Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeri From Red Velvet

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeri From Red Velvet

The golden maknae of RED VELVET Yeri is like a flower of the group, not only due to her soft visuals and sweet personality, but also thanks to her girly style!

Kim Yerim: the youngest member of kpop group RED VELVET. She debuted in 2014 with "Happiness" and became known for her unique and playful visuals. Even if she's younger than her fellow members, Yeri is one of the most prominent members of her group and she has attracted a lot of attention with her girly, feminine fashion style. And although she doesn't have as big as a fanbase as other members, Yeri has immense love from fans and people who like her style. Yeri is not only recognized for being the youngest member of RED VELVET, but also for the charisma she shows when presenting the band. After debuting in 2014, Yeri was the face of "Happiness" concept and she surprised fans with her beauty and charm.

Find out what she wears and what you can too to get this Yeri look in our fashion guide!


Didn’t we just mention flowers? And for a great reason as by simply looking at Yeri’s Instagram feed you will see plenty of them both in her surroundings and on her clothes. In the first pic Yeri looks like a flower herlself, thanks to her genuine love to the color pink. But another thing she loves and you can see it, is vintage clothing, so she can be frequently found wearing a light peachy tee with a faded bubblegum pink shirt or blaser on top of it. Add some low rise jeans with sophisticated patteern like the ones people were wearing in early 2000's and you're dressed like Yeri. In the second pic she is wearing a baby pink button-down shirt and a white top with a delicate floral pattern and a tiny ribbon in the middle.



However, Miss Kim doesn’t strictly stick to one style and on the next pic she is wearing a private-school inspired gray outfit which consists of a snow-white shirt, jumper with all types of gray and white stripes on the sleeves, and a pleated miniskirt. Finishing the look with a black leather headband she truly looks like a preppy student!


But we don’t limit RED VELVET's youngest member’s style here, so take a look at her daily choice - oversized tee-shirts! When Yeri is living her life outside of her idol job, she prefers comfortable clothes and there is nothing more comfy than a tee like that. Especially with cute puppies printed on it. Yeri is not the type of girls who dress for others or want to have this serious image, so she stays true to herself, wears comfy tees swith adorable prints, pastel pinkish colors, or in basic colors like white, and balances her cutie-points with her adorable smile. Therefore, the main thing to get from the way Yeri wears tees is choose oversize, get cute or minimalistic prints like on the Burberry tee from the second example she styled with shorts and a low ponytail to look sporty. Thus, you already have a simple and athletic, and city casual looks with tees you can try too!


Flowers again, no surprise here! But maybe there is as Yeri is very brave in her fashion choices. Not every idol can rock the early 2000’s aesthetic, but she looks adorable and seems to be loving that style! Just look at this pic taken under a blooming tree. Yeri’s choices are so smart that even the colors of her shirts and pattern on her long wide shorts match the nature around her. We think it’s even more adorable with her braids and typical girl next door look. Of course somewhere in the 2000's.

However, Yeri is not always nostalgic or extravagant in her fashion choice, and just like any girl, she owns a pair of denim shorts slightly ripped here and there. She pairs it with a simple oversized white tee, and a caramel color shoulder bag.


If you’re a fan of a more modern - though fashion is cyclic - outfits, Yerimiese continues her floral story with her blouses, but chooses light high waist jeans as her usual bottom piece. They can go with variety of tops and aesthetics, and one is definitely a match for you. After all, don't we all already have a pair of jeans like these? If not, it's time to go shopping, and you'll never regret buying this denim classic.

But if you wish to add some girliness and color to your outfits, check out how casual yet stylish was Yeri's choice of pants! Bubblegum pink pants with a bunch of pockets she wore at the airport are a our favorite. Showing her love to the Barbie's color and standing out of the crowd, Yeri likes to be comfortable, but stylish, and in her own way which almost always includes something cute or pink.


RED VELVET is a group with a very classic, chic, and feminine vibe both to their songs, concepts, and style. Yeri is not an exception and she continues the legacy with her own charms to it. In the first pic made right in the idol performance and end of year stages, Yeri wore an elegant white dress with a big black velvet ribbon that continued and also became her dress’ off shoulder short sleeves. Simple, yet stylish.


Jumping to a more relaxed and warm season, Yeri once again showed her love to flowers and wore a light, dusty rose colored long dress for a music festival in Seoul. And as fashion is so versatile and many celebrities did it before, you don't have to wear feminine footwear to complete the dress look, you can even wear Martens or military boots and Yeri will approve it, because she does this too!


Cherry blossoms, spring atmosphere… for jackets, Yeri’s go to choice is a classic denim jacket! And we agree, what can be more comfortable to throw on when choosing a casual outfit? You can add a simple or fun t-shirt under it, or have a cozy sweater to keep you warm during colder seasons. What stays the same is the universal use of denim jackets as an outwear, and Yeri is a fan of it.

On the other hand, when Yeri has some formal events, she turns from the girl next door to her glamorous, successful young woman self. Having her hair up in a slick bun, with her make up on point, she chooses classic, yet oversized, black jackets. Having such jacket on immediately adds chic and seriousness to whatever outfit you have, and it will definitely save you from freezing at night after the fancy event you attend is over.


Caps are the favorite kind of hats of most of the idols, and Yeri Kim is no exception. Spending time on her own or with her dear friends, she likes to wear simple mono color caps. So whether you're hiding from sun, don't want to get tanned - and many idols too, because exposure to the sun causes wrinkles - et yourself a cap or two in your favorite colors.

Another type of hats idols seem to be wearing all the time even if it’s hot outside are beanies. However, the cute light gray beanie Yeri wears on the picture accompanied her in winter when she took this photo. And we bet it didn’t just keep her warm and stylish, but warmed our hearts with her overall adorable style and vibe.


For shoes, Yeri seems to be in favor of classic white or light colored sneakers that go perfectly with any kind of outfit and are definitely comfortable when she practices choreographies with RED VELVET. Yeri once again shows her love to bright colors and you can see her wearing a yellow shirt tied above a white top. As bottoms she chose dark grey jeans, and paired her tiny white shoulderbag with white sneakers. And in the second example, you - for what time now? - can see her wearing a pink something, this time a cozy fluffy jacket with white fur sleeves. She covered her head with a black leather bucket hat, straight black pants, and pale blue - white from afar - sneakers.


It's obvious that Yeri's loves sunglasses and has a plenty of them in different forms and colors. For her vacation she chose big, transparent, reddish-orange ones that are favorites of many idols, even if there's no sun outside. But as you may have noticed on the previous photos of her, she almost always has some kind of sunglasses with her and often wears them on top of her head. 

Just like here in the selfie with her dear friend Holland - let's rememeber what social butterfly with dozens of friends Yeri is. On the sunny day, wearing her long boho dress, Yeri wore sunglasses on top of her head to put on when the sun is too harsh. Or like on the next picture, she also didn't exactly put them on, but Yeri makes sure to always bring sunglasses. And as shown in our examples, she own a variety of them from tinted fun ones, to the retro and classic elegant sunglasses that go perfectly well with any outfit and are necessary not only during hot summer.


What we can get from this guide: Yeri loves everything connected to flowers, and ESPECIALLY the color pink. She can be chic and elegant just like her unnies in RED VELVET, but also adds her own charms with girlish outfits and bright colors that suit her bubbly personality just right. So to dress like Yeri, don't be afraid to be nostalgic for older fashion, show your sweet side with colorful items, be comfortable and simple, but drop dead gorgeous in a fancy dress when needed. After all, it's all about versatility and confidence, and Yeri Kim knows it very well.

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