Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Minnie From (G)I-dle

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Minnie From (G)I-dle

Main vocalist Minnie has that 'it girl' look as she struts her way to stardom 

By Julianne Babaran

The groups main vocalist and multifaceted star, Minnie is one of the next Thai superstars on the rise. Growing up immersed in piano, arts and singing, her supportive family and mentors nurtured her talents enough to get her to audition for Cube Entertainment audition. To her surprise she passed, and soon enough she attended college in South Korea while training, and three years later debuted in (G)I-dle in 2018. 

Minnie's strong stage presence exudes even off stage as her versatility shows in her extensive fashion style. From classic shapes, to pops of colors and styles, she's got the vibe right for any look. Read more to see the common styles she wears to emulate her (if you're into that sort of thing).  

Tops: Crop Baby Tee, Colored Tank Tops, Chiffon Fashion Blouse 

Black and White Baby Tee

Baby Tee in crop top style can be a quintessential piece in a dance wardrobe. Any type of style can go with any type of joggers, and is much less revealing or cumbersome for more intense routines. 

Pink and White Heart Baby Tee

Apart from the stylish element of a high neckline, the shape is youthful and fun to play around in different themes depending on your mood and gives the slightest compliment to your bottoms, whichever kind they are.  

Dusty Pink Frill Top

From backstage to front, everyone needs their basics. Minnie wears a dusty pink tank blouse with frill detail adding a nice touch to the basic and clean cut style, easy to pair and throw on with pants and boots. 

Bright Orange Tank Top

Tank top style blouses would never go out of style, they're having a moment especially in bold solid color styles, Minnie just opts for simplicity by wearing midrise jeans and bearing her toned midriff. 

Blush Pink Lettuce Blouse

In the 'girl crush' aesthetics, the mix of soft and masculine is evident just like in this outfit. A mix of fabric and contrast of colors with pink and black and chiffon and denim captures that vibe accurately. 

Text Mesh Top

Alexander Wang mesh top of any text top with high waisted jeans can look really expensive. Having your hair in an up do makes the overall look more sleek and clean. 

Jackets: Pullovers 

Rusty Yellow Pullover 

Any kind of pullovers will look great on film. Getting ones in classic or timeless style and colors will definitely give that vintage style, meanwhile popping on a fun bucket hat or cap can give utility and flare. 

Pastel Pullover 

Art style pullovers are just the definition of cozycore in style. Adding on some colorful socks and fun sneakers can make you look like a youthful young adult ready to explore and appreciate life. 

 Brown Leather Trench Coat 

Autumn palette activated! This duo brown tone with the leather trench coat and top is perfect for blending in with the trees. Luckily the denim color breaks the monotony and adds some light. 

Black Leather Jacket

Motor racer leather jacket styles are the most casual style to wear. Not to mention layer as they're not as thick. No surprise as throwing it on with a white crop top, jeans and sneakers is an airport staple!

Dresses: Knit Dress, Collared Jumpsuit, Fashion Playsuit 

Green Block Louis Vuitton Dress

The block patterned LV dress is only reserved for the elites. Mix patterned, fabric and bold colors are a tell tale sign of expensive style. Paired with the Louis Bag, we won't be shocked if the boots are just as expensive. 

Adidas x Gucci Dress

The Adidas and Gucci collection makes the perfect sense in every universe, for this event Minnie wore a classic cream collared jumpsuit with the staple Gucci stripe colors and low cut boots. 

Adidas Playsuit

Posing for Dazed Korea, she wore this printed Adidas jumpsuit with waist cut out detail. Needless to say, her taste in dresses and playsuits are either designer or nothing!

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