Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seohyun From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seohyun From SNSD

Maknae lead vocalist now dabbling into acting and looks like the perfect 'Girl Next Door'

By Julianne Babaran

The ever so straightforward, sweet and beautiful maknae of SNSD has translated her talents in many different areas of the industry. Being part of best selling girl groups, she's got the world as her oyster. Since then,  remaining as a member, she has dabbled into acting and has successfully landed and solidified her place starring in roles in  "Love and Leashes" and upcoming "Holy Night: Demon Hunters and the Netflix original series Song of the Bandits." The star remains close with her members appearing together in various shows and photos. 

Her youthful and doll like visuals make it easy to see the sweetness and charm that has her members whipped. She usually dons outfits from set and normal and casual fits here and there peppered on her Instagram. Read more to see just how she does it. 

Tops: Doll Blouses, Polo Tops, Tweed Sets 

Black Puff Sleeve Blouse with Doily Detail 

Lovely maknae and in usual Seohyun fashion, she looks like a doll even just when receiving gifts. She styled this doll puff sleeve blouse with doily detail by the neckline with soft checkered pleated skirt, a hairclip and doll shoes. She ties it all together but having a cohesive theme. 

Pastel Baby Doll Dress

A prominent collar and playful neckline detail is evident in a lot of Seohyun outfits. They're mature and playful in the comical sense and it's easily seen in dresses and blouses. The best pair to add them with are of course, pearl jewelry. 

White Frilled Blouse with Bows 

This Jinx lovers show outfit is too good not to share. If you want to be aesthetic you'd better take notes. Seohyun was styled in a youthful way but the outfits frill, hair bow and lace detail gives the most mysterious, charming and playful effect. 

Cross White Long Sleeve

Beautiful spring day means you can dress imply and let the environment do all the beauty work. Seohyun dressed in light colors with a white button up cross top paired with wide leg slacks and white sneakers. Dressing in light colors while out will make you stand out more and give contrast to the surroundings. 

Two Layered Button Up 

Button ups come in many different styles. Wearing one with stripes and an inner layer detail means you just let everything loose. She put her hair up for the relaxed and maybe off work look.

Pink Sweater Style Button Up 

Cozying up with the Unnies, Seohyun wore a lounge and sweater style button up with matching pink accessories. Her trick is to just and accent your accessories with the same color as your top. 

Beige and White Set 

Seohyun loves sets, colored ones in particular with detail and a textured fabric.  She doesn't add anymore jewelry to let the set do its thing, she just complimented it with gray boots to match the color to make elongate the color. 

Brown Knit Set

Promotions or anywhere where locals need to dress up, co-ord sets are super trendy. It commands a room and makes you look like you've got it all together. In these types a show makes or breaks an outfit so Seohyun pairs it with brown heels and gold jewelry to keep the warm tones. 

One Color Outfit

Gray is particularly hard to make fun during autumn, but the matching different fabrics and prints like in Seohyun outfits creat dimension and shape. Adding green high cut boots make it playful against the wide leg pants. 

Dresses: V-line, Midi Style 

Black A-line Dress

The maknae needs to grow up too, in more mature but classy styles to wear a V-line dress she wears ones that doesn't go too low, in the same manner her favorite and common choice of boots follow her in formal looks as well. 

White Slip Dress

Commercials like to follow the stars image and Seohyun is youthful classic. White V-neckline dresses are timeless and exude a class like no other. Such dresses make it better when styled with neat straight hair. 

Teal Silk Dress

 Hyoyeon Unnie says "Your face is so smooth!". We honestly agree. Seohyun oval head shape makes the V-line neckline more suited especially in bolder colors. 

Blue Green Midi 

Ruffled necklines, bold colors is ditsy and small detail have an ethereal feel like no other. She was styled simply with strappy sandals and minimal hair waves to let the dress shine. 

Dusty Sage Green Midi 

Knitted and intricately designed midi dresses will show you just how rich you are. In the world of fast fashion, these are hard replicate and are definitely more expensive than it looks. 

Black Tube Dress

The in between or being a maknae and actress might be hard for ffans to delineate but Seohyun is known to be beyond that. For official events she's styled just as what she's showing up for, a fitted black dress only goes especially well with jeweled black heels. 


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