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Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yujin From IVE

IVE’s leader, Ahn Yu Jin (안유진) is the newest forefront of K-fashion, not only because she has a great visual that radiates an exquisite aura and timeless youth. But also, because her impeccable fashion sense makes her look stunning and expensive.

Yujin is the leader of the newest K-pop girl group, IVE who just recently debuted. Despite being a brand-new group, they are already making waves in the K-pop industry as their debut album ‘Eleven’ ranks first on Gaon Albums chart. Surely, their charms and unique fashion continue to capture the eyes of the mass as their most recent MV, ‘Love Dive’ restlessly gained over 100 million views on Youtube. The MV’s concept is certainly magnificent but the grandeur fashion exhibited by the ladies made it perfectly peculiar and yet cute. All credits to their stylist who impeccably dolled them up.

Meanwhile, Yujin’s first outfit in this MV surely brought Barbie in real life. As seen in the photo, she had worn a hot pink tweed sleeve crop top paired with the same color –hot pink–tweed tailored jacket. Certainly, the shade of hot pink effortlessly added vibrant touch to Yujin’s look, which exudes the sensual love relevant with their MV’s concept. To highlight her top outfit, Yujin had worn a shiny black leather skirt, and a platform pumps in the shade of baby pink as her footwear which completes the chic yet classy look, accentuating Yujin’s expensive aura.

In this blog article, we present various outfits of Yujin to guide you on building an exquisite taste of fashion that would surely highlight your timeless beauty while learning how to accentuate your best feature to look magnificent like Yujin.


White Cropped Tank Top

Crop tops are the basic tops that Yujin could easily slay. As seen in the photo, Yujin effortleslly highlights her slim waist by wearing a white inner crop top paired with an orange crop bolero blazer which gives more details to her petite figure. Meanwhile, her low waist pants totally compliments her top silhoulette as it helps show off the narrowest part of her torso while elongating her legs more.

Crop Top Paired Knitted Jacket/Sweaters

In this photo, Yujin wears a fitted sleeveless crop top embellish with a knitted jacket, but still showcasing her slim figure, while creating a unique yet semi-conservative style. Needless to say, wearing this kind of silhouette works with anyone when styled with any outer garments which could work wonders for your frame and preference.

Slaying Crop Top with Coat

Another way of how Yujin nails a crop top is by using a coat which covers a portion of skin being revealed when wearing cropped garment. As shown in this picture, Yujin smoothly rocks her plain white crop top, as the matching green and blue checkered coat and pleated mini skirt complimented her inner top, creating a sexy ensemble.

Black Crop Top All The Way!

Yujin indubitably loves crop tops, doesn't she? In this photo, she wears a black sleeveless crop top which accentuate her angular shoulders while looking fierce and sexy. Surely, crop tops never go out of style and looks good with any bottoms like a stylish wide leg pants which help flatters Yujin's long legs. 

Look Classy with Puff Sleeve Crop Blouse

Who would imagine that crop blouses could make one look elegant like Yujin? As flashed on this picture, she wears a white puff sleeve crop blouse paired with a low-waist denim pants, creating a sexy yet sophisticated A+ look.



White Shorts

Shorts are the most common bottoms that always look good with everything and any body type. Surely, they are Yujin's favorite go-to bottoms. She effortlessly creates a casual yet chic look by matching them with almost anything. For instance, knitted sweaters on the first picture, plain cardigan and inner silhouette top in the second photo.


Truly enough, shorts work wonder for her fit frame and long legs without trying too hard. Meanwhile, their shade i.e white makes her look clean yet maintains the sexy figure. Despite not having the same frame, worry no more as shorts works well with any body type whether you’re thicc or petite.

Black High-Waisted Leather Shorts

Yujin undoubtedly slayed her debut photo by wearing a black high-waisted leather shorts that compliments her black crop top, creating a sexy and confident look. The shorts did well in giving more details to her long legs and petite figure, while in the same manner made her look bolder and fiercer.

Wide Leg Trousers for Casual and Formal Styles

Wide leg trousers are now in vogue due to the comfort it gives while making one still looks stylish whether for a casual events or formal occasions. As the photo displays, Yujin nails this type of trousers where she paired hers with a shirt topped with a long brown coat, which helps flaunt her expensive aura. Thus, creating a luxurious look.

Sporty Leggings

While Yujin effortlessly slays street, chic, classic, and formal style, she could also rock a gym outfit which gives a very sporty vibes just like in the picture below. She matched her sporty leggings with a fitted top which flatters her slim figure, creating a clean yet sexy A+ look.



Black Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dress are surely a style staple for women as they provide casual and chic look. In these published photos, Yujin flaunts her petite figure by wearing a black short sleeve bodycon dress. The bodycon dress did magic in emphasizing the contours of her silhouette which indubitably boost not only her overall appearance, but also elevated her confidence.

Photo credits: Biz Eater and Sleepy_Head via Pinterest

Most importantly, bodycon dresses work for any body types as long as you opt for darker shades like black for it visually recedes.

Sleeveless Pleated Fit and Flare Dress

Fit and Flare dresses never go out of style and definitely still in vogue as they look flattering on any body type. But, they also do well in matters of emphasizing a narrow waist. As seen on the photo, the triangular silhouette of the black sleeveless pleated fit and flare dress Yujin wears, flatters her slim waist and highlight her angular shoulder. Meanwhile, the pleated design gives a more iconic look, while her marten styled shoes effortlessly transformed the look into chic style.

Square Neck Puff Sleeve Dress

Who would forget puff sleeve dresses being one of the biggest trends in fashion that came out in 2019? Probably, no one because they are still in vogue. Here, Yujin wears a white square neck puff sleeve which accentuates her hourglass body and showcasing her narrow torso. The dress seems simple yet Yujin made it look expensive by combining it with bags and accessories such as pearl necklace and earrings. 

Photo credits: DAZED Korea Magazine 


Varsity Jacket

Cooler months bring anxiety to many as it could either make or break one’s fashion sense especially those who love showing off skin. However, in Yujin’s case, she still slay through those thick layers. In this photo, she was wearing a red varsity jacket which elevates her look as it gives a sporty vibe, while at the same creating a street style fashion. 


Printed Crop Bomber Jacket


Crop bomber jackets whether printed or not are great alternatives to varsity types. No one could argue that they are iconic and staple for women's style. Here, Yujin sets a style statement for this functional outwear. The jacket effortlessly adds a cool touch to her overall outfit while still maintaining the chic look. Meanwhile, the skinny jeans matched perfectly with the jacket as it helped flex the curves of Yujin.

Photo credits: KPOP Asiachan

Oversized Jackets

Oversized jackets are not mandatory, but certainly still in vogue as they combine fashion and comfort in one. Although Yujin is known for her impressive outfits, she still managed to slay even by just wearing a gray oversized jacket, paired with a denim pants creating a cozy and softer look. Meanwhile, the messy bun hairstyle did compliment her outfit, revealing the cute side of Yujin.

While Yujin could look cute on these jackets, she could also pull off a boyish style. Here, she matched her jacket with a beanie and a high cut sneakers that added a cool and casual touch to her overall outfit, but still maintaining a perfect balance.


Button Up Wool Sweater

However, if you're more on a feminine side, opting for button up wool sweater is a great option. It is perfect for any time of the day as it gives one a comfort no matter what the weather is. In this photo, the sweater fit Yujin perfectly, highlighting her simple yet delicate side.


Blue Knitted Sweater

But for a more casual look with comfortable feels, Yujin opt for knitted fabric as they are softer. Hence, are more comforting. As flashed below, she wears a blue knitted sweater and enjoys feeling cozy. Also, since this sweater has buttons, it can act as coat which is perfect for layering any tops.

If what had been stated sounds good to you, check out this Yujin inspired blue knitted sweater.

Photo credits: IVE_STARSHIP via Twitter


Black crystal-embellished Beret

Whatever hairstyle you have, beret hats could surely add aesthetic on your look and not to mention that they are easy to style. In Yujin's case, as seen on the photo below, she effortlessly looked more expensive on her outfit by pulling off a black beret hat. Obviously, the hat did well on adding luxurious charm.

Hunting Cap

However, if you prefer those hats with brims but still looks luxurious as beret hats, hunting cap is a great alternative. They look expensive and perfect for any agenda, whether you want to hide that unwashed hair or just simply wants to look stylish. Yujin, in particular pulled off a sophisticated look in this photo by simply adding a plaid hunting cap which perfectly match her black leather jacket and inner white long sleeves.

Knitted Beanie

Meanwhile, opting for a simpler side never goes wrong with beanies. They go well with any outfit whether you are achieving for a chic or casual look. But, in Yujin's case, she loves to be on a cozy side by pairing her beanie with sweater which gives an elegant yet warm look.



Low-cut leather shoes are very underrated, but in truth, are very fashionable. Surely, they aren't for formal events only as what Yujin shows in this photo, she paired her white low-cut leather shoes with an A-Line dress. Also, the white socks she added, smoothly created an illusion which makes her half boots appeared to be long-cut. Hence, accentuating her long legs and creating a unique chic style.

Photo credits: DAZED Korea Magazine 


Sneakers will always remain a staple footwear especially the all-white ones which never go out of style and matches with almost any outfit of different colors. They are Yujin's favorite footwear, and surely everyone's go-to. The high-cut ones give Yujin a more lavish look and certainly helps elevate even the most basic outfit like shorts and sweater.

Photo credits: fn star

Meanwhile, the low-cut types give Yujin a more minimalist vibes, and are lightweight. But these sneakers do magic in adding enough twist to classic outfit while still keeping the simplicity and clean look. Whether you're going outdoors or have a weekend wonder, both types would surely help you stroll around comfortably.

Photo credits: OSEN

Pointed Stiletto Sling-back Pumps

But, if opting for a more feminine gait, stilettos are the great choice. Surely, they are the opposite of sneakers, but they could add extra inch on your height, making you look taller. More so, in Yujin's case, although she is already tall, the pink stiletto gives her more confidence by elongating her legs more and making her calves look slimmer. Not to mention that these type of footwear gives a more sophisticated look.

Photo credits: 스포츠투데이


Glasses: Fashion Retro Round Glasses

Fashion retro glasses with round frames gives a very vintage feels. Also, they work best in complimenting bold features, and look great with oval faces like Yujin. She styles these glasses with a minimal make up, but still creating an ulzzang (best face) style.

Photo credits: 헌헌이 via Pinterest

Aviator Classic Sunglasses

Saying that aviator classic sunglasses are iconic is an understatement. Surely, these glasses had never gone out of trend and are kicking especially on summer. Yujin, in particular, loves to wear these with a high ponytail to compliment her oval face. However, even without having such facial shape, these works well on anyone, bringing comfort in eyes in a more stylish way, primarily during sunny days.

 Photo credits: KPOP Asianchan

Heart-shaped Sunglasses

Opting for aesthetic and stylish vibe could never go wrong with these heart-shaped sunglasses. As for Yujin, she makes her outfit look extra yet cute by wearing a peach toned heart-shaped sunglasses which flatters her oval face. But, even without having the same face shape, one can still pull them off. Most importantly, these special frames go well in creating a full-on feminine look.

Photo credits: SINTANR via Pinterest

Achieving that glamour and lavish look of Yujin is never hard, right? As Edith Head once said, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.", and therefore you can dress like Yujin, if you go for it and do it now.


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