How to Style & Dress Like BLACKPINK

How to Style & Dress Like BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK's Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo are a huge fashion inspiration not only while wearing design clothes from big fancy brands, but in their regular life too!

Each girl has a unique aesthetic, personal preferences, and favorite pieces to wear while being equally perfect each in their own style. No surprise Blinks get plenty of ideas for their own outfits and win in fashion game just like their idols. Let's see what you can add to your own wardrobe to be like BLACKPINK's Jennie Lisa, Rose, Jisoo, or all of them!

Jennie's Style

Oversize Hoodies

When miss Ruby Jane is not shining on the red carpet in luxurious dresses or not posing in the numerous fashion photoshoots, she is just a soft girl next door. While being on her own or with friends, she likes to be comfortable and oversized hoodies are her go-to choice. Having a number of different hoodies, she wears them with big comfy trousers or skirts that rather make her look very cozy, very cute, but most of the time both. And we think every Jennie and BLACKPINK stan can relate and get couple of oversized hoodies to also be comfy, minimalistic, but stylish like miss Kim.


However, miss Kim is versatile in her regular outfits and accessories choice, so if you want to add some class to your closet, don't forget to get yourself some hats! Even by looking at her Instagram feed, you may notice how often she wears different hats from bucket hats to berets, and they compliment her outfits just right, making it more stylish than they could have been. For example, just look how she styled an extravagant mini skirt, sports bra under a black crop top, and some rough leather and metal accessories with a simple beret. Or another way, how cute and soft she looks in contrast to the previous look, with a black bucket hat on the top of your head. The various looks and aesthetics you can rock with hats is endless. Are you on your way to get a hat, aren't you?

Lisa's Style:

Crop Tops

In BLACKPINK, Lisa seems to have the sportiest, boldest fashion sense both in her idol or model projects, and in daily life too. Perfectly complimenting her dancer's slim and graceful physique, but keeping her humble and easy to relate, Lalisa can be found wearing crop tops most of the time! While showing some skin, she makes it look stylish and completes her looks with high waist trousers, jeans, shorts or skirts. And proving how versatile she can be, her crop top game also shows different colors and vibes of Lisa. As in the first picture, she is all bold and edgy, with a dark beanie, sporty two piece fit consisting of cropped jacket and high waist jogging pants, and of course a crop top, simple and white. A real badass main dancer she is.

But at the same time, just look at another Instagram post Lisa shared on Instagram! Same girl, completely different vibe and setting, but the same level of awe she causes her fans to have. She looks just perfect being among the palms under the blue sky in a girly milky white crop top with cute short sleeves and a thin ribbon, with high waist white shorts as the bottom of her fit. 

One way or another, slaying every style she chooses, crop tops are Lisa's favorite piece of clothing to wear!

Oversized T-shirts 

… and Retro prints! Going strong with her bold style agenda, Lisa likes bright colored details and prints to accompany even the simplest, almost "stolen from my boyfriend" kind of t-shirts that she if often found wearing just by looking at her social medias. Valuing both style and comfort, Lalisa styles her looks with classic wide jeans, white sneakers, and some accessories like golden chains or earrings. However, through her print choice idol doesn't just show off her fashion preferences, but also the things she likes! Looking at her pic in Stranger Things merch tee with a beautiful red and blue artwork popping on the black background, it's obvious that Lisa is a fan of the series. 

And looking at the next example of her either cropped and more complex top, Lisa is of course the biggest fan of BLACKPINK, and we love to see it

Rose's Style

Two-Piece Sets

The group's vocalist has a more feminine, soft style when it comes to choosing her regular clothes, but it doesn't make her any less interesting. Moreover, this style will definitely be in a bigger favor of fans who like more modest and elegant kind of fashion. And with Roseanne's love to two piece sets, it was never easier to be a bit like her… just by getting yourself one of these too!

On the first pic she wears a light brown dotted complect and a golden necklace that compliments her collarbones and open neck with shoulders, thanks to her having her blonde hair up in a messy yet graceful bun. Chic and just perfect for summer. But there is another way to play with two piece sets and on another pic you can see her having her hair down with soft curls that we find beyond feminine, especially with a florar crop top and a short skirt made of the same airy material. Simple, but perfect, and Rose knows this well.


And not just miniskirts, but especially pleated ones! Surely, skirts are most common bottoms worn by female idols, but miss Park has a special place for them in her own closet! After all, they are just right for her girly, feminine, but classic style. Sharing the love to berets with Jennie, Rose chose to wear it with a light blue button-down shirt, and of course a grey pleated miniskirt. She could as well get right of a private school bus in this look, couldn't she? Therefore, no surprise that such skirts are the perfect match for the preppy, school-inspired outfits that are so trendy these days.

But there is an abundance of other aesthetics and styles to get such a skirt for! In her second outfit, the two piece set on Rose radiates completely different vibe. And no cap, this one was for the stage on TV! But with an elegant cropped longsleeve with a pretty square neckline, black pleated short skirt, and massive golden chains, she may as well go to any kind of occasion and shine. Just like the Blinks who decide to go for a two piece set like their idol.

Jisoo's Style

Knit Sweaters

Our sweet Jisoo is an epithome of elegance, and her style strenghtens this statement as well! When she is not performing, blessing everyone with her vocals, or not walking the red carpet, doing so with her looks, Kim Jisoo prefers coze, simple outfits. And what comes to mind when hearing the word "cozy" is of course a nice knitted sweater which Sooya has a plenty of! 

Just by looking at her Instagram posts, you can see - besides her favorite Dior shoulder bag - that she likes oversized, comfortable sweaters. And, what is more important, in each of the posts we included she styled them differently, showing just how versatile a simple piece of clothing can be. On the first pic, Jisoo is wearing a straight black miniskirt, classic shoulderbag, and… a sweet colorful knit sweater! 

On another hand, there is an even easier way to style sweaters and on the second pic, she is wearing an oversized striped black and beige knitted piece just like a dress! With her long wavy hair, delicate necklace, and a small Dior bag, she looks soft and stylish at the same time.

Sporty clothing

Surely, there is something even more comfortable than sweaters and those are the sport looks! They can be a separate piece inserted in a comfy look as in the first pic - Jisoo wore a navy blue oversized shirt with basic Adidas biker shorts. However, athletic comfy looks can go in full two pieces like on the second post Sooya has on her Instagram. A light grey sweater that goes in pair with jogging pants with some stripes on its sides, and classic pair of white Adidas sneakers. In this look you can go wherever you want and feel stylish and comfortable, just like Jisoo!

After all, every fan can find things they like just as much as their idols, and we hope this article was helpful to guide you what pieces to purchase in your next shopping spree! To find clothes the girls are wearing, visit our shop.

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