Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yuqi From (G)I-dle

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yuqi From (G)I-dle

Yuqi's personal style is as bold and colorful as her personality 

By Julianne Babaran

The Chinese born lead dancer and singer Yuqi from (G)I-dle is no short of entertainment for her members and fans. The singer is the typical dreamer looking up to K-pop idols when she was younger whilst taking dance lessons at the same time. Convincing her parents were another story as the singer was determined to succeed in her goals, even going under fire for prioritizing training over school when she was younger. 

Needless to say, ask and answered came about her future and in 2018, she was set to debut in Cube Entertainments new girl group '(G)I-dle'. Yuqi's visuals are versatile and sweet in nature, she can easily adapt to many concepts and she shows this even in her personal style. 

Read more to see how she personally styles herself! 

Tops : Tube Tops, Dainty Tops, Baby Tees

Black and White Tube Top

Y2K with a remix, while wearing a basic tube top, Yuqi paired it wide leg pants and platform heels to keep that chunky on chunky cohesion with pants and shoes. Not the typical fit and flare or balance. 

Beige and Baby Blue Tube

Outdoor setting is the best place to go crazy or simple, Yuqi wore a similar tone top and pants. The light colors look easy on the eye against the outdoor background and it gives a contrast if you've got colored hair. 

White Linen Eyelet Top

If you've got it, what's the reason to not flaunt it? While out exploring the U.S Yuqi wore a basic and dainty white top paired with green cargo pants and chunky doll platform shoes for comfort and aesthetics to match the look of her pants. 

Blue Chiffon Printed Frill Blouse 

In a series of poses, the star wore a blue frill printed top, baggy brown shorts and blue platform heels. The girls personal style is a mix of dainty and girl crush, and its only fitting given the groups overall concept! 

Red Baby Tee

Baby tees are being reclaimed for all ages of women. Yuqi knows this and styles it as so, showing only a little portion of her midriff, she styles the top with wide leg pants and platform heels for that vintage silhouette. 

Beige Printed Baby Tee

A comfortable top is a strong contender for outdoor outfits options! She matched this beige baby tee with basketball shorts, sneakers and crew socks. Simply perfect and practical, need we say more? 

Jackets : Colored Cardigans, Leather Jackets, Denim Jacket

Dusty Pink Oversized Cardigan 

Neutrals are perfect but safe. Dusty colors will look perfect at any occasion for colder weathers. For autumn season, Yuqi wore a dusty pink oversized cardigan perfect for transition weather and or layering!

Lavender Cardigan 

Pairing items and styling it as its famous for will not fail. She matched a delicate colored cardigan top with basic white crop top, straight leg denim and chunky white sneakers. Basic looking, but still elegant and beautiful and classic looking. 

White and Black Block Leather Jacket

We love a multi color block leather jacket moment. Yuqi wears hers like a coat over her outfit, the white gives a nice contrast and adds brightness to her black and gray monochrome ensemble. 

Classic Fit Leather Jacket

Yuqi as biker girl is now realized with this look. She matched the classic fit leather jacket with a white ribbed top, black skinny jeans and wide black sunglasses. The masculine looks almost not too masculine with the simple and girly styled of her hair. 

Solid Beige Denim Jacket

One word to describe this look is "clean" and not in the basic way, under the jacket, Yuqi wore a multi colored crochet top, graphic white tee, straight leg denim and platform sneakers. Its easy on the eye, stylish without being too overt. 

Oversized Classic Blue Denim Jacket

Bringing back classics, oversized denim on denim is beautifully timeless. Simple white tee and dolled up hair ties it all together. 

Bottoms : Black Wide Leg Pants, Denim Jeans, Distressed Denim Shorts 

Solid Black Wide Leg Pants 

Dark colored wide leg pants styled right, will never look out of place. Even against the backdrop of Frankfurt, Germany! Yuqi paired the solid black wide leg pants with a green ribbed top, the perfect and comfortable combo for exploring. 

Textured Solid Colored Lounge Pants

If lounge pants are too boring, textured ones can make a big difference, they add flow and texture. Like in this all black outfit, the top and its cut outs creates shape added with the textured pants and it adds dimension. 

Light Wash Straight Leg Denim 

Light wash denim has that throwback feel but getting a more modern and loose fit silhouette and it can be as good as the darker wash wide leg, paired with any basic top and sneakers and its good to go!

Fit and Flare Denim Jeans

Fit and Flare is not for the paint hearted but dressing it down with an oversized tee can dress it down and make it more casual! Yuqi took the conservative route and paired it with a tie oversized tee and basic white sneakers. 

Black Denim Distressed Shorts 

Denim jeans may seem like they should stay in the 2016 fashion era, but they're a classic piece for outdoor music sets, particularly ones in the desert or road. Pairing it with trendy platform shoes can make it more cohesive and put more attention to color rather than style.

Blue Denim Distressed Shorts 

Good old trendy look remixed to the style of today, Yuqi styled a crochet white top over a solid color inner tube, distressed light wash denim shorts and platform heels that looks almost dangerous, but no doubt stylish!

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