Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Onda From EVERGLOW

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Onda From EVERGLOW

Photo credits: Yueha Entertainment

Jo Se Rim (조세림) AKA Onda maintains a main character vibe using her fashion sense and dose of edgy styles.

Onda, also known by her real name Jo Se Rim (조세림), was once a member of FRIENDS, and have been a participant of MNET's girl group survival show entitled "Idol School" before she started her life as a member of EVERGLOW. When she debuted as an EVERGLOW member under Yueha Entertainment, she secured the positions of lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and visual of the group. Well, Onda being one of EVERGLOW's visual line is indubitable when she possess a cute and unique charm.

Also, did you know that her stage name, "Onda", literally means "come to me"? Well, that sounds like a main character, right? In fact, she absolutely is, and she likes to maintain this vibe and figure, using her incredible sense in fashion, as well as in being expert at throwing edgy styles. Hence, today we will dive deeper into her wardrobe to see how she keep herself looking like a star of the world.


Navy Green Cropped Tee

Crop tops are every girl’s essential staple that they couldn’t live without. Even Onda herself has variety of these, from the most basic one—cropped tee like what she wears below— to the embellished types. Pairing this variation with a fitted base would turn one instantly into a hot chic like Onda when you swipe the pictures.


White Knitted Crop Top with Heart Design

Here shows a perfect example of the embellished types Onda wears. It’s still pretty basic but it’s fabric is softer. Thus, provide a more comforting feels. Also, Onda paired hers with an A-line red skirt that superbly matched her beret, thus creating an aesthetic look.

Get this Onda inspired white knitted crop top with heart design to look cutely chic on your date.


White Lace Edge Long Sleeve Crop Top

Another variation of crop top that Onda flawlessly slays, is the cropped long sleeves. But on this specific photo, hers is embellished with lace edge which brings the sand from the beach to the streets. Pairing it with high-waist denim like what Onda did, certainly added a casual tone.

Save one of this Onda inspired lace edge cropped long sleeve for whatever plans you have!



Black Wide Leg Pants

Onda knows how to looks effortlessly stylish by carefully choosing a perfect base that goes well with her top. Here, she paired her stylish crop top with a black wide leg pants to elongate her legs more. Also, while Onda has great body frame, the pants added more points in creating an illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.


High-waist Denim Shorts

Onda also knows how to flaunt her curves and unveil her sexy aura, even without overdressing. Hence, she again, selected the perfect base without looking dressier. As flashed below, she instantly look chic and sexy with her sleeveless top paired with this high-waist denim shorts.


Shiny Silver Pleated Micro-miniskirt

The outfit as flashed below only shows how Onda enjoys her fashion game. Here, she added a dose of edginess on her feminine style by pairing her knitted top with a micro-mini skirt. Not to mention that her fit and palette—pink hair, pink sleeves, and sparkling base—gives a Barbie vibes.



Disney Princess Yellow Gown—Belle’s

They key to slaying a formal event is to know the venue and the theme. You can’t simply pick out of your preferences. For instance, Onda worn a yellow Disney princess gown that has quiet resemblance with Disney’s Belle gown. Obviously, the theme for the event she attended has something to do with Disney or princesses as you can also see her other members, primarily on their individual articles that they’re a Disney princess gowns as well. Above all, this gown easily transformed Onda into the princess she dreams about.


White Coat Dress

Meanwhile, in matters of corporate events or semi-formal theme, dress coats are perfect. They’re classy yet feminine. Here, Onda wears a white dress coat which she paired with a white stiletto shoes for more feminine touch. Also, she accessorized it with a belt to make the dress silhouettes look finer.


Peanut Brown Coat Dress

While the coat dress above provide a clean and polished look, the shade of peanut brown below gives a classic but minimalist touch. As seen on the photo, the shade of the coat dress also complimented Onda’s hair and complexion. Hence, made her look shining. Above all, when you’re tired of wearing formal coordinates for corporate events or at work, coat dresses are great alternative.



School-styled With a Twist of Chic Fashion

School-styled dance outfits are common among K-pop girl group, especially when their song is a girl crush concept. However, Onda loves to elevate hers by adding a twist of chic. Specifically she choose a cropped polo with plaid design, and of course, the signature pleated miniskirt.


Sparkling Chic Ensemble

Here, her stylist flawlessly dolled up Onda by letting her wear a sparkling coordinates. As flashed on the photo below, she had worn a sleeveless sparkling crop top with paired with a sparkling shorts as well. The main purpose of this outfit is probably to make her shine while dancing, and thus easily highlight her moves.


Asymmetrical Dress with Blue Sequins

Onda’s stylist surely loves to make Onda shines, even her co-members, as she again, dress Onda with sparkling embellishments. As seen on the image, she unveils her feminine look more by wearing this asymmetrical dress embellished with blue sequins. Also, they key to wearing dress without feeling risqué while dancing is wearing shorts underneath.



Blue Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress with Cloud Prints

Bodycon are the sexiest among the dress due to its perfect silhouette that flawlessly follow the pattern of your body frame like Onda’s for instance. It superbly showed off her curves without Onda trying too hard. Meanwhile the cloud prints brings the heaven to Onda as it gave her an Angel vibes. Surely this whimsical look would make you change your favorite summer dress soon.


Pastel Green Ruffled and Plaid Long Sleeves Mini Dress

Ruffled dresses are as flattering as bodycon, but they don’t exactly have fitted silhouette although they could help accentuate your body frame. Here, Onda instantly looked chic and feminine by simply throwing off this ruffled and plaid mini dress in the shade of very aesthetic pastel green that shouts for optimism and freshness.


White Lace Midi Dress

However, if minis aren’t your type, midi dress could definitely be your choice. As seen on the photo, Onda once again brings the ocean breeze to her fit and the forest she was by simply wearing this white lace midi dress. Also, it unveil her delicate spot when she decided to went all-white and feminine by pairing it with a white doll shoes. Not to mention that her fit’s palette also matches her light gray hair.



White V-Neck Knitted Sweater

Worrying on sacrificing style during cooler months? Let Onda take that away by looking at the following photos. On this first photo, she easily achieved a soft girl concept by wearing this white knitted sweater. Meanwhile its V-neck gave a more flattering effect. Paring this with skirts would complete the look, but loose base can make it look fun and edgy.


White Half Turtleneck Crochet Sweater

But on this second photo, Onda definitely promotes one of grandma’s emblematic pieces—crochet staples. As seen below, Onda felt and look indeed cozy with this slouchy sweater. This type of crochet sweater looks best with sweatpants, skirts or any of your favorite jeans.


White Lamb Wool Jacket

However, if it really feels cold and the aforementioned sweaters aren’t enough, lamb wool would surely provide you the warmth and comfort you’re seeking for. As flashed on the photo, Onda was already wearing a white jacket, but she definitely aimed for more warmth. Hence, use a white lamb wool jacket for layering. Although, the jacket mainly served its purpose of providing warmth and comfort, it effortlessly gave Onda a more style by unveiling her cute spot.



Blue Plaid Beret

The chic Parisian accessory is definitely in vogue among K-pop idols, and Onda is a definite proof. She likes to keep her staples matching, hence she opt for this blue plaid beret that would do the work. But to avoid overdoing the look, she opt for plain base, primarily a light denim which you could see when you swiped right.


Cream Beret with Wide Brim

While berets primarily gives a style, it could also be functional as flashed below. Although Onda worn her cream beret to elevate her casual chic style, the hat also protected her from the bright rays of sun, and prevents her hair from getting messy when the wind blew strong.


Red Beret Hat

This photo is probably familiar, as we, in fact, featured this already on the tops category primarily focusing on the tee. But here, center your attention with her red beret hat that turned her Korean look to a Parisian chic instantly and gave a touch of aesthetics. So, whether you’re covering your unwashed hair or not, considering wearing berets to immediately elevate your look and style.



Playful Color Shoes

While white shoes are everyone’s first choice, Onda definitely wants you to perceive other colors as fun and stylish. Here, it’s obviously that she wears a yellow coordinates. But what made the look even brighter and iconic, is her yellow shoes which gave a more youthful look and feels.


White Knee-High Booties

Meanwhile, when Onda wants to look full chic and feminine, knee-high booties never disappoints her. In the image below, she completed her chic ensemble dance attire by throwing off a white chic booties. Its lengths gave a more elongating effect and made her look taller as well. Also, this type of boots works well with any fit when opting to look chic.


Black Combat Boots

But for more stylish and ubercool feels, combat booties are the solution. However, Onda specifically completed her dose of edginess by going also eclectic using these black combat boots as flashed below.



Gradient Heart Shape Glasses

Stealing a spotlight never goes wrong with any heart shape glasses. They’re not only flattering but also iconic. On this video, Onda definitely owned the street while walking like model by pairing her edgy chic fit with a these pink and orange gradient heart shape glasses.


Harry Potter Glasses or Round Frames

By simply looking at Onda’s picture below, this probably reminded you of one of the most notable character—Harry Potter. Well, Onda obviously went full fan mode by emulating Harry Potter as she also worn a gryffindor scarf, and a magic wand. Meanwhile, the round glasses give everyone a hint that she’s trying to imitate Harry himself.


Semi-Rimless Clear Glasses

Here Onda wears another clear glasses but opt for the semi-rimless one to flatter her prominent features—eyes and brows. Also, it gives a heartthrob vibes when you paired it with formal or chic fits.

Photo credits:온다 프리뷰 via Pinterest

Fashion is surely one of Onda's language where she express herself, like telling everyone that she's a main character without literally telling it for instance. We're pretty sure that after reading this article, you were able to grasp some ideas on how you could dress like her and emulate her styles on your daily fit. But we want to hone your fashion knowledge more. Hence, we recommend reading her co-members articles as well: Yiren's, Aisha's, Mia's, Eu's and Sihyeon's. 

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