Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Xuan Yi From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Xuan Yi From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Xuan Yi's fashion versatile fashion styles highlights her beauty to best of its abilities

Wu Xuan Yi (吴宣仪), or Oh Sun Ee (오선의) as her Korean name is another Chinese members of WJSN. Her roles were lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of the group. Besides being an idol, she confessed that she is shopaholic, and thus, its safe to state that her versatile fashion styles were develop from that habit of her. But, she definitely slay and always looks best on whatever style or outfit she pulls.

To give you an idea, we'll present various styles and outfits of hers which you can surely emulate to accentuate your best feature.


Tucked Tee

Tees may be the most common and basic staple, but when they were styled right, you can easily pull off any look. Here, Xuanyi tucked her white tee under her black dazzling midi skirt. Both of the colors go well together as they’re both neutral shades. Meanwhile, Xuanyi loves to look edgy by matching her fit with a shoes rather than a sandals or a heels. Definitely, she didn’t went all-feminine but created another statement that’s unique to her own. Also, as her caption says that what she wears is a perfect attire for romantic celebration. Truly enough as the heart print on her shirt speaks for that.


Cropped Tee

If tucking your tee isn’t enough to reveal your perfect silhouette and femininity, then opting for cropped ones is ideal. Here, Xuanyi went all-feminine by wearing a white cropped tee with “babypink” print which she surely tried applying on her fit as she paired her top with a baby pink half pleated miniskirt. To balance the shades and complete the look, she paired her chic look with a white sneakers that has baby pink sole.


Tied Oversized Tee

Oversized tee works well in pulling off whatever style you prefer, may it be street style, casual, boyish, and even sporty like what Xuanyi did. As seen below, she tied her oversized white tee on the left part to make it look like a cropped top and add details in accentuating her waist. Then, she paired it with a black mini shorts and a sneakers with a crew socks. Hence, shouting for a sporty vibes and relaxed feels.



High-Waist Cuffed and Slitted Denim Pants

Surely, Xuanyi is the ultimate stylist of herself and the photo below proves it. As seen below, she styled her denim to the best of her abilities by cuffing its ends and opting for one that has slit on the slit on the left leg, as if it was torn apart to create a unique look. Then, she topped it off with tee and underneath it was a long sleeve with lace and see through sleeve. To complete the unique chic look, she had worn a sneakers with a crew socks. Surely, an ubercool style, Xuanyi!


Denim A-Line Skirt

Here proves another reason why Xuanyi is the greatest stylist of herself. As flashed below she wears an A-line skirt, however, she doesn’t like to keep it plain as she layered it with a transparent plastic to create a new fashion forward look. Surely, no one would focus on the top as they’ll pin their eyes on this new creative look of your base.


High-waist Pocket Out Denim Shorts

Pocket out shirts may look weird to some, but they’re literally just lit and fine as long as you’re confident to rock them like Xuanyi below. As flashed on the photo, she easily pulls a very chic yet polished look by pairing her high-waist pocket out denim shorts with white tucked long sleeve polo that has deep v neckline which gave a more sexy look.



Long Sheath Backless Gown with Train

Floor length gowns or dresses are the common formal attire among women because they are fine and elegant. Here, Xuanyi wears a white long sheath dress with long train. The dress was also embellished with crystals on some parts add more details, and also its backless part gave the look a quiet touch of sexiness. Overall, the dress unveils Xuanyi’s expensive look. Opting for this dress during prom or any evening formal parties would totally make you sophisticated while looking polished and neat.


Sheer Embroidered High Slit Long Gown

Surely while you’re taking a look of Xuanyi’s gown below, you’ll remember the iconic cut and slit of Miss Universe Catriona while its blue shade reminds you of Miss Universe Thailand’s long gown, or maybe it makes you think that it has resemblance with Miss Universe candidates’ gown. Truly enough, as this type of dress are iconic and popular among pageants. Hence, Xuanyi made herself looked like a beauty queen candidate by simply wearing her light blue sheer embroidered high slit long gown. The feather embellishment on the train made the look more creative and attractive. Hence, if you were spotted in a prom wearing this, it’s indubitable that you’ll bring home the crown.


Long Sleeve Sequin Long Gown

However, if you feel like the previous evening wear are a little bit revealing, especially the second one, opting for this gown of Xuanyi below would prevent you from feeling risqué while looking magnificent like Xuanyi, herself. As flashed below she look very elegant with her long sleeve sequin long gown. The sequins makes her more sparkly. Although the gown shows a little bit of your back, worry no more as that could be fixed when you opt for hairstyle that keeps your hair down. This long gown is surely for prom, and can even serve as a wedding dress due to its refined touch.



Baby Pink Coordinates: Coat and Miniskirt

Coordinate staples are here again to remind you of how good they look when used as dance or performance attire. Their harmonious shade gives every performer a polished look, and it’ll not shift the viewer’s attention too much on their fit when they’re unified and not over designed like these outfits of Xuanyi. In the first photo, she pulled a school style fashion for her feminine dance by wearing a baby pink coordinates, primarily a coat and a pleated miniskirt, which unleashed the adorable side of Xuanyi.


Black Coordinates: Crop Top and Miniskirt

In this second image on the other hand, she prefers to look chic and fine by wearing sexy coordinates in the shade of black to add a touch of sleek look. She specifically had worn a sleeveless black crop top that emphasized her angular shoulders more, and a black mini pencil skirt to highlight her slim figure.


White Coordinates: Loose Cropped Jacket and a High-wait Shorts

Finally on this third picture, she combined swag and chic in one by wearing a white loose cropped jacket which is iconic in achieving swag style. Then, she paired it with a white high waist shorts to show off her beautiful legs. Also, it’s essential to note that any inner top is fine as long as it’s not colorful and doesn’t overpower the coordinates like what she wears—a sparkling silver inner top.



Off Shoulder Little Black Dress (LBD)

LBD are certainly versatile and stylish whether you elevate them or simply wear them alone. Here, Xuanyi opt for off should variation of LBD to accentuate her sexy shoulders and collarbone. Meanwhile, the cut of its back is enough to give the dress a more touch of sexiness. Finally, she paired her dress with knee-high boots to elongate her legs more.


Halter Variation of LBD

We wouldn’t argue that LBD are one of Xuanyi’s favorite, right? Surely, we won’t as she flashed below, she wears another variation of LBD, primarily a halter type. But, what makes this unique is that the halter strap is located at the back, making the dress look as if it’s a tube. Now we could also agree the Xuanyi is a queen of style and details, right? To give the look a more details and sleek touch she paired her dress with a black pointed heels, thus creating an elegant chic look.


White Spaghetti Strap Fit and Flare Dress

While black dresses give a more sleek look, white ones on the other hand, provides one a delicate side. Here, Xuanyi wears another mini dress but in the shade of white and its type is fit and flare. Also it has spaghetti strap and by just looking at Xuanyi, we can state that this kind of straps aren’t just sexy, but also flattering depending on the design and look of the dress. Certainly, this dress unveiled Xuanyi’s delicate side and made her looked like a human size fairy.



Oversized Black Race Car Jacket

Race car jackets are both sporty and ubercool. Hence, by layering them on any outfit, you could simply transform your look easily. For instance, Xuanyi below, sgee wears a spaghetti strap bodycon dress which is surely a chic style. But, when she layered hers with this oversized black race car jacket, she suddenly looked like a model of a car show and was showered with sporty feels.


Cropped Denim Jacket

But, if you’re not a fan of bulky jackets, cropped ones are definitely your style. As flashed below, Xuanyi throw off a cropped denim jacket to elevate her simple tucked shirt. Surely, cropped denim jackets are good in layering any fits even dresses, so don’t forget to get yourself one to transform your fit into the next level.


Knit Fur Cropped Jacket

If denim is out of your list, here we provide you another cropped jacket which you could surely layered with any fits. We present a cropped knit fur jacket that are cozy and soft. As flashed below, Xuanyi wears one that has a diagonal alternate black and white embellishment for more style and details. She basically layered it on her French collar inner top, leaving the collar in front.



Houndstooth Beret Hat

If you want to look easily expensive, opting for houndstooth design would help you as this is often seen as a mark for wealth. Meanwhile berets screams for luxurious fashion. Imagine having these two in one? Well, that screams for exquisite look just like Xuanyi’s appearance below. Not to mention that her earrings even matched her beret as well.


Yellow Beige Bucket Hat

Another style that you could consider when wearing hats is this chic street style of Xuanyi which she easily pulled by just adding bucket hat to her overall fit. As flashed below, she wears an oversized jacket that looked like a dress due to its length and paired it with she paired with combat boots. To complete her yellow beige palette, she chose a bucket hat that has the same shade. Since bucket hat are common among streetwear, this transformed her chic fit into street style chic.


Matcha Green Baseball Cap

By looking at the photo below and previous one, we can definitely conclude that Xuanyi loves to keep her outfit’s palette balance. Here, she wears a matcha green baseball cap that goes well with her white jacket hat has matcha green collar and cuff. To create the perfect, she also pulled a matcha green face mask. Surely, this aesthetic style would make you crave for matcha latte that would match the fit.



White Pointed Boots

The neutral shade of white is often perceived as positive, pure, and neat. But, most importantly, they often associate it with any “good” things. Well, in fashion that’s indubitably true because this shade is flattering on any outfits and pairs well with any other color. For instance, below Xuanyi looks very positive and confident with her all white fit, but what completed the look is the white pointed boots which gave her an extra inch to boost her self esteem. Meanwhile the shade itself flatters her legs and complexion.


White High-Cut Shoes

Here, Xuanyi pulled another all-white fit but in a more casual style. The shade of white and the simplicity of the clothes unveiled her pure look, especially when her face is bare. Basically, she wears an oversized hoodie, paired with white shorts. To complete the look, she opts for high cut white shoes that gave an elongating effect to her legs. Although she’s on her relaxed days, the shoes helped her slay even in this simple casual outwear.



White Ankle Platform Boots

We wouldn’t tell that white is probably one of Xuanyi’s favorite. Let this third outfit speaks for that fact. As flashed below, she, again, went for an all-white OOTD. Obviously, this one is more of a chic style and her white ankle platform boots helped her achieve that fashion, despite wearing plain coordinates. Also, these chunky boots helped her cheat her height by adding an extra inch without anyone noticing.



Gradient Round Glasses

Among the glasses, gradient ones are probably one of the most fashionable and stylish because simply they are two tone. When you look at someone who wears something like this, you’ll probably pin your attention for a while like on Xuanyi for instance. Simply because the glass gives you an ubercool effect. As flashed below, Xuanyi easily elevated her casual fit by wearing a dark pink and white gradient glasses. Surely, the glasses speak for fashion and function in one. It provides you detail while protecting your eyes from sunlight.


Clear Round Glasses

But, if you don’t like toned or tinted glasses, opting for clear ones is ideal. These glasses aren’t for eye correction purposes only. They can also be use for fashion purposes. However, it’s important to choose the right frame shape so it would flatter you face. For instance, in the photo below, Xuanyi had worn a clear round glasses that gave her a more softer appearance besides flattering her beautiful face.


Oversized Round Glasses

As the cliche goes by, “the bigger, the better”, and this is surely applicable for glasses. The bigger the glasses the more statement it give. However, you should still choose the correct frames and type. Here, Xuanyi wears another round glasses but in an oversized version to flatter her oval face even more. Also, glasses like thirds are perfect when you’re wearing a simple fit. They would easily embellished your fit and elevate your look.


With all of Xuanyi's various styles and outfit, we're sure that you already one in mind that you would like to emulate. But, we still want you to discover various styles so you have many options to choose with. With that, take some time reading the rest of WJSN's articles: Bona's, Seola's, Luda's, Dayoung's, Yeonjung's, Dawon's, Cheng Xiao's, Exy's, Eunseo's, and Yeorum's 

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