Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like SHU HUA From (G)-IDLE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like SHU HUA From (G)-IDLE

Yeh Shuhua, most popularly known as Shuhua, is a Taiwanese K-Pop Idol that debuted under Cube Entertainment's now five-member group, (G)-IDLE.  She is known for having powerful vocals; hence debuted as the group's Vocalist and the Main Visual for her stunning looks. 

Being the youngest in the group, Shuhua likes wearing conservative outfits- midi-skirt, mini dresses, pants, and shirts, but this doesn't generally mean she could not also wear short garments. 

     Shuhua In A Black Floral A-Line Dress Covered Up With A Textured Cream Ribbed Sleeved Top.


She actually looks differently when being on stage, and she seems to have a powerful aura like the rest of the group. 

     Shuhua In A Black Ribbed Graphic Tee Partnered With A Green-Patterned Mini-Skirts And Silver Waist Jewelry.


If you're still wondering how her angelic face wears a soft-girl aesthetic fashion, keep scrolling because we have a lot to offer. 



Sleeved tops are one of Shuhua's favorite pieces to wear. However, just like her personality, she likes to wear sleeved tops that have different designs.

White-Sleeved Top With Denim Printed Designs

She wore just like this white-sleeved top with denim printed designs during one of their promotional performances. She then partnered them with acid-washed denim pants to make a semi-monochromatic outfit creating an illusion of having a more extended body type. 

Sleeved Top With Off-Shoulder Cut and Halter Strings

This second picture of Shuhua wearing a sleeved top is more on the off-shoulder cut with halter strings. It was an all-black outfit in which she used a fuzzy black top and denim pants for a monochromatic look.

White Textured Off-Shoulder Long-Sleeved Top

This another picture of Shuhua is hers in a white textured off-shoulder long-sleeved top, which she partnered with her favorite bottoms to wear, skirts. This outfit is perfect for spring since it shows so much purity, cleanliness, and blossom, which symbolizes the rise of spring.



Speaking of textures, textured tops are also one of the ways Shuhua likes to wear to spice up her outfit. She likes wearing textured tops when the outfit is plain and usually wears them as layering pieces.

Textured Baby Pink Turtle Neck

Shuhua is wearing this textured baby pink turtle neck, she wore underneath her black jacket.


White Textured Top

Shuhua also wore this white textured top she wore as an underlayer of this baby pink bodycon dress during their collaboration with Dispatch. This is such a cute outfit for the summer - you could pair them with sandals or white shoes.


Cream-Colored Textured Tops

Or these cream-colored textured tops she wore over her printed mid-length dress. This gives me so much of a soft-girl cottage-core aesthetic.



It looks like Shuhua has a type when it comes to sleeveless pieces- she likes wearing them in green. One of the most popular colors that evolved this year is green- a calming and refreshing color since it can be primarily associated with nature. Like how calming the color is, Shuhua also likes wearing her green sleeveless at home or when going out for light activities.

Green Sleeveless With A String Knot Part

This green sleeveless of hers with a string knot part at the center she used while casually chilling at their dorm.


Pastel Green Tank Top

Another mirror selfies her while wearing a pastel green tank top at their dorm. I could already feel how comfy it is to wear, judging from the materials it was made from.


Striped Black And Green Sleeveless Top

She also wore this striped black and green sleeveless top she wore probably for going on to their schedule for that day.


Oversized Gray Shirt

If she wears a sleeveless top, she also slays wearing shirts. It was known to fans that Shuhua had a favorite shirt to wear whenever she had the chance to. She can be seen wearing them multiple times and on different occasions, and this part won't be complete without mentioning the infamous gray oversized shirt. 

If Shuhua must be given a chance only to bring one item to an island, she would probably choose this over anything. 


White Graphic Shirt 

Just like how she did with the textured tops, she also likes wearing shirts as a layered piece, just like what Shuhua did here, where she used a white graphic shirt as an underlayer piece of her black cocktail dress. 



(G)-IDLE's Main Vocalist also likes posting snippets of her dancing in the dance rooms, and by far, with these videos, we could see her excellent dance skills and, of course, her favorite garment to wear, Sweatpants.

White Sweat Pants

This first video shows her wearing white sweat pants partnered with a black cropped shirt. It was the perfect outfit for the dance type she was practicing, as it was composed of large body movements.


Flowy Sweat Pants

In the next dance video, she posted with her dance teacher, and we could see that she was going for a flowy outfit. She partnered her flowy sweat pants with a long sleeve for a monochromatic look- a typical dance outfit for dancers. 



I have never seen someone this in love with Skirts, just like Shuhua- it seems like this is her go-to bottom wear to wear when traveling or doing small tasks nearby. It looks like Shuhua got a whole wardrobe dedicated only to her skirt collection. 

Denim Midi-Skirt With Distressed Hems

Starting off her collection with this denim midi-skirt with distressed hems and the bottom. A pair of white sneakers could complement this skirt so much.


Gray Midi-Skirt

She also has these gray midi-skirt Shuhua partnered with a striped top perfect for going out, just like she did in the picture.


Blue Midi Skirt

Another blue midi skirt is in her collection. Shuhua partnered her dark blue skirt with a white textured top with ruffled edges.


Layered Gray Midi-Skirt

Another variety of skirts has been added- this time is a layered gray midi-skirt she partnered with long patterned sleeves. 


Baby Pink Accordion Midi-Skirt

She also has this baby pink accordion midi-skirt she partnered with long brown sleeves- it radiates so much of a fairytale vibe.


Denim Mini-Skirts

If she knows how to wear midi-skirts, she also knows how to style mini-skirts. In this picture, We could see Shuhua sporting these denim mini-skirts with the classic white t-shirt. It's giving me college student vibes judging from this outfit.



Just like skirts, Shuhua also has a thing for flowy dresses. Mainly when it comes to dresses, she wanted to keep the design minimalist but still go for midi dresses- it's either in layered styles or in textures.

3-Textured Midi Dress With A Brown-Toned Theme

In this example, we see Shuhua wearing a 3-textured midi dress with a brown-toned theme. The first texture was brown smooth-finish leather, next in the middle part is a suede finish leather, and the last one is a white textured material. She paired them off with a leather boot, going for a country look.

Baby Blue Sleeveless T-Shirt Dress

This photo of Shuhua is her in a layered dress fashion. She used a white t-shirt as an undershirt over her baby blue sleeveless t-shirt dress. This outfit is also a suitable outfit for spring and summer.


Black And White Patterned A-line Dress

This picture of Shuhua in a black and white patterned A-line dress she covered with a knitted mini-cardigan for a more conservative look. This outfit could also be suitable for partying or going to dinner events.


Mid-Length Floral Dress In A Scoop Cut

This dreamy picture of Shuhua in a mid-length floral dress in a scoop cut covered with a cream-colored patterned cover-up radiated so much of a cottage-core aesthetic. 



Pullovers are Shuhua's favorite overgarments to wear. She can be rarely seen with other overgarments except for pullovers. She does use them with her favorite skirts, but sometimes with denim garments too. 

Knitted White Pullover

In this picture of her, Shuhua can be seen wearing a knitted white pullover partnered with her denim pants. This is such a perfect example of a chic but casual look.


Textured Brown Pullover

Another picture of Shuaha in a textured brown pullover. Nothing can be seen on what she partnered these with, but the brown compliments her aesthetics well.


Heart-Patterned Brown Pullovers

We could also see her sporting these heart-patterned brown pullovers partnered with these flowy gray mid-skirt. Perfect for the location of where she's in.



It is known to her fans that Shuhua rarely wears anything above her head except for some headbands. But for you guys, I found some pictures of her different wearing hats, which look good on her when she's wearing them.

Tie-Dye Berets

The first type of hat she wore and posted online was these tie-dye berets. She never posted pictures of her posing with them, but I know that with the visuals she has, she would look good with them. 



Cream-Colored Bucket Hats

The last and second are these cream-colored bucket hats that complement well with her curly hair. It was a snippet from their vlog, but even without still movements, she still looks good with them. 




Black Oversized Glasses

She seldom wears sunnies, but when she does, she prefers wearing sunglasses with large frames. Even though it covers almost half of her face, she still slays wearing them.



When it comes to footwear, Shuhua likes three different types: sandals, sneakers, and heeled boots. She likes to mix and match these three types of shoes depending on the outfit she wears that day.

Heeled Boots

If she wants to have a more chic look, she usually opts for black heeled boots like in these examples where Shuhua wore heeled boots over the fitted black pants.


Flat Sandals

She also likes wearing flat sandals, especially when doing light activities like traveling. Flat sandals could be the perfect footwear for you if you're not used to wearing heeled footwear for long hours. It is easy, convenient, and stylish too.

Just like this picture of Shuhua wearing a simple outfit paired with white flat sandals. Just a very casual outfit also perfect for traveling. 



Sneakers are also her favorite to wear for an effortless look. She likes wearing them, especially when she's using denim garments.

Just like this high-top black converse she used while wearing foot-length straight-cut denim jeans. A perfect combo, especially when wearing these types of jeans. 







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