Top 10 Sneakers Shoes BLACKPINK Jisoo Has Worn

Top 10 Sneakers Shoes BLACKPINK Jisoo Has Worn



With her stunning visuals, Kim Jisoo of Blackpink became an inspiration when it comes to fashion look. Her classy and elegant look makes her fans fall for her deeper and deeper. Aside from getting a lot of endorsements, Blackpink member Jisoo shows us her sophisticated look wherever she’s attending fashion events, wearing fancy high heels and boots makes her more stunning, she loves to wear sneakers especially for her everyday outfit. Her simplicity makes her more attractive. Jisoo is also known as one of the faces and ambassadors of Adidas and many more. 

Blinks is always wondering what brands of sneakers Blackpink Jisoo wears and wanted to have a guide on choosing the right outfit for every sneaker she used to wear. Here are the  “Top 10 Sneakers Shoes BLACKPINK Jisoo Has Worn”. If  you want to know those sneaker brands, continue reading this blog.


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1. Vans “Off The Wall” Big Daisy Era Skate Sneakers

Vans is widely popular among athletes and young people. It's all because the brand was originally designed for those who live an active lifestyle. Jisoo is wearing Vans “Off The Wall” Big Daisy Era Skate Sneakers on her rehearsal for their concert. This sneaker is very comfortable and gives you a barefoot feeling whenever you wear it. Like Jisoo’s outfit, this daisy sneaker is good to be paired with jogging pants or denim jeans. 

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2. Adidas Ivy Park X Super Super Sleek 72

The sneaker combines Adidas's iconic Stan Smith and Samba silhouettes to create a shoe that's as grand as Queen B herself. As part of her ongoing Ivy Park line with Adidas, the Super Sleek 72 is a new trend as one of the summer sneakers. Launching as part of an Alpine-themed collection with Beyonce’s athleisure brand, the Ivy Park x adidas women’s Super Sleek 72 ‘Icy Park’ features an exaggerated double-stacked midsole in a pristine white finish. The sneaker’s platform tooling is countered by a low-profile upper, constructed from white leather with off-white suede overlays that include the Samba’s signature T-toe. An integrated lacing system includes bungee detailing wrapped around the heel, allowing the shoe to be clipped onto a carryall. This sneaker is one of the best sneakers that Kim Jisoo wore with her ideal outfit. This sneaker is best for spring or summer outfits.

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3. Adidas Tepra Runner W

As always, Blinks is so excited to see Jisoo’s airport outfit. One of her memorable airport outfits, she’s wearing a Tepra Runner W from Adidas. Inspired by their Magmur runner, adidas channels their inner 2000s attitude and welcomes Tephra into their collection of retro trainers. Complete with a chunky sole and reflective piping, this raw grey and blue pair come with a sculpted midsole for comfort with every wear. This sneaker is best fit with your summer outfit like shorts or pants.


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4. Gucci Rhyton Glitter Sneaker

Designed with a thick surface and bulky construction, the leather sneaker is reminiscent of the old school hip-hop scene and embodies the '90s influence. Inspired by the tags decorating retro athletic uniforms, the glitter Gucci game motif enhances the side of the shoe. The rainbow glitter design makes the sneaker look more expensive and classy. At Blackpink's concert, Jisoo is wearing this sneaker with her Blackpink T-shirt and baby pink baseball skirt. This kind of sneaker is perfectly fit for your everyday outfit like shorts and skirts. This will make your outfit perfectly bewitching. 


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5. Dior-ID Sneaker

Continuing her ongoing partnership with the luxury house, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo shared some of her DIOR photoshoot images with the DIOR’s sneaker. This is one of the best sneakers that Blackpink Jisoo has worn so far! The aesthetically pleasing of this sneaker is super B. Dior-ID sneaker has a modern and elegant look. A textured and tonal rubber insert conceals the laces while the adhesive tongue is embellished with a gold-tone 'DIOR-ID' signature. The sturdy-sole sneaker lends a contemporary touch to any look. This sneaker is made in Italy, that will make you sure of the high quality of the product. This sneaker is ideal for trouser outfits. 

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6. Adidas Superstar 

As everyone’s favorite sneaker, Adidas Superstar sneaker never failed to impress us. With its roots in both hoops and hip-hop, the adidas Superstar can’t help but live up to its name. Designed for ball above all else, the icon retains its game-ready details like a protective shell toe and coated leather upper. Known as the Superstar II, the modern adidas Superstar rocks true-to-the-original details like a herringbone cupsole, zigzag 3-Stripes edging and that signature shell-toe while beefing up the padding for a more cushioned ride. This sneaker is still on trend for over the years and will be always on our list when it comes to fashion sneakers.


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7. Adidas Astir Trainers 

Adidas Astir Trainers is one of the best running shoes Adidas has launched. They fit well, look good and are very comfortable. The high-impact look throws it back to the 2000s, a time when there was no such thing as 'too much.' Distinctive details and exaggerated proportions take full inspiration from that era of excess and indulgence. This sneaker is also one of the best sellers of Adidas sneakers. Jisoo used to wear this sneaker on her Adidas photoshoot. It is perfectly fit for your running outfit and everyday outfit too!


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8. Adidas Ozweego Shoes

The famous Ozweego of Adidas is built for maximum comfort, and the adiPRENE technology ensures exactly that you'll feel such comfort while wearing it. Inspired by a retro running shoe, the adidas OZWEEGO takes '90s nostalgia in a whole new direction. Fluid lines and futuristic vibes are what it's all about. BLACKPINK Jisoo used to wear this sneaker with her running outfit for her Adidas photoshoot. You can wear this pair as long as you want and your feet won't complain. This is pretty good to pair with your gym outfit or running outfit. It is also ideal for your hiking outfit.


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9. Adidas Nizza Platform Shoes

All outfits will look fantastic with a trendy platform like these Adidas Nizza shoes. Step up, step out and give every outfit a little lift. Even if you're just knocking around town. This trendy sneaker is good to pair to any outfits you want, aside from that it will also make you look taller because of its platform heel. Blackpink Jisoo also wears this sneaker on her Adidas photoshoot to promote this sneaker. 


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10. Vans Old Skool

Last but not the least is Vans Old Skool. The Old Skool’s fashion-icon status has been a long time in the making, but it really began to crystallize in the 2010s. The shoe became a firm favourite of fashion insiders. This sneaker never gets  old and never loses its trend on the market place. It is also one of the best sneakers that you should have when you want to have a perfect outfit. Jisoo used to wear Vans Old Skool during her pre debut dance rehearsals and practices and also for her airport outfit. Aside from that Vans Old Skool is the world’s most accessible piece of fashion footwear.


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