Top 10 Affordable Korean Clothing Brands

Top 10 Affordable Korean Clothing Brands


Different clothing brands and houses are becoming more well-known to the real world. Most of them are from Western, however those aren’t always the look you want to go for and just aim for what you can buy. Lately, since the surge of Korean culture most of individuals are enchanted to the fashion style of South Koreans. 

 Korean fashion is trending with its very well-flavored themed clothes. The uniqueness and the swagness of the fashion style, divers and fresh sense of styling catches the attention of everyone in the world. It opened the great door of new and lovable trends such as these. The fashion trends now include going for a cute and minimal Korean vogue. 

Well, worry no more as we listed the best brands you can afford to attain the style that suits your taste. Here are the top 10 affordable Korean brands worth purchasing!

1. Dark Victory

DarkVictory offers the best look if you want to join the sensual yet innocent type of trend. It reaches the vibe of Jennie of Blackpink and Momo of Twice. Bold and sweet at the same time. It sets the standard of a modern American but with a hint of Korean aura. If you want to dress up like them this brand is for you. There is much more to it, so browse their website for more choices!


2. Mixxmix

The brand is fully well-recognized, it became popular because of the the outfits that are compromised to look polished and cute. One of the main reasons it is loved by people is because it gives off a clean premonition that would totally hook customers. Most of what they present are dresses, skirts and cute cropped tops. Definitely a catch!

3. Worderplace

Unisex brand wherein provides clothes that are cool for both genders. Goodies for customers seeking chill and swag fashion. If you are into swag and chill outfit this brand is for you! Hundred percent recommended, plus affordable. Click the name of the brand and see more!



 4. 8seconds

This brand offers a great deal of clothes that customers would want to feel the coziness and freshness through wearing this brand. Ribbed, knitted, and loose tops. It is for all genders. If you want something comfortable to wear this brand is for you. What a brand! Not only are they good quality but also affordable. Check out their latest arrival on their  name!




5. Hotping

This  brand is widely open globally; it also ships internationally, in the US, Taiwan, Japan, China, and of course South Korea. High quality clothes, aesthetically looking and can be bought due to low range of prices. They have items on sale and it is cheaper yet pretty! From shoes to upper clothing does include here.



6. Miamasvin

Do you want to dress up like Yeri of Red Velvet? Miamasvin is a very feminine looking brand. It attracts buyers through their girly and minimal styles on their website. The clothes from skirts to dresses to accessories are high-end to look at. It can be worn in formal gatherings or casual strolling outside. Easy access for wearing. 



7. Gray Mood

The brand clearly represents authenticness by its sophisticated, minimal and attractive dresses, tops, and knitted clothes. With lower prices and given the time some of their items are on sale is the evidence it is affordable. The simplicity it serves is undeniably irresistible to purchase. The clothes are okay to whatever weather you are in. 



8. Lucky Chouette

Versatile. That is what this brand is. It is very unique to how it was designed. It is artistically created, amusingly good for people who are into aberrant clothing. The famous actress of ‘World of Married Couple’ Han So Hee became the model in one of their campaigns and became their muse slash ambassador. This brand is really good for you if you want to have an amusing look. The vibrancy of their brand is unnerving. 





The outfits in this brand are timeless. EYEYE focuses on fancy, witty with simple silhouettes added with various fun details, while keeping in the reasonable price zone. This is what this brand says about them. Without doubt they are really a treasure. 



10. Flymodel

The brand fits for customers who might like high-waists and cropped tops. Jennie and Lisa of Blackpink who often wears these paired clothings became her signature look. It may also look good on you. This brand has very chic classy casuals and to-go outfits. 

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