Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Solar From Mamamoo

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Solar From Mamamoo


Photo credits: RBW Entertainment

As a queen of high fashion, Solar never failed to slay her fashion game and loves to accentuate her sexy frame through edgy yet sexy fashion styles.

Solar also known as Kim Yong-sun (김용선) is the oldest member of one of the most popular K-pop girl band, Mamamoo. In fact, she's a multi-talented member of the group as she's a visual, face of the group, and their main vocalist. Also, she considers herself as the mom of the band for she also took the role of being a leader. However, in this article, she wouldn't only lead her group, but would also guide in elevating your fashion sense, as in truth, Solar herself doesn't only possess an almost perfect frame, but also a high fashion style and skills. Without further talking, let the outfits speaks instead and make sure to take note of them, so you could spice up your usual look.


Crop Tops aren’t just sexy staples but are also stylish and easy to match. Solar herself has variety of these and that only speaks for one truth – she definitely loves them.

White Halter Crop Top

Solar flashes her brightest smile below, but what is more captivating in the photo is her white halter top which accentuated her sexy clavicle and angular shoulders. Also, its neutral shade gave her a more polished look while looking chic.

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Brown Micro-mini Crop Top

Meanwhile in the image below, Solar went all aesthetically sexy by wearing an all-neutral shade. Specifically, she opted to show her flat belly and sexy waist by wearing a brown micro-mini crop top which she paired with a white low waist wide leg pants. Also, she layered her top with a dirty white crochet for more volume. Then, she finished off her fit with white sneakers.


B&W Stripes Sleeveless Crop Top

Here, she wears the same style but it’s longer and its design is B&W stripes. As flashed below, she went all comfy by pairing it with a loose jagger. The colors aren’t complimenting, but the comfort that her staples give is what she aimed for.


Cropped Tees

While Solar looked good on the previous stylish crop top variation, she could also slay even plain and simpler type like cropped tees. In the first photo, she had worn this white semi-loose crop tee which gave her a casual look with a chic touch.


Meanwhile, in the image below she had worn the fitted type of the same variation which highlighted her sexy frame even more. Also, she specifically chose gray to match her black base.



Purple Asymmetrical Fitted Skirt

If we’re talking about bases, Solar offers the sexiest bottoms she has. In truth, she loves to off her sexy frame by wearing either mini skirts or those fitted ones. In the photo below, she flaunts her curves and by wearing a purple asymmetrical skirt. Surely, the skirt match her top, thus creating a chic coordinate.


White See-through Crochet Micro-mini Skirt

Solar definitely brought the sun with her as her fit below is really on fire. As flashed on the photo, she wears a crochet bra layered with fishnet bolero which she paired with her sexy white see-through base. Certainly, this fit can be one of your choice in spicing up your summer look.


Beige Satin Micro-Mini Skirt

Here, Solar wears the same cut of skirt but in a satin fabric which gives her a shimmering look while looking sexy. Obviously, they key to avoid feeling risqué when throwing off a short base like this is wearing an inner fitted short like what Solar did.



Black A-Line Long Gown

In an evening events like prom, this black A-line long gown of Solar is perfect. As flashed below, Solar embellished her gown with a choker necklace to give her neck a more details while in the same manner compliments her gown. To finish off her princess-like outfit, she had worn a black minimalist crown to flatter her hairstyle even more.


White Wedding Ball Gown

Every woman surely dreams of getting married, and this white wedding ball gown worn by Solar in the image below can be your references in future. Here, she looks elegantly gorgeous as the gown suit her beauty and complexion so well.


Black Sleeveless Long Gown Embellished with Classical Lace Pattern

Here, Solar unveiled her expensive aura by wearing this black sleeveless long gown on which its outer part is embellished with classical lace pattern which made the gown even more beautiful. Meanwhile, her big curl hairstyle that she kept down complimented the gown even more.



Solar’s sexy style is surely captivating and enticing, and she loves to flaunt it. Hence, she also shows this in their different performances as flashed below.


Baby Pink Satin Off Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress

Solar went all chic in this photo by opting to choose an odd-shoulder bodycon mini dress which highlighted her angular shoulder, sharp collarbone, and sexy curves. Then, she embellished it with a necklace for a shining effect, and finished her look with a heel pumps for a more feminine gait.


White Chic Coordinates

Meanwhile in the image below, she also looked chic in her white inner tube layered with white cropped bolero which she paired with a white base as well. Thus, creating a cleaner and more polished sexy look.


Baby Pink Coordinates


Solar has really good sense of sexy fashion style and this outfit only proved that. Here, she wears a baby pink crop top paired with the same shade for her micro-mini skirt base with a strap. To embellished her look more, she had worn a belly necklace to give her frame a spotlight. Then she had worn a knee-length white booties to complete the chic look.



Knitted Halter Bodycon Dress

Solar definitely loves to show off her sexy body figure as her clothes are mostly enticing and chic. This includes her dresses as well. For instance, below, she wears this white knitted halter bodycon dress that took the shape of her body. The flower embellished in the dress are minimal enough to prevent overpowering the chic function of the dress.


Black Double Sling Dress

Below Solar looks very alluring with her double sling dress that fitted her nicely, unveiling her hour-glass like figure. The backless portion also shouts for a sexy touch, and the boots completed the look, making Solar look hotter.

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Black Sleeveless Crystal Embellished Dress

While Solar often prefers sexy fits, she also look great in slaying layered clothes like what is being shown on the picture. Although her black sleeveless crystal embellished dress looks best when worn alone, Solar still rocked its layered version.

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Purple Bolero Jacket

The queen of sexy fashion opts to maintain her enticing fit by specifically choosing cropped bolero jacket that doesn’t really cover the whole portion of her bodycon dress. Basically, it only provides a more style and aesthetic.


Smile Embellished Bolero Jacket

Here she wears a black coordinates for her sleepwear, but the cropped bolero jacket embellished with smile prints just hits different due to its uniqueness in style that added an ubercool vibe to Solar’s overall fit.


Tricolor Knitted Sweater

However, when Solar loves to make herself comfortable and warm, she opts for longer jackets like this knitted sweater that has a softer fabric which makes her look and feel comfy while she was at a fan signing event.



Leopard Print Bucket Hat

As a fashion enthusiast, Solar knows how to accessorized herself to the best of her abilities so she could elevate her look. Here, she complimented her neutral palette by opting for a darker shade of bucket hat with leopard print design that shouts for more confidence.


Cream Beret Hat

Meanwhile in this post, she loved to give her chic fit with a touch of classic Parisian feels by wearing a plain cream beret hat. The plain design prevents her from overdressing, and just gave her look enough details and not to mention that the shade matched her bag.


Black Baseball Cap

But when she’s outside, primarily going to airport for travel, she specifically chose baseball caps like this black below to prevent catching more attention, while making her look casual.



White footwear is dominating because they aren’t only stylish, but they add a clean and polish touch to whatever outfit. Hence, Solae love them.

Nike White Sneakers

Among the sneakers, the neutral shade of white is the most popular for its ability to match any outfit and color. For instance, Solar went all sporty sexy vibe but her white sneakers didn’t overpower her style, instead they look well.


White Knee-High Booties

Meanwhile, the white knee-high booties give her a chicer gait and not to mention that she paired these with her all-white sexy look. But even without wearing the same fit, these booties go well with any chic, feminine, or sexy look as long as you wear them with confidence.


White Ankle-cut Booties

But if those lengthy booties aren’t your type, Solar offers you these ankle-cut ones. They’re easy to wear and would look good on everything. For instance, the black dress of Solar looked more flattering when she paired it with her ankle cut booties.



Round Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the favorite accessories of Solar when she goes out in public. Here, she wears a round sunglasses with golden rim while she was at Incheon Airport. The frame complimented her oval face also.


Wayfarer Sunglasses

Meanwhile in this photo, she looks a little extra with her wayfarer sunglasses which she matched with her casual outfit. But the glasses made her look ubercool despite only wearing a shirt and a pants.


Square Cateye Sunglasses

Even in her relaxed days, Solar wears sunglasses to protect her eyes from the bright rays of sun. Here, she specifically went a little edgy as she opt for the square cateye frame which gives her a touch of uniqueness.


Surely, the featured outfit of Solar are enough for you to have a list of your own personal favorite style to emulate and level up your look. Also, for more sexy styles, you may check out Hwasa's article. You may also look at Moonbyul's for boyish style, and Wheein's for mixed oufits.

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