Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like RM from BTS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like RM from BTS

BTS Leader Namjoon's got the perfect mixture of earth artist and boy friend style combined

By Julianne Babaran

Band leader and main rapper, Namjoon's got the perfect body for any male. The leader and tallest member is the nut bolt that keeps all members together. The main lyricist and concept maker has made an impact on the world yet he doesn't seem the slightest bit eaten up by all the achievements and milestones. He keeps a cool and calm persona acting and speaking up mostly for the rest of the band. The underground rapper turned idol has turned the world upside down by leading the band to global recognition. 

But of course, his leader status and talented brain isn't all there is to him. The idol is infamous for creating a positive impact and attention towards the arts, the scenic life and other mind widening practices. Often seen in art galleries, hikes, many fans attribute his style to a laid back intellect. He dresses often in earth tones, baggy clothes and stylistic low key elements in his outfits it might be easy to overlook. 

In this article, we'll breakdown common elements in his style so you can dress accordingly to your own 'Namjooning' activities. 

Tops : Oversized Tees, Printed T-shirt Bottun Ups

Black Oversized Text Tee

Namjooning uniform in this trip consists of an oversized tee, shorts and your best pair of shoes. Joon's style is subtle and he won't wear what he doesn't need too especially in these times. 

Nude Green Solid Color Tee 

Part of being an art junkie sometimes means dressing like a hippie. He wore this solid colored tee with wide leg pants and sneakers. The shape is eccentric and more fashionable than typical clean cut shapes. 

Powder Blue Teal Polo Shirt 

A rendition to adventure outfits, he styles polos in some occasions. Right of the gate, Joon is super chill with his outfits. He matched the top with khaki shorts, buckets hat and dad shoes with high knee socks. Challenging fashion styles sometimes means just dressing like it just in a different font. 

Checkered Green Polo Shirt 

In a series of photos around a temple, Joon wore this green plaid polo button up with khaki wide leg pants and sneakers. The basic silhouette was stylistic because of the polo that gave it a pop of color. 


Bottoms : Neutral Colored Bottoms 

RM knows the balance the color, so despite his conservativeness, he'll style some colored bottoms like brown in corduroy fabric and matching his shoes with the same color. The brown pair provides a good flows contrast to the light and dark color of his top and coat. 

Light Brown Chino Pants 

Denim pants are too predictable and may even be uncomfortable, he opts for light khaki colored ones for outing. This simple stir away from the norm looks more fitting and has better contrast to color to his outfits and surroundings. Also peep how he matches his top and shoes. 

Military Green Wide Leg Pants 

It's always the littlest things. While sight seeing in Paris, Joon wore a printed top, dark blue knit cardigan and military green wide leg pants. He looked like an artist himself with his necklace accessory, beanie and dark tinted glasses. 

Jackets : Hoodie Plus Coat or Jacket

Gray Hoodie Plus Green Coat Combo 

This is the typical way Joon styles his outerwear when it gets a little chilly. Apart from the basic combo choice, focus on how he combines different colors and tones where the the colors are easy and pleasant on the eyes instead of just plain monochrome. 

Light Gray Hoodie with Brown Houndstooth Patterned Coat  

While out in Dia Beacon museum, he wore a light gray text hoodie with a houndstooth patterned coat. Of course with an accessory of the bucket hat and chunky walking sneakers. Even when he already looks low key, he takes it a step further by wearing a bucket hat. 

Gray Hoodie with Bomber Jacket 

His outfit almost looked like part of the pictures because of the earthy tones. He wore oversized gray sweat pants, black hoodie and a dirty green bomber jacket with an upside down flag detail. The detail is lowkey but large enough to be noticed, he wore this on top of neutral pieces from top and bottoms to add something, also the cap. 

Accessories : Bucket Hats, Shades, Caps 

Navy Blue Floppy Hats 

It would be impossible to not notice, RM loves to wear head accessories specifically buckets hats. This one's got a floppy and frill style for extra detail and design. It's fitting, last thing he's want is to get recognized. 

Basic Black Bucket Hat 

His first second post one Insta! Of course it had to be an IU style photo, he wore this discreet super basic black bucket hat. The rest of his outfit consists of an orange top and green shorts, at least it wasn't monochrome on monochrome. 

Black Tinted Glasses

Whether it's blocking out the sun or just wanting to hide your eyes, black tinted glasses give that 'too cool for school vibe'. While practicing for the concert, the accessory looked especially fitting with his simple white tee get up. 

Basic Black Cap 

Blocking out the sun is important especially when sight seeing in Nevada, Joon wore a black cap when visiting the sunny scenic view in Seven Mountains. 






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