Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sunoo From ENHYPHEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sunoo From ENHYPHEN

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen fast-rising group, ENHYPEN. ENHYPEN is a 7-member group formed in a survival show called I-LAND. They debuted on November 30, 2020, their first EP, Border: Day One.

     Sunoo in a black see-through pull-over under pink and black blazers and trousers.


Kim Seonwoo, or popularly Sunoo, is quite well known before his debut. He was a student council member and was also the class president while studying. His classmates call him "Sam-oh Oppa," which translates to Year 3, Class 5, handsome older brother. You could already sense how good his visuals wear as his charming points are his eye smile, his expression, his skin, and his eye shape. He was the producers' pick in the final of I-LAND, landing the 8th position and debuting in the group as a vocalist.

        Sunoo in a white blouse with center details.


Just like Sunoo's personality, his fashion sense also revolves around aegyo and handsomeness. He wears soft-boy aesthetics, which include vests, knitted, and button-down shirts. But just like how members describe him, Sunoo has a cold personality on the outside; he also knows how to wear garments that express a heavy aura- piercings, dress shoes, and blazers. 

If you were to choose, which personality of Sunoo do you want to see? Scroll down for more as we are going to dive deeper into ENHYPEN's charming, handsome, and good at making expressions on and off stage.


Sunoo likes wearing shirts. Although he likes wearing them as-is, he also likes wearing them as layering pieces. He wears them underneath a button-down shirt for a more youthful look. 


Plain Black Shirt

Sunoo in a plain black shirt, probably after practicing or performing.


White Shirt With A Minimalistic Print

Sunoo in a white shirt with a minimalistic print on the side, just lounging in his usual spot.


White Graphic Shirt

Sunoo in a graphic shirt with a white and blue striped shirt button-down overneath. It good also be used as a summer outfit if worn with shorts.



Aside from pullovers, Sunoo also likes wearing button down shirts. He can be seen sporting these ones and sometimes use them as loungewear too- a bit extra, but that's one of his personalities. 


White Button-down Shirt

In this example, Sunoo wore this all-white outfit for their Dimension Dilemma teaser photo and wore the white button-shirt paired with trousers perfect for the location- beach!


Blue and White Striped Button-down Shirt

Sunoo also wore this blue and white striped button-down shirt at his usual spot.


Powder Blue And White Striped Button-down Shirt

Sunoo also wore these powder blue and white striped button-down shirts that he partnered with a black puffer jacket- it might be his go-to winter outfit.



Combination outfits might become your favorite ones, especially when sometimes we're in a hurry- they are easy to use and quite fashionable depending on the set you are wearing.


Black Blazer And Trouser Combination Outfit

An example is this blazer and trouser combination Sunoo wore with a white graphic shirt on the inside and dress shoes. It's an example of smart-casual wear that's quite a trend these days.


Blue Sweatpants And Hooded Jacket Combination

Sunoo also wore these blue sweatpants and hooded jacket combinations perfect for athletic activities like what they do in their survival shoes. It accentuates his height even more.



In terms of bottom wear, Sunoo likes wearing denim jeans for it. He wears fitted ones, straight cuts, or even in different shades for variation. It really just depends on the look he's opting for.


Tattered Black Skinny Jeans

This, for example, when he when for tattered black skinny jeans that he partnered with a red pullover for their shoot. Looks like they were opting for an edgy look.


ENHYPEN Sunoo Fashion Outfit Denim Pants


White Denim Straight-cut Jeans

Sunoo also went for an all-white outfit with a floral pullover for his special MC gig. He looks too cute and pure in these beach outfits.


ENHYPEN Sunoo Special MC Outfit


Black Straight-Cut Jeans

Sunoo also went for black straight-cut jeans in these pictures, which he partnered with a cream-colored jacket. 



When it comes to outerwear, Sunoo specifically likes wearing hooded jackets. He always partners with a denim jacket on top of it- creating a layered look for more dimension.


Gray Hooded Jacket

For example, in this outfit, Sunoo wore a gray hooded jacket that he topped with a black puffer jacket. The usual outfit they wear, especially during the cold weather.


Gray Hooded Jacket, Different Layered Top

In the same hooded jacket, Sunoo decided to partner them with the windbreaker one. I know he wore them during the cold weather but still went with ice cream- it seems relatable.


Black Hooded Jacket

In another picture he shared, Sunoo can be seen wearing a black hooded jacket and denim jackets. For some reason, he reminds me of webtoon characters, especially with these outfits.




For more unusual fits rarely seen on idols, Sunoo likes wearing vests on his plain tops. He usually opts for knitted ones and would partner them off with a white top on the inside.


Green Knitted Vest

In his infamous TikTok, he did while doing the Eotteoke challenge popularized by Cha Eunwoo in his drama, True Beauty. Sunoo can be seen wearing a green knitted vest worn over the white button-down shirt while showing the pure aegyo in him.


Cream-Colored Knitted Vest

Sunoo has also worn these cream-colored knitted vests over a white button-down shirt. This outfit reminds me of the OG Coachella aesthetics, especially the flower crowns.



Aside from vests, Sunoo also likes to wear pullovers. He has them in cotton ones, fuzzy, and even athletic. Nevertheless, he still rocks when wearing them. 


Black Pullover

In this example, we could see Sunoo wearing these black pullovers with a print that says, EN-CONNECT, which is their weekly variety shows that they upload for their fans.


Navy Blue Fuzzy Jackets

Sunoo also wore these navy blue fuzzy jackets; he wore a white button-down shirt and trousers. This is an example of a preppy look usually worn, especially at schools.


Black Pullovers With White Stripe Details

He also wore these black pullovers with white stripe details and paired them with brown patterned pants for an advertisement photoshoot. Such an interesting combination.



Clear Lens Glasses With Metal Frames

Glasses, for me, are really an important piece to make your outfit extra, whether in the cutest way possible or the darkest and most mysterious one. Just like Sunoo's personality, he loves wearing clear lens glasses with metal frames, and he is really cute when wearing them. He usually opts for glasses with gold metal frames.


In terms of glasses, Sunoo likes wearing two types of them- baseball hats and beanies. Usually, he would opt for dark ones like black and navy blue that complement his skin well.


Same Beanies, Different Color

For example, he has these two beanies from the same brand but in different colors- black and navy blue. It seems like he likes how it looks and buys it in different colors.


Black Baseball Hats

He has also worn these black baseball hats that he paired with a denim jacket in the same color. He really looks mysterious in them, especially because of how semi-monochromatic they look.




Sunoo is one of their team members with piercings- he has three, two on the left and one on the right. He usually wears hooped ones for a much cleaner and minimalistic look for those piercings or would pair stud ones in between.


Hooped And Stud Earrings Combination

Here, we could see Sunoo wearing hooped earrings for the lobe and a stud piercing for the helix part.

ENHYPEN Sunoo Piercing


Sunoo also sported this hooped earrings for the left ear

ENHYPEN Sunoo Piercing

White Charm Bracelet

Aside from that, in his earlier years, Sunoo can be seen with these white charm bracelet he always use- it's either a lucky charm bracelet or was given by someone important to him.




Dress Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Sunoo likes wearing black dress shoes. His aesthetic includes smart-casual looks, therefore one of his wardrobe essentials are these dress shoes. 
Here's Sunoo pairing black trousers with a black dress shoes.


Black Dress Shoes

In a tiktok challenge he posted with Ni-Ki, he could be seen sporting these soft-boy look with a black dress shoes.



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