Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Winter From aespa

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Winter From aespa

aespa's Main Vocalist and Main Visual is one of the fast-rising 4th generation K-Pop Idol these days. She started gaining fans worldwide, especially in South Korea, when she was introduced to the public. She was loved by the public because of her unique and heavenly vocals, similar to Yoo Young Jin and her label-mate sunbae, EXO's D.O. Apart from that, her visuals are one of the things that cannot be unrecognized- the big doll-like eyes, v-shape chin, and perfect physique that pass the Korean's, Beauty Standard.

Today, as part of our 4th Generation K-pop idols' fashion sense, we will dive deeper into Winter's fashion when she goes off-stage.

     Winter In An Oversized Graphic Shirt Scrunched To Be Cropped Paired With A Plain Black Cropped Cover-Up And A Gray Box-Pleated Skirt.


Although Winter admitted that she's not into fashion, she knows how to dress, the basics of it, and how to make things in a chick look. She doesn't need that much of crazy garments to prove her beauty, nor does she likes to keep her wardrobe simple and minimalistic.

In this blog article, we're going to present to you the various outfits you could also try to spice up your fashion sense, and maybe you could also find inspiration in Winter's fashion style.  


     Winter In A Combination Outfit Of Purple Sleeveless Top And Skirt




Sleeved tops are Winter's of her favorite tops to wear. She often wears them when she goes to work. She likes to wear plain sleeved tops creating a simple and minimalist fashion, but sometimes she also likes to wear sleeved tops with cold-shoulder cuts and pair them with sweat pants.

Plain Red Sleeved Top With Button Details

Just like these pictures, she took in the car. She wore a plain red sleeved top with button details.


Plain Blue Sleeved Top

Winter also wore these plain blue sleeved top that matches her blue nail color of the week.


Black-Sleeved Top With A Cold-Shoulder Cut

In this photo, you could also see her in a black-sleeved top with a cold-shoulder cut, perfect for people who like to create a vast collar bone illusion. She then paired them with matching black and white sweatpants to highlight her long legs creating an additional height illusion.



You could never go wrong with wearing a shirt; it seems like Winter likes wearing them a lot too. She has never shared of herself wearing a sleeveless top off-cam, but she undoubtedly shares a lot of pictures of herself wearing shirts. She likes wearing them casually, but sometimes she wants to add a twist to the shirts she has in her closet.

Simple White Tee

For example, she wore a knitted corset over her simple white tee, adding another fashion level. It was just a simple tee, but the corset has made another statement.


Black Textured Top

She also loves to go the extra mile by wearing textured tops. In the photo below, she wore an all-black outfit with fuzzy textures on her top and gold button details. She then tops them off with a black beret hat for a more chic and preppy look.



Sweater pants are really her thing. She often wears them inside the dance practice room, but she often adds her own pop of style to the plain sweater pants she loves to wear.

Black Plain Sweater Pants

In this example, since the bottom sweater pants, she's wearing is plain, she went for a colored look for her top. She went for a knitted-sleeved top over a black sleeveless, creating a more casual look perfect for dance practicing.


Black Plain Sweater Pants

In this second picture, she went for a black and white themed outfit. Although she wore was technically all-plain, she made her top, the sweater pull-over with a brand logo, her statement piece for this one. (Author's note: the crocs are so cute!)



A-Line Denim Skirt

Winter rarely wears skirts when she goes off-stage, but she likes to keep it simple and minimal when she does. In her airport outfit, when they went to Coachella 2022, she can be seen wearing an all-black outfit with a cropped shirt and a matching black A-line skirt. This outfit is good for her physique because it highlights every part of her body- the torso and the lower leg.


Denim Shorts

Winter likes to keep everything in short length when it comes to bottoms. This is such a great tactic, especially for long-legged people who want to highlight their most significant asset or who want to have an illusion of being taller. 

Winter likes to wear her denim shorts with a simple top, like in the example below, a white fuzzy pullover. It suits her well enough the balance the look more since she already shows much skin in the lower part.



Dresses are an excellent garment to wear if you want a quick and easy look to make - if you wish to feel a little chick or badass. On the other hand, Winter knows how to pull two kinds of aura in the photos she shared online with her fans.

Body-Con Sleeveless Dress

In this picture, we see Winter wearing a body-con sleeveless dress with a white shirt underneath. This pair is good if you want to have a chick look but in a more conservative and refreshing look. You could also pair these with boots, but Winter paired them with high-top white shoes in this picture.

Black Halter Dress

This picture caught quite a stir on the internet the moment she uploaded this. A picture of her in a black halter dress with an over bomb jacket outfit looks amazingly stunning, showing her powerful inner aura. She then completed this outfit with a pair of black boots. 



At this point, Winter is obsessed with textured jackets. She has them in different colors, sizes, and designs- more like a collection just for this. 

Black Knitted Pullover

Starting her collection with the basics first. In this picture, we can see her rocking the black knitted pullover she probably uses when lounging or doing light work.

Blue Teddy Bear-Like Pullover

She also has this blue teddy bear-like pullover that she partnered with a black pin and a sling bag with gold chain details.


Green Plaid Fuzzy Pullover

She used this green plaid fuzzy pullover once when they celebrated her birthday with the members. Fun Fact! She was born on January 1, 2001, making her Social I.D. numbers ending with 010101- angel numbers, as they say.



Jackets are another piece of garment Winter loves to wear. She also has them in different colors, sizes, and types, but one thing is for sure, she likes to wear them in minimal designs. 

Pastel Blue Hooded Jacket

In this picture, we can see Winter in her pastel-colored hooded jacket, as I've said before, with minimal designs, keeping it simple and clean to look. In this picture she is wearing a pastel blue one.


Pastel Yellow Hooded Jacket

Keeping up with the pastels, Winter is wearing a yellow hooded jacket while casually lounging in the bed.


Zip-Up Pastel Pink Teddy Bear-Like Texture Jacket

She also has a zip-up pastel pink teddy bear-like texture jacket. Looking like a real baby especially because of the hair and fridge bangs.


Cropped Black Hooded Jacket

And a cropped black hooded jacket she once used during their Step Back by GOT the Beat dance practice. She has worn them with black sweatpants and the same color shoes.



Just like fuzzy pullovers, Winter also loves to wear cotton pullovers. She likes to wear them during the fan signs, traveling abroad, or when she has light activities for that day. Aside from her name, Winter, which means ice, she also shared with her fans before that she gets cold quickly that why she prefers to constantly wear garments that could provide her much heat, just like pullovers.

Pastel Yellow Pullovers

Winter can be seen rocking this yellow pastel pullovers that she paired with a head accessory, a rabbit ears- her representative animal.


Bright Yellow Pullover

She is also wearing these bright yellow pullover with graphic details on the front.


Cartoon-Like Pullover

She can also be spotted with this pullover in pastel colors. She really looks like a baby in this photo, especially because of her new short hair.


Winter likes to wear a hat- bucket hats, beanies, and baseball caps. But her fans go crazy when she wears baseball caps- it's a fan favorite since she looks good when wearing them. 

Baseball Hats 

This specific picture has made her fans go crazy the moment she uploaded it since they have been editing photos of her wearing baseball hats, and it finally did happen. Not only that, but they also praised her a lot for looking good even though almost half of her face has been covered by the hat- she's a visual, after all.



Winter rarely wears earrings or jewelry in general, but when she does, she opts for dainty pieces of jewelry. Dainty pieces of jewelry fit her well since she also has a petite physique, making her look even good when wearing them.

Dainty Necklace With A Minimal Design

Just like in the picture, she wore a dainty necklace with a minimal design, keeping up with the theme of her outfit- a white and clean minimalist look.


Dainty Hoop Earrings

She also wore dainty hoop earrings- just a perfect piece for the whole outfit she is wearing.



White Shoes

Winter likes wearing her white shoes on freezing days like Winter. She likes pairing them off with her sweater combination outfit or over her winter defense outfit. Nevertheless, she still looks good with that. 


Black Boots

Black boots are a fave when you have a style in your head, but you still think it's simple enough to wear. Just like how Winter used her black boots, her outfit was simple- just an oversized pullover, but she used her black boots to spice things up. Boots are just appropriate for this style since it doesn't make you feel that you're showing so much skin as you look like you don't have bottoms.





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