Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Somin From KARD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Somin From KARD

KARD's Somin always looks effortlessly sexy and gorgeous in any outfits she pulls.

Jeon Somin, better known as Somin is the main vocalist and visual of KARD. As the group's visuals, she knows how to accentuate her beauty using her great fashion styles. Yes, she knows how to play her fashion game as she even once became a content creator for Style-Ade and talked about beauty. Today, we'll dive deeper on how she highlights her beauty and dolls herself up.


Black Asymmetrical Crop Top

Somin made sure to look best and gorgeous on her birthday as she dressed up chicly using a personalized black asymmetrical crop top on which KARD is printed. Then, she paired it with a low-rise denim base to accentuate the narrowest part of her torso.


Cropped Plaid Polo

Meanwhile, below she snapped a mirror selfie while flaunting her flat belly which was made possible with the use of her top, a cropped plaid polo which was best paired with high-rise denim.


Acid Wash Brown Crop Top

Somin easily highlighted her almost perfect frame using an acid wash brown coordinates. But the her crop top is definitely the highlight of her fit as shows off her flat belly.



Gray Micro-miniskirt

Somin unveiled her sexy aura by pairing her crop top with a micro-miniskirt. A sexy top with a sexy base is definitely perfect in wanting everyone to drop their jaw.


Floral Print Micro-miniskirt

A micro-miniskirt could also looked elegant when worn right, and Somin how to styled that by pairing it with a plain top to leave the attention on the base.


Pleated Micro-miniskirt

A baggy top paired with a pleated micro-miniskirt is nothing but a sexier look achieve in the simplest way. Here, Somin paired ithe fit with an ankle boots and a Prada bag for extra detail.



Brown Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

Somin flaunts her favorite outfit to everyone which easily unveiled her sexy frame and gorgeous visuals. Also, for a chicer touch, she paired with a knee-length boots and accessorized herself with layers of necklace.


Chiffon Floral Mini Dress

Meanwhile below, she pulled another sexy look with a chiffon floral mini dress. But this time, the dress feels more vintage and feminine. Also, she paired it with pointed open-toe heels.



Somin transformed into a model by wearing an LBD paired with white knee-length booties for a chicer touch and sassy feels.



Fur Jacket

Somin added an expensive touch in her sexy dress below as well as achieving a sleek look using her black fur jacket.


Black Denim Jacket

In pulling a streetstyle, she layered her chic fit with a black denim jacket and pulled a beanie for a swag touch.


 White Coat

In receiving her trophy, it's only right to wear a formal attire and so Somin opted a clean shade of white coat in layering her inner top.



Cheetah Print Beret

Below, Somin elevated her denim street style look with a cheetah beret hat that gave her a more confidence.


Black Baseball Cap

But on her more relaxed days, a baseball cap is just enough to provide a casual look on her baggy top.


Pink Beanie

In her unpretentious chic outfit, she paired it with a pink beanie that helped create a different look on her hairstyle.



Beige Knee-Length Boots

Somin looked gorgeous and feminine in her pink dress which she paired with beige knee-length boots. However, the look went a bit eclectic, as she used a darker eye-shadow.


Black Knee-Length Boots

In her preparation for hitting stage at Inkigayo, she made sure to dress well, adn opted for fancy dress and finished it with knee-length boot pumps. Swipe right to see the look better.


Golden Pointed Heels

Below, she had worn the dress which was personally made by her sister. It's full of embellishments on the back. Overall, the dress contribute in making her look like a modern goddess, and the golden pointed heels even made the look better as it gave her more feminine gait.



Clear Round Glasses

A natural make up paired with this clear glasses helped accentuate her natural beauty even more, as well as unveiled her innocent and angelic look.


Oval Sunglasses

Somin paired her cropped long sleeve and denim jeans with this oval sunglasses to make her fit more stylish while strolling outside. Also, the glasses flattered her face, making her look chicer.


Meanwhile, below Somin pulled the contrsting style using baggy jersey top and loose cargo pants. Also, she had worn the same sunglasses, but for this look it gave her a more swag.


If you're into sexy fashion style, then this guide definitely helped you get notes and ideas which you can use on your tomorrow's OOTD.

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