGLOW's Mia knows how to accentuate her charming features using her unique fashion sense and styles!

Mia or Han Eun Ji (한은지) is the most adorable member of EVERGLOW. Besides having a cute face, she also knows how to look superbly pretty using her keen details to fashion. In fact, did you know that her stage name "Mia" has a meaning, and it actually pertains to a beautiful child? Well, no one would argue that especially when she has two sides of visuals: cute and pretty. Basically, her name resembles her, and not too mention that "Mia" is also associated with the Greek Goddess Athena. Hence, today we would be diving on the EVERGLOW's main vocalist, and main dancer, Mia's wardrobe to see how she shows off her aesthetic visuals. No more talking, let her outfits speak for her.



Long Sleeves Layered with Knitted Vest

Layering works best during colder season as it provides one enough warmth, but also keeps them stylish. However, the subtle art of layering can be done even it’s not yet winter. How, many women struggles with it, hence we’ll provide you three examples from EU’s fit to give you an idea. In the first photo, EU loves to elevate her cozy look by simply kayari h her long sleeves polo with a knitted vest, creating a contrast textures. Also, she opt to choose a neutral shade to avoid overdoing and keep the balance alive.


Light Blue Long Sleeves with Navy Blue Bralette

Did you notice how EU opt for matching shades where the one is a bit darker while the latter is lighter? Well, that’s a pro tip when layering to avoid looking dressier and ridiculous. As flashed below she layered her chunky light blue long sleeves with a navy blue bralette top to achieve a slimming silhouette effect.


Neutral Top Layered with Plaid Polo

However, if you worry that the two previous examples are still a bit edgy for you as a beginner, you may try this basic layering that EU did. Here, she began by putting a lightweight garment and a neutral shade for her top, primarily a black shirt. For a more details, she tucked her shirts under her white shorts. Now, here comes the subtle art of layering. She opt for more simple staples like this black and white plaid polo, and kept it unbuttoned. Thus, instantly serving as jacket or coat. Finally, she completed her layered fit with a necklace to make it more stylish.



Wide Leg Denim Shorts

Shorts are on of EU’s go to base, as they’re simply yet are extremely flattering. But for this specific photo, EU, once again showered herself with a dose of edginess by matching a wide leg shorts over a jersey shirt while playing a baseball, instead of a jersey shorts as well. Who would have though that denim would also look better in achieving sporty style, right? Well, EU just proved it.


Rugged and Silver Embellished High-waist Denim Shorts

Here she likes to go double denim and bring the 90s era in modern time by pairing her layered denim top with a denim base as well, primarily a rugged type, embellished with silver prints for more sparkly details. Thus, achieving a chic look with a vintage feels.


Ripped High-waist Denim Shorts

But sometimes EU opt to look iconic by of course, choosing the K-pop’s signature cut bases—ripped types. As seen below, she added a touch of ubercool feels with her feminine and aesthetic yet cozy purple chunky sweater by pairing it with a chic and iconic ripped denim jeans. The look may be simple, but the denim base made it quiet stylish.



Black Coordinates Embellished With Belt and Accessories

Coordinates are always seen in every performance, primarily in dancing. The reason is simple, they have a harmonious theme that makes a performer look more polish. Hence, help focus our attention more to their moves rather than their physical features and look. Here, for instance EU went all black chic by wearing a long sleeve crop top and a high-wait black shorts. The space between the top and base easily unveils EU’s belly, and thus gave her a sexy look. Basically, when she dance, this will also be emphasized and would surely drop everyone’s jaw while watching her hitting the stage.


White Coordinates Embellished with Sparkly Bolero

Meanwhile in the photo below, EU’s stylist impeccably dolled her up by choosing a more embellished staple primarily the cropped bolero blazer. As seen on the image, she specifically wears a white sleeveless plain top. But to add details and style aside from the layered sparkly bolero, a choker like accessory on which it forms T like belt was placed on her top. Also, she opt for minimalist based for a balance and topped it off with a belt that has minimal design.


Black Coordinates Embellished with Golden and Blue Crystal Accessories

Here EU doesn’t look sexy and captivating. The golden and blue crystal accessories on her black crop top gave her a lavish touch. But to avoid over embellishing, her shorts were only accessorized with golden chain.



Turtleneck Little Black Dress (LBD)

Every woman’s wardrobe has an LBD, and you can’t surely missed one since this dress isn’t only limited to a single design but has wide types and variation. However, on this specific photo, EU opt for the turtleneck one. It’s somehow rare to see turtleneck dresses, but looking at EU’s dress would probably give you an idea of what to shop next. The dress is totally plain and simple, but it gave EU a sleek and fierce look.


Chiffon White Midi Dress

Chiffon dresses are coming back in vogue since see-through staples started dominating in the fashion industry again. Its sheer fabric is revealing, but choosing dresses with plain layered inside that would cover your body is perfect especially if you’re conservative. One concrete example is this white chiffon midi dress that EU wears, which gave her a peaceful and fresh look.


Layered Plaid Green Pastel Bodycon Dress

Layering dresses is also a great way in creating a look which you can own, as not most people prefer to do it. As flashed below, EU is trying to achieve a sport style which she did by wearing an inner white top layered with a plaid pastel green bodycon dress that showed off her curvy figure, and finishing off with a crewcut socks and a sneakers. The beret is also essential for adding a chic touch.



White Knitted Cardigan

Knitted staples are always cozy and no one would disagree on that. Hence, they’re perfect during colder season may it be for layering or not. Here, for instance Mia loves to feel comfy by layering her white shirt with this white knitted cardigan embellished with brown stripes.


Yellow and White Stripes Crochet Sweater

Meanwhile in this photo, Mia loves to bring 70s era in modern time by wearing this crochet stripes sweater in the shade of yellow and white. Surely, she joins the trendsetter in making the comeback for crochet staples.


Cropped Green Knitted Sweater

While sweaters are for the primary purpose of getting yourself warm, cropped ones on the other hand are the modern twist that gives one a chic look. As seen below Mia achieved a cozy chic by simply wearing this green cropped green sweater. Pairing this with high-waist base would definitely complete the look. But, low-rise one’s are also good especially if you love to flaunt that waist and belly.


Orange Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are popular among streetwear fashion, it’s an essential staple to achieve that style. Here, Mia specifically choose for a playful color which is orange to convey her warm personality, as well as match her orange sweater.

Green Beret Hat

But in matters of looking instantly chic, nothing is better than every French must-have—berets. As seen on the photo below, Mia completed her chic and aesthetic style by wearing a green beret hat. Also, the hat did well in accentuating her stylish short hair.


Black Beanie

While bucket hat are essential for street style fashion, beanies also do great in throwing off that fashion. Just take a look of how Mia elevated her casual look into street style by simply wearing a beanie which emphasize her coolness.



White Ankle Boots

Mia has variety of footwear, she doesn’t stick for only one, as she depends what she wears on either her mood or the style she likes to pull off. In the first photo, she loves to look chic by pairing her clean outfit with this white ankle boots which made her chic look more polished.


Black Slides

But during her lazy days, she opt for simpler footwear like these black slides as flashed below. Although she paired it with her chic and cozy style, the slides didn’t overpower the look she created. Instead, it added a more comfortable feels.


Black and White Sneakers

However, if we’re talking about her go-to, sneakers are surely the answer. In this third photo, she had worn a black and white sneakers not only to pair it with her BNW coat, but also be comfortable while she’s out on public.



Iconic Sunglasses

Mia is not really a fan of glasses, however, she likes to make her fans happy. The photo below proves that as surely one of her fans brought this thug life sunglasses which are usually seen on memes to make Mia looks iconic and memeable. Surely, her fans are quiet playful.


Oversized Clear Glasses

However, when she loves to protect her eyes but still looking stylish, she primarily wears this oversized round glasses. In the first photo, the glasses helped unveil her adorable side by accentuating her round eyes, and make it appear bigger.


Meanwhile on this photo, she still wears an oversized glasses but the frame is square with round edges. Here, the glasses accentuate her angular facial features more and in the same manner brought balance to her overall visual.


Mia's styles are not hard to emulate, isn't? Now that you know how to dress like her, we suggest that you read her co-members articles as well to discover other fashion styles as well which would help you decide on what style works best for you. Visit these links to read: Yiren'sAisha'sOnda'sEU's and Sihyeon's. 



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