Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yiren From EVERGLOW

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yiren From EVERGLOW

Photo credits: The Show

Yiren is definitely making waves in the fashion industry due to her phenomenal styling skills that could help anyone boost their aesthetic

EVERGLOW's visual goddess never fails to amaze everyone with her ethereal features. Hence, no one would probably argue that she deserves to be one of the visual line, primarily the center and face of the group. But, no one could also tell her that her visuals are her only key features, as she is in fact a multitalented idol. In fact, she is also EVERGLOW's all arounder for she also got the roles of lead dancer and vocalist. Surely, she has everything that everyone looks for a girl. But, what makes her more phenomenal is her expertise in fashion styling which helps emphasize her visuals that makes her look great and more attractive when performing.

Given that, we'll discuss how Yiren do magic in dolling herself up. Surely, her styling skills display on her every outfit would give you an idea on how you could elevate your look and boost your aesthetic.


Halter Top Layered with See-Through Long Sleeves

Today see-through staples are dominating the fashion industry especially when tons of celebrities started wearing them, and kept wearing them until these days. Surely, they are meant to stay. Who would forget Rihanna’s see-through lingerie bump at Paris fashion week? Or maybe Jisoo’s lace dress on Dior fall 2022? Well these two are just few in setting the trend back for see-through staples. Here, Yiren surely joins the trendsetters by wearing this white long sleeves see-through that shouts for fresh and relaxed feels. She also paired it with a black halter top for more details and avoid feeling risqué. Surely, this outfit is perfect to spice up your summer look or if you’re simply having your vacation on a beach, this would help you get an Instagrammable photo.

If that sounds good to you, get yourself one of Everglow’s Yiren Inspired White Knitted See-Through Long Sleeves.


Haltered Top Layered with Black Long Sleeves

Halter tops are probably Yiren’s favorite. Here she wears another black haltered top, but opt to stay fitted and covered. So, she layered it with a black long sleeves which she tucked in her jogger pants for more fitter details. Obviously, this outfit brings a chic but relaxed look to Yiren.

Long Sleeve Polo Layered with Knitted Houndstooth Vest

Another layered top that Yiren surely slays while dancing, is this outfit being flashed below. She obviously doesn’t want to look simple and boring while dancing or training as she opt for more details by wearing a white long sleeve polo. But, she kept the lower part unbuttoned and left the parts flow on each side. Then, to complete and elevate the look, she layered it with this knitted houndstooth black and white vest. Since the polo has collars, she made sure to let it out for an additional detail and it fit nicely on the v-neck line of the vest. While the vest itself did well in layering the polo, it can also be match with any tops or can be worn alone since it’s stylish and versatile.

If you found this vest functional and stylish, you could get yourself one here and pulled any style of your choice.



White A-Line Miniskirt

Skirts absolutely brings out the feminine side in every female whatever style they pull with this base. They’re simply flattering and are great in flaunting one’s long or beautiful legs. Yiren loves to pair them with anything, but on the image below she specifically chose a white A-line miniskirt which she paired with a blue cardigan, and a sneakers to complete her cozy chic style.


Black and White Diamond Patterned Miniskirt

She also wears a skirt even during her performances. Here, she pulled another chic look by wearing a black tube layered with a very short cropped tank top to easily accentuate her flat belly. Then, she paired it with this black and white diamond patterned miniskirt that added a more touch of style and feminine feels. The skirt is quiet unique and has great silhouette that flatters one’s hips and waist like Yiren’s. Hence, pairing this with any fitted top would create another chic look in a more sexier way, but loose tops would also look great in this very cute skirt.

Get the exact style: Everglow Yiren Black and White Diamond Patterned Miniskirt


Denim Micro-mini Skirt

Yiren can be edgy when she wants, and in the photo below she definitely aimed for an edgy base by wearing a denim micro-miniskirt. Wearing this kind of skirt may not be for everyone, but looking at how Yiren nailed and looked great with this, you might probably change your mind and consider trying it. As flashed on the photo, she effortlessly look sexy despite only pairing her base with an oversized sweater.



White Lace Midi Dress

There are various formal attire that are grandeur, lavish, and glamorous. However, you can’t just choose randomly as each occasions differ. But the key to choosing and slaying a formal look is considering the venue and being aware of what type of occasion you would be attending. If you would go to a simple wedding or a christening, you may consider wearing a dress like what is being flashed below. Here, Yiren wears a white long sleeve midi dress with lace prints but isn’t sheer enough to look informal. Also, it has another layer inside to cover the see-through lace design. Then, to complete the look, opting for stiletto heels in neutral shade like what Yiren is wearing would make you look elegant.


Photo credits: Yaoreum via Pinterest

Disney Princess Pink Gown

However, if there’s a specific theme for the occasion you’re attending to, you must take note of that, and you have to make sure to check on it as well. Here, for instance, Yiren, together with her co-members, followed a Disney princess theme. So, to dress like one, Yiren chose a color that will best compliment her looks and complexion. She chose a pastel pink and worn an off-shoulder princess ball gown that has a bit of resemblance to Aurora’s gown but with a bit of a twist to make it look a bit unique. Surely, Yiren didn’t only followed the dress code and theme, but also transformed herself into a princess for a night.


Red Halter Maxi Bodycon Dress

But, if you were simply invited to a party that doesn’t require gowns or any sophisticated theme, going for this dress as flashed below would make you look standout while still maintaining the confines of formality. Here, Yeorum looks magnificently chic with her red halter maxi bodycon dress. The dress is not too tight and just enough to show off her curves, and its length also maintains the conservative edge that a formal attire requires.



White Coordinates: Crop Top, Shorts and Knee-High Boots

Chic coordinates never go out of style in matters of feminine dance attire. They’re not only sexy, but also provide the performance of a dancer a more details. Here, Yiren looks really attractive in her white coordinates while dancing. Specifically, she wears a white sleeveless crop top to accentuate her angular shoulders so it can be noticed when she dance. Then, she paired it with a white high-waist shorts and knee-high boots to flaunt and elongate her legs. Meanwhile, both the top and base are embellished with sparkling accessories to make her fit brighter, and would illuminate when the lights when on and off.


Orange Coordinates: Sheer Skort Dress and a Tube

Surely, her stylist likes to emphasize Yiren’s sexy aura as she dressed her up chicly. As flashed on the picture, she wears a skort dress with a sheer top, and wears a black and orange inner tube for more details. To add more details, her stylist embellished her dress with a black belt. Also, the silhouette of the dress revealed Yiren’s slim frame, while the shade of neon orange highlights her white complexion more, making her look shining.


Gray Coordinates: Crop Top and Jogger

But for a simpler chic look, opting for this gray coordinates is ideal. As flashed below, Yiren looks relaxed in her gray crop top and jogger pants. The staples may be plain, but the layered denim jacket added more details, making it look more stylish. This type of outfit works well in a hip hop dance, and if the dancers are quiet conservative.



Pink Suspender Fairy Dress

Dresses are the most feminine staples and no one would argue on that. They come in different variation, shades, and length, and choosing for the perfect one is quiet hard. But, maybe after looking at Yiren’s dress below, then you might think you already found the perfect one. This pink suspender fairy dress is surely unique. It is short but very flattering. Also, it’s embellished with clear crystal beads, and you may probably think that it’s a customized one.

But, you can find the exact style on this site and achieve your dream of looking like a fairy for once in your life.


White Puff Sleeve Mini Dress with Black Kiss Prints

Another perfect dress for your casual agendas that you may consider adding on your list, is this white puff sleeve mini dress with black kiss prints. The puff sleeve doesn’t only make you in vogue, but would also give you a classic touch. Meanwhile, its length and silhouette are just enough to flaunt your frame like how it did on Yiren below. Also, the black kiss prints made the dress iconic and more stylish. Above all, choosing the perfect footwear would complete your casual chic look. Here, Yiren opted for ankle flat boots that are really chic and sexy.


Long Sleeve White Maxi Dress

Finally, this third featured dress of Yiren, is a perfect choice when you’re conservative or not into mini dresses. As flashed below, she wears a white long sleeve maxi dress that covers most part of her skin, leaving only a little bit on ankle. But, the white shade definitely made the look clean and polished, and the dress itself unveiled Yiren’s pure and delicate side.



Beige Cardigan with White Collars

Jackets have various type and they can be worn even without waiting for colder season. They’re good for layering or can be worn alone when you’re opting for warmth and cozy feels. Here, Yiren wears a beige cardigan with white collars while camping outside. Surely, in this photo, she likes to keep herself warm as the background and the details on the picture illustrates a cold weather. Nevertheless, she prefers to look stylish even in the midst of cold weather. Hence, she paired her cardigan with a denim pants and a low-cut combat boots.

If you’re interested in combining comfort and style in one like her, check out this exact Everglow Yiren inspired beige collared cardigan.


Red Knitted Sweater

Meanwhile on her more relaxed days, she prefers to wear this kind of staple alone. In the image below, she wears a red knitted sweater to keep herself warm and cozy, but still looking stylish. The shade of red perfectly complimented her complexion, and thus made her look ethereal despite wearing a plain staple.


Gray Cropped Fur Blazer

But in terms of layering, Yiren has something to offer as well. In this picture, she layered her spaghetti strap black dress with a gray cropped fur blazer. She specifically chose gray as it perfectly goes well with the neutral shade of black. Also, since the blazer’s fabric is fur which looks really great and flattering, it made her look expensive since this type is quiet costly.



Plain Purple Beret Hat

Beret hats are Yiren’s favorite and the following photos would prove that. While berets were widely used before as military’s uniform, they evolved through time and became an essential accessory in the fashion industry. Simply, because they were transformed and comes in different style. On this first photo, Yiren wears a plain and typical beret hat. But, she chose the same shade of her dress—purple to create an aesthetic style. Obviously, the beret looks good on her dress, and it elevated her chic and feminine style even more.


Leopard Print Beret

Here’s another style of beret that gives a different feels. As you see, it’s more stylish than what was featured above. Specifically, what Yiren wears in this photo is a leopard print beret hat which gave her more confidence and made her outfit look bolder.


Washed Beige Beret Hat

While we previously mentioned that different styles of beret give different feels, the outfits you match with the berets on the other hand, is also a factor in pulling a great fashion style. Here, for instance, Yiren achieved a Parisian chic look by throwing off a beige beret hat on her black long sleeves paired with houndstooth skirt. While beret hat is one of the primary factors in achieving this style, looking for right balance in your outfit is also a key. Simply opt for casual fits with balanced elements, and avoid overdoing and overdressing. Most importantly, don’t forget about the beret.



Silver Sparkling Ankle Boots

Yiren have signature in every outfit that she pulls off, and in matters of footwear, boots are her favorite. She has variety of these in her wardrobe. As flashed below, she opts for this silver sparkling ankle boots when going for a sleek look which she achieved by pairing her booties with this asymmetrical black dress. Also, she specifically had worn this dress in receiving an award to look more exquisite.


White Ankle Boots

But when she performs on stage, she chooses a white shade, not only because they’re flattering, but they look bright on stage too. As seen below, she paired her dance attire with her white ankle boots. The white shade is also present on her dance outfit, hence complimenting her look more.


White Knee-High Boots

However, when she loves to look chic and sexy, she opt for a knee-high boots. As seen on this photo, she wears a casual attire, but her white knee-high boots elevated the look into chic style, and not to mention that they added an elongating effects on her legs.



Cat Eye Sunglasses

In the post below, we can clearly notice that Yiren went all black— black dress, black gloves, and black shoes. But what made the look more appealing and stylish, is her black cat eye sunglasses. It instantly added an ubercool effect to her chic look, and flattered beautiful round face as well.


Oversized Clear Glasses

Meanwhile, in this photo below she wears an oversized clear round glasses that easily flatters her face shape since this type of glasses works well in the same shape as hers. Also, it helped emphasize her natural features more and looked more adorable with it.


Here, she wears another oversized clear glasses. But, in this photo, the glass specifically helped displaying her personal style—chic, sexy but sophisticated. Above all, whatever type of glasses you chose, may it be oversized, or tinted ones, they’ll surely do well in spicing up whatever outfit you pulled.

As the quote goes by, "Self-confidence is the outfit. Rock it. Own it", and Yiren surely did. Don't be afraid to express yourself in clothes like Yiren, flaunt your features, and we're sure this fashion guide had given you enough ideas. But, to boost your confidence more so you could rock any fit, you may consider reading Aisha'sSihyeon'sOnda'sMia's, and Eu's . 

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