Top 10 Dresses BLACKPINK Rosé Has Worn

Top 10 Dresses BLACKPINK Rosé Has Worn



Blackpink Rosé is one of the most famous kpop idols around the world. Being known as the only global ambassador of the famous luxurious fashion brand, Saint Laurent. Rosé catches everyone’s attention by her majestic and extraordinary beauty and talent. She recently debuted as one of the VIP attendees of a famous fashion week and was the star of the night of YSL’s event. 

BLACKPINK Rosé is absolutely one of the most looked up to K-pop idol's when it comes to fashion. While she can nail any kind of style. Wearing denim baggy pants and trousers partnered with crop tops makes her look simple and attractive, but have you seen her wearing fancy girly outfits like dresses? Well I definitely assure you that you’ll fall harder for her beauty once you see her wearing dresses that make her look gorgeous and elegant. 

Rosé is now one of the best fashion icons in South Korea or even around the world. Her fashion style makes everyone curious and want to try it for themselves also. As a fashion influencer BLACKPINK Rosé is serving and giving all her best to share her fashion outfit everyday. 

Everyone loves wearing dresses right? How about let’s take some ideas from BLACKPINK Rosés dresses outfits that will help us decide what dress will satisfy our fashion taste. Here are the “ Top 10 Dresses BLACKPINK Rosé Has Worn”.

1. Saint Laurent Draped Dress in Shiny Jersey

On BLACKPINK recent VMA participation, BLACKPINK Rosé shook the crowd by her captivating appearance. She’s confidentently showed up to the venue with her Saint Laurent dress. Her black dress makes her look sophisticated and attractive. As the face of the famous luxurious brand she attended the VMA with Saint Laurent dress as her outfit of the day. 


2. Reformation Madilyn Linen Dress

On her recent Instagram post, BLACKPINK Rosé shares her tropical and refreshing summer with her green dress from Madilyn. This dress gives an aesthetic aura to her Instagram feed. Her hair and even sandals match the mini dress that makes her a total bombshell. 


3. Saint Laurent Sleeveless Dress In Silk Georgette And Sequins

 Recently Saint Laurent invited BLACKPINK Rosé to attend Saint Laurent’s Fashion Week in Paris, France as their global ambassador and also the face of the luxurious brand. BLACKPINK Rosé shared a photo on her Instagram account of herself wearing the famous Saint Laurent silk black mini dress. She looks stunning and enchants everyone by her beauty and outfit on that night. She became the center of attraction and many fans are praising and congratulating on her fashion week debut.


4. Saint Laurent Fall 2021 Ready To Wear Look ( Custom Made Into A Mini Dress For Rosé)

Everyone still can't move on as BLACKPINK Rosé showed up at the Met Gala this year. Her surprising appearance in the event shook the internet and she became trending after a few minutes. She’s wearing Saint Laurent’s fall 2021 ready to wear mini dress that is customized and made only for BLACKPINK Rosé.  


5. AshLey Williams Sebastiranbow Dress

With her lovely face, BLACKPINK Rosé is a total bombshell with her aesthetic and unique ribbon dress. Her style makes her look more interesting and catches the attention of her fans and races their hearts for a single second. Her unique dress makes her look fancy and sassy. 


6. Khaite Felicia Dress

On her ELLE photoshoot, BLACKPINK Rosé posted her simple and neat white dress on her Instagram account, while wearing this kind of dress Rosé looks pure and innocent and makes everyone go crazy over her. Her outstanding visuals never fails her fans. 


7. Saint Laurent Long Feathered Dress 

With her black and white photo that she posted on her Instagram account, Rosé shared that she’s wearing Saint Laurent’s dress that makes her look more perfect and fine. We can’t deny that BLACKPINK Rosé really looks so good in this black fancy dress from Saint Laurent


8. Saint Laurent Mini Dress In Sequined Knit and Feathers

Rosé is now a pro when it comes to modeling! On her recent Instagram post, BLACKPINK Rosé shared her classy retro picture with her retro outfit. She looks stunning and a total dreamboat for everyone. This fitted sassy outfit fits to her body and makes her look more sexy and attractive. 


9. Saint Laurent Long Dress in Wool

 Have you seen a totally hot version of BLACKPINK Rosé? Well this dress is one of my favorite dresses that BLACKPINK Rosé has ever worn before. This fine simple black dress makes her look mature and sophisticated. With it’s simple details, the dress emphasizes the natural beauty of BLACKPINK Rosé.


10. Paco Rabanne Off-Shoulder Dress

On their newest released song “Pink Venom ''. BLACKPINK Rose shared a post of her wearing the same dress that she worn on Pink Venom’s MV. This shiny fitted off-shoulder dress shows the other rockstar vibe of BLACKPINK Rosé. This dress really suits to her style and character for the Pink Venom MV.

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