Top 10 BLACKPINK Winter Fashion Outfits Inspiration For 2022

Top 10 BLACKPINK Winter Fashion Outfits Inspiration For 2022



As we welcome the first ber month of the year, we are all excited for the upcoming winter seasons that will definitely give us the spirit of Christmas. A new style and look for the winter season is one of our goals this year so that many of us are looking for a great fashion icon that will help us to have an idea for our winter outfit. Since the Korean wave is still surging and influencing the whole world. Korean fashion outfits have become one of the best and most popular around the world. We all know that BLACKPINK members are now the best and most followed fashion K-pop group influencers. 

BLACKPINK members are known for having great sense when it comes to fashion and they litera never failed us by their everyday fashion outfits especially with their winter season outfits. As BLACKPINK members become popular and known around the world many people especially their fans make sure to copy their fashion style and look like them. Since the winter season is about to come, here are the “ Top 10 BLACKPINK Winter Fashion Outfits”. 


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1. Plain Long Coat and Denim Jacket

This winter outfit of BLACKPINK Jisoo is really simple and easy to be your perfect winter outfit this 2022. With her Dior cannage headband, BLACKPINK Jisso shared her simple yet neat and nice winter outfit. 

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2. Acne Studios Avalon Double Partnered with Alaia Coeur Cutout Top And Chanel Leather Shoes

BLACKPINK Jennie looks stunning in her winter outfit with her Chanel boots, Acne Studios’ black coat and a black Alaia’s cut out long sleeve top. This outfit is definitely for her, as she looks sophisticated and classy with this kind of outfit, BLACKPINK Jennie makes this outfit look more attractive with her cool vibe aura. 

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3. Saint Laurent Black Turtleneck Sweater O!Oi Collection Slit Coat

We are all aware that BLACKPINK Rosé is so obsessed with wearing blac turtleneck sweaters every winter season. With her favorite Turtleneck, Tiffany and Co. gold necklace and white sneakers forum 84 from Adidas, she’s always wearing a black coat on it to look more fashionable and cool. Rosé never failed everyone with her simple and amazing visuals. Her winter outfits like this are always an ideal outfit every winter season of the year. 


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4. Recto 70’s Benn Bomber Jacket And Johnny Hates Jazz Ribbon Short Coat Black 

Want to look like something sophisticated and classy on your winter outfit like BLACKPINK Jisoo? Well this top outfit might be for you! Wearing a black short ribbon coat from Johnny Hates Jazz topped with 70’s Benn bomber jacket from Recto. This outfit is totally a good outfit and perfect for your not so sassy-fancy character that will definitely make you stand out and look like a barbie doll in the middle of the cold season like BLACKPINK Jisoo. 

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5. Joseph Hector Shearling Jacket and Dr. Air Wair Martens 1460 Smooth Boots Outfit 

Jennie looks so cute and gives a warm vibe in the middle of the coldest temperature of the winter season. With her cute facial expressions that totally melts our hearts, she’s wearing a hector shearling jacket from Joseph that totally makes her feel warmer even if she’s in the middle of a snow area where it is probably having the lowest temperature.  The thickness of the coat is one of its advantages over the other coats, the thicker the coat, the warmer feel it gives. She’s also wearing a boots from Dr. Air Wair Martens that definitely gives his feet a warmer and comfortable feeling also.

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6. Sandro Tweed Jacket With Denim Inserts With Gentle Monster x Jennie and Ribbed Turtleneck Bodysuit 

Jennie looks amazing with her winter airport fashion outfit. With this kind of outfit she really looks gorgeous with her gentle monster sunglasses and her tweed jacket and white turtleneck bodysuit. BLACKPINK Jennie never failed us on showing her new styles for her everyday outfit. 

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7. Zara Patchwork Knit Green Sweater and Adidas Continental 80

Once again, BLACKPINK Jennie is serving us all her extraordinary beauty with her stylish outfits. She’s wearing her beautiful patchwork knitted green sweater from Zara and paired it with her white continental 80 sneaker from Adidas. This nice and cozy outfit is perfect for your everyday simple events and trips during the winter season. 

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8. NONA9ON Boa Fleece Zip-Up Jumper Outfit 

Lisa looks so gorgeous with her simple white top outfit. Her appearance at the airport during the winter season in South Korea. This kind of outfit will give you a warmer and nice feeling during the lowest degree of the winter season. It's not just an outfit to keep you warmer but still the style of this Boa Fleece Zip-Up Jumper Top. It is perfect to partner with your high-waist denim pants and your favorite sneaker.

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9. The Row Maeve Coat And Acker Pants With Saint Laurent white T-shirt

We all know how BLACKPINK Rosé dresses and styles herself with her amazing outfits. One of her favorite fashion styles during these winter seasons is by wearing a single plain white T-shirt and partnered it with her favorite long coat and trouser pants. Rosé shows her great taste in picking fashion outfits with this kind of simple style she had. 

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10. RE/DONE Ribbed Turtleneck Bodysuit

We can’t deny how gorgeous BLACKPINK Jennie is whenever she wears a turtleneck bodysuit. Her simplicity makes her more attractive and enchanting. She’s wearing a black turtleneck bodysuit from RE/DONE and partnered it with her black trouser pants and white sneakers. 


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