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Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seola From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

SeolA knows how to play her fashion game by keeping attention to details to bring statement and pull any style.

SeolA(설아) whose native and real name is Kim Hyun Jung (김현정), is the first member of WJSN also known as Cosmic Girls, who was revealed to public. She’s also their lead vocalist, and a main vocalist on  her group’s sub-unit, WJSN: The Black. Hence, she never fail to showcase her beautiful vocals that is surely music to everyone’s ears. Besides flaunting her voice, she has also a talent in fashion which she always apply to herself and  consistently boast it to everyone on her Instagram. In addition, her fashion skills also perfectly helps accentuate her charms and enchanting visuals. Her secret in elevating her look and pulling any style is her keen attention to details. It’s the perfect ingredient that helps her play her fashion game and display any looks and style she wants.

With that, we would show different outfits and style of SeolA to give you an idea of how she dolls herself up to the best of her abilities. Keep scrolling to dress like her and improve your fashion sense more!


Printed Halter Handkerchief Crop Top

Who would have thought that handkerchief can be transformed into fashionable and sexy tops? No one would probably forget when these trendy staples were released because it hyped every girls which is why until now they’re still in vogue. Although the bandana prints became the most popular, variety of design came out and Seola here, loves to look unique. Hence, she opt for other prints, primarily a baroque print that gives a vintage feels. As flashed below, she matched hers with a high-waist pants, but she kept it unzipped to give the look a more touch of sexiness.


White Asymmetrical Crop Top

If the previous top doesn’t match your taste, maybe you can consider this sexy white asymmetrical crop top. Its silhouette is not only flattering for it’s also unique. As seen on the photo, its cut elongates her shoulders even more, and at the same time make her look slimmer. Meanwhile the neutral shade of white gives it a touch of neat look and it compliments any complexion even if yours is not the same as Seola’s. Above all, this staple match well with any base.


White Oversized Long Sleeve Polo

But if you’re not a feminine type, boyish fashion are surely for you. In the photo below, Seola smoothly pulled off the contrast styles from those above by simply tucking her oversized white long sleeve polo under her denim wide leg pants. The polo is loose enough to conceal her curves and unleash the boyish aura she has.



Denim Wide Leg Pants

Denim base are classic and timeless. They have been used since then and still in vogue until today. Here, Seola showed us a Y2K feels by wearing a denim wide leg pants which was popularized in 2000s. But to add a modern twist, she layered her shirt with long wool coat that gives her warmth and comfort. Finally, she completed her winter look by wearing a white sneakers for a balance, and carrying a hand bag which made her look as if she’s in a runway.


Denim Ripped Jeans

Ed Sheeran said you could keep someone inside the pocket of your ripped jeans, but Seola said fashion first before anything. As flashed below, Seola achieved a badass boyish style by choosing a jeans with large rip and pairing it with a muscle tee, and completing the look with the iconic plaid flat shoes popularized by vans. Surely, you could keep your outfit slaying first before someone else’s picture by recreating this style.


Denim A-Line Miniskirt

But if you’re opting for a more feminine feels, denim miniskirts are perfect. Here, Seola pulled another pure Y2K fashion by pairing her denim A-Line miniskirt with a denim jacket layered on her black inner top. Then, to create a balance and complete the look, she had worn a black leather combat boots.


Denim High-Waist Shorts

To complete the set of denim base, Seola offers you this denim high waist shorts that is perfect for casual style, and a great outerwear. Here, she paired hers with a simple printed white shirt, layered with a cardigan to keep her cozy. Surely, you can recreate this look instantly and you’re good to go for whatever plans you have.



White Asymmetrical Midi Dress

We wouldn’t say that Seola love asymmetrical staples whether for casual or formal looks. We’ll let her styles speaks for this fact. As seen on the photo, she looks so polished and elegant with her white asymmetrical dress. There’s no further embellishment on the dress, but she still nailed it despite being plain. If you’re getting your promotion at work, this will help you standout in receiving your hard earned award.


Black Lace Asymmetrical Midi Dress with Slit on Waist

Here she wears another asymmetrical dress in the shade of black to give herself a sleek look. Since the fabric of the dress is lace, she put a black tube inside that compliments the dress and avoid feeling risqué. Meanwhile the slits on both side of the waist spiced up her dress but not overpowering its formal nature. But what made the dress extremely exceptional which made Seola stands out in whatever event she went to, is the asymmetrical cuts. As flashed below, the left side has smaller cut while the right side remains long and flowy, thus creating an edgy style that is perfect for an evening gala or a college acquaintance party.


Blue Lace Midi Dress

Another lace dress that Seola looks magnificent with, is this blue midi dress as flashed below. Here, she had worn it alone without any furthermore embellishments but it still showered her with grace and elegance. To complete the look, she paired it with her signature hairstyle where she kept her hair down with her full bangs fixed in front of her forehead. This look is perfect for any formal events as long as the dress code doesn’t necessarily requires gowns.



Chic Coordinates: Emerald Blue Asymmetrical Crop Top and Emerald Blue A-Line Miniskirt

Here comes another asymmetrical staple that Seola offers. In her performance attire, she had worn this emerald blue asymmetrical crop top that easily flaunts her angular shoulders and flat belly. To complete the coordinates, she paired it with an A-line mini skirt of the same color. Meanwhile, to make the outfit sparkle when hitting the stage, her clothes were embellished with shiny sequins and crystals, and she had worn a long chandelier earrings and a silver necklace to give the look more sparks.


All Black Leather Sleek Fit: Spaghetti Strap Top, Pants, and Ankle Boots

Nothing would give a good impression beside dance skills, than a great dance outfit. While dance moves is the primary factor that make every fans shout their lungs out, the outfit helps brings out the best in every dancer moves. Here, Seola look sleek, sexy, and bad ass with her all black leather outfit. The spaghetti strap unveiled most portion of her skin in the upper body, hence making the look sexy. Meanwhile the pants and leather boots shouts for bad ass style. All in all, the outfit made her look like a mafia boss. This attire is surely perfect when creating a unique concept, and it works best when doing a sexy dance.


School Styled Fashion

But for a more cute and feminine dance attire, nothing goes wrong with school styled outfits that create a girl crush concept. However, this outfit will only work for feminine theme. As seen on the image below, she wears a knitted pencil skirt instead of the usual pleated skirt for a more comforting feels. Of course it wouldn’t be a school uniform style without a tucked polo and a necktie. Then, to complete the look, she layered her top with a plaid cream coat. Surely, this would make you look like a campus crush while expressing yourself through dance.



White Asymmetrical Mini Dress

No one would argue now that Seola loves asymmetrical, right? In her post below, she, again, worn an asymmetrical staple, primarily a mini dress. Here, she looked sophisticated without trying too hard and not to mention that the dress has already built-in belt which created a partition between the upper part and lower part making it look like fit and flare. Thus, creates a great silhouette on top while flaring out beautifully on bottom part. To achieved the perfect chic yet sophisticated style, she matched her dress with a black stilettos.


Puff Sleeve White Mini Dress

For this image, we present another white outfit in a form of mini dress with flattering puff sleeve that gives a classic look. Certainly, this dress helped unveil the feminine and delicate side of Seola during her photoshoot. Not to mention that the beach background complimented the dress. Needless to say, this dress can also be worn to slay while you’re in a beach as it’s not only flattering, but it also gives one a relaxed and fresh look.


Yellow Flower Printed Maxi Dress

Speaking of the beach where most people go to spend their summer vacation. Of course, every girls loves to get an Instgrammable picture and the key to having that is throwing a perfect beach outfit. This maxi dress of Seola can definitely be one of your choice. As flashed on her embedded post below, she looks so fresh and bright with her yellow maxi dress embellished with printed flowers. Its flowy cut would surely give you a relaxed feels while walking on shore under the hot rays of sun.



Oversized Pastel Green Jacket

When Seola is at home or in their dorm, she prefers to relax and her choice of clothes helps her achieve that. In this photo for instance, she looks very comfortable and relax while lying on her sofa with her oversized pastel green jacket which she tucked under her jersey pajamas. Obviously, she isn’t trying to look fashionable, but rather opt to feel cozy and enjoy her relaxed hours. But, still she looks very adorable especially when she’s flashing her purest smile.


White Lace Coat

But when she’s outdoors, she makes sure she is dolled up. Here, she layered her handkerchief top with a white lace coat to give her outfit a touch of class and sophistication without having to over embellish her outfit. Moreover, it also made the look more neat and polished.


Leather Jacket

Leather jacket are cool, and no one would disagree on that especially when you see Seola wearing one. Take a look of her picture below, she effortlessly look ubercool without trying too hard by simply layering her black top with a black leather jacket. It gave her a sleek and sexy look at once.



Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are Seola’s go-to and you could see that on her Instagram, as she often paired these hats with almost anything because they are simply cool and stylish. Certainly, they do more than hiding an unwashed or messy hair, and you can effortlessly pull any fashion styles such as casual, sporty, street style and the like. With that, we gathered two photos to give you a glimpse of how Seola slays them. Here on the first picture, she accessorized her casual looks with a blue baseball cap to give her hair a style that compliments her fit.


Meanwhile on the second picture, her black baseball cap more likely became more functional and its fashionable sense is just a bonus. Obviously, the cap helped in hiding and tying her hair up while riding a bike to prevent it from being messy and enjoy her time strolling. But, it still obviously made her outwears transformed into street style fashion by just simply adding the cap. Surely an ubercool!


Green Beanie

But during winter, there’s nothing better than a beanie. Whatever shade looks great when going out to enjoy the snow like Seola. Although it primarily gives one’s a head a comfort and warmth, it still help elevate one’s winter outfit. It’s like a winter fit would never be completed without a beanie. Surely, it’s an essential staple during colder season.


Black Bucket Hat

Another hat that Seola loves is a bucket hat. It’s her alternative for baseball caps. Also, these hats are iconic in the K-pop industry, and it became more trendy as most idols wear and pair them with anything. Hence, fans started following their idol’s style. Here, Seola looks classy yet cozy with her black bucket hat that compliments her black top as well. As you see, she had worn this while having her meal. Needless to say, what have been stated above is true.



Black Strap Sandals

In terms of mix and matching, Seola would never backs out. She has skills to offer as well, and the photo below proves it. Here, she wears a white midi dress that resembles a uniform but its more lengthy, then here comes her mix and matching skills. She had worn a crew plain white socks and paired it with a black strap sandals to create an illusion as if these footwear are shoes. Definitely, an A+ points to Seola’s fashion game!


Platform Leather Slides

But during her lazy days, she opt to wear plain sandals alone. In this embedded post of her, she wears a platform leather slides to complete her relaxed chic look. These sandals are great not only during your lazier days, but can be paired to any fit as they’re stylish despite being plain looking. Also, you can easily cheat with your height by wearing the platform types as they add a couple of inch to your height without anyone noticing.


Black Stilleto Shoes

However, if you’re still wanting for more additional height while looking feminine and classy, go for stiletto shoes. They can be paired with anything and could easily transform your look into being more feminine in nature. For instance, here Seola looks classy with her layered top and wide leg pants. Since the pants is long enough to cover other portion of the stilettos and only showing its sharper edge, it creates an illusion of Seola looking taller than she actually is.



Oversized Glasses

While oversized glasses works well with round faces, Seola here, proves it wrong as she herself loves to flatters her oval face with this type of glasses. As seen on this picture, she only wears a plain white shirt, but the oversized clear glasses would make you shift your attention to her face. Simply because it’s flattering and give her face a more details.


Cat Eye Clear Glasses

Meanwhile in this photo, there’s no grandeur style or fashion. Seola just simply add a plain accessory, primarily the cat eye clear glasses to make her small eyes appear bigger. Thus, made her look adorable while going out for a weekend trip.


Wayfarer Sunglasses

Also, Seola loves to use sunglasses as her accessory to elevate her looks. As seen below, she doesn’t wear the sunglasses, instead she left it on her head to add another statement to her cozy look. Surely, despite Seola going out almost bare face and with a messy bun, no one would notice that as they would still find her attractive. Thanks to the sunglasses that served as her primary accessory!


As Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to style who you are without having to speak”, and after reading SeolA’s fashion guide, you could definitely let the fashion skills you learned to speak for yourself. But, if you still want to hone it more, you might consider reading the rest of WJSN members as well: Bona'sLuda'sDayoung'sYeonjung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's.

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