Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Moonbyul From Mamamoo

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Moonbyul From Mamamoo

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Moonbyul's signature boyish style is an epitome of a girl crush concept.

Moonbyul is a member of the K-pop girl band, Mamamoo who has multiple roles – main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and visual. No wonder why many fans are admiring her a lot. But what makes her fans scream their lungs out, is how Moonbyul presents herself in her boyish clothes. The style effortlessly contribute in making her everyone's girl crush. Surely, when you see how great she looks in a men's inspired fashion style, you'll end up telling yourself, "Who needs an oppa, when you have a handsome unnie?" With that, unnielooks would give you a picture on how she slay boyish styles. Also, we provided some other look to give you an idea of how versatile she could be.


Pink Knitted Crop Top

Combining comfort and chic style in one never goes wrong with crop top knitwear. Moonbyul looks comfy and chic on the photo below in her pink knitted crop top which showed off a little portion of her skin. Also, she paired this top with a black base for a perfect balance.


Green Cropped See-Through Long Sleeves

Moonbyul looked fresh and sexy in this green cropped long sleeves. Since it’s a see-through, she paired it with white inner top to avoid feeling risqué.


Long Sleeves Layered with Knitted Vest

Meanwhile in the photo below, Moonbyul thrown off an aesthetic boyish style by primarily wearing white long sleeves layered with a knitted vest to add more details, and light a brown pants to complete the look.



Chino Denim Shorts

Moonbyul pulled another boyish look by wearing a chino denim shorts paired with oversized jacket. She completed her style with a Nike sneakers and a crew-cut socks for a polished look.


Loose Denim Pants

Surely, Moonbyul is a fan of boyish fashion styles as she again opts for this look by wearing an oversized tee paired with a chunky denim base as well. To complete the look, she had worn a Vans skater shoes.


Tattered Denim Jeans

Meanwhile in the photo below, she achieved a cool chic look by wearing a ripped denim jean paired with crop top and a beret hat for a classic touch. Also, her Nike sneakers completed the look even more.



In matters of formal attire, Moonbyul offers formal coordinates for she’s a fan of boyish look where she also achieved that with these staples.


Blue Formal Coordinates

Playful colors may be unusual in formal attire, but looking at Moonbyul, we can conclude that they’re also stylish. Wearing this on a formal event for a change and a new look would do magic.


Red Coordinates

But going unconventional works best with deep and brighter color like this shade of love—red. As seen on the photo, the red complimented Moonbyul’s complexion, making her skin shines brighter. However, even without having the same skin shade as her, this attire could still work on you as long as you wear it with confidence.


Cream Coordinates

However, if you think the previous ones are too playful and bright, going for neutral shade like this cream coordinates is better. Here, Moonbyul looked cleaner in her formal coordinates attire. But she definitely loves to add a dose of edginess for she had worn a bright pink baseball cap.



Chic Coordinates

Moonbyul wears a navy-blue coordinates below in her performance at Music Bank. Specifically, she layered her inner white polo with a navy-blue blazer jacket and paired them with a mini-skirt. She also adds a bit of edginess by wearing a high socks and a flat shoes.


Sexy School Styled Fit

Here, Moonbyul combine chic fashion and school styled in one by opting for cropped variation that showed off a little portion of her belly skin. Basically, she had worn a cropped long sleeve polo for a sexy aura, then she layered it with a cropped vest as well. Never forget the necktie and pleated skirt to perfectly achieved a school girl style like Moonbyul. Coat is also an optional.


Casual Boyish Style

Meanwhile in this post, she thrown off a contrast style by wearing a striped chunky tee which she tucked in under her denim jeans to make it look less baggy. She also put a belt for a more fitted illusion, and layered necklaces to add more style and details.



Wide Strap Lace Dress

While Moonbyul often loves to pull a tomboy or boyish look, she also slays in a pure feminine style. For instance, below she wears this enticing wide strap lace dress that gives a pure feminine vibe. This dress is a must have especially when you want to spice up your summer or beach look.


Sleeveless LBD

Moonbyul wears the same type of dress here, but in a shade of black. Since the dress has a deep cut on the sides, she had worn another inner top to avoid feeling risqué as well as being too revealing.



Artsy Oversized Jacket

Expressing oneself can be shown in the clothes that you wear, hence opting for clothes with creative design would help you speak your mood. For example, Moonbyul told everyone she’s cool without literally saying it by wearing this artsy jacket in a yellow and green abstract pattern fleece. It also comes with a matching pants that gave her an A+ points in her elevated street style look.

If you want to emulate the same style, get the Moonbyul inspired artsy jacket at unnielooks.


Black Tweed Jacket

But in matters of looking expensive and classic, tweed staples hit different. In the photo below, Moonbyul easily looked sophisticated by layering her fit with this black tweed jacket. The jacket did magic in transforming her plain and casual clothes onto the next level.

Surely, you may have found this jacket lavishly cozy, and adding one to your wardrobe is a must!



Nothing looks great than a beret hat in your head. It’s easy and comfortable to wear but provides a different level of style.

Red Plaid Beret

Moonbyul surely loves to match her fit, as seen on the picture, she made sure that her beret hat shares the same design with her jacket where it instantly contributed in boosting the aesthetics of her fit.


Gray Houndstooth Beret

Here she, ensured that her beret hat match well with her top. As flashed below, she’s wearing a gray tank top, hence she also specifically chose a gray beret hat with a houndstooth pattern which provide an expensive touch as this design is often associated with luxury.


Diagonal and Moon Patterned B&W Beret

Meanwhile in the photo below, she styled her hair using this B&W beret with diagonal and moon pattern. The hat also did well in providing a balance in her overall fit.



Black High-Cut Combat Shoes

Moonbyul went a little extra in this image by wearing a denim overall dress pants paired with a high-cut combat boots that shouts for an ubercool gait.


White Converse High-Cut Flat Shoes

Here, Moonbyul completed her Christmas look with these white converse high-cut flat shoes that didn’t only provide a clean and polished look. But also made her fit extra iconic.


White Sneakers

But during her lazy days, sneakers are her go-to just like these white sneakers that she wears in the photo below.



Trendy Full Rim Glasses

These full rim glasses are one of Moonbyul’s favorite as it makes her small eyes appear a lil bigger. Here, she paired her glasses with a boyish casual look. But the glasses didn’t overpower the style.


In this photo, she wears the same glasses but in a different clothing and hairstyle. The glasses looked better on her as her hair was tied up. It flattered her face even more.


Cat Eye Sunglasses

Moonbyul pulled another boyish look in her post below, and the cat eye sunglasses complimented the look even more, giving her an ubercool feels.


Here, she wears the same cat eye sunglasses but in different fashion style. She pulled a street style fashion in here, and her glasses added more details in the look.


Surely, Moonbyul proved that looking swag isn't only for boys, as girls could also do good, or maybe better. Check out Hwasa's and Solar's fashion guide if you opt to discover the contrast fashion style, and look at Wheein's for more unique outfits.

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