Top 15 Kpop Idols In Their Famous Luxury Clothing Brands

Top 15 Kpop Idols In Their Famous Luxury Clothing Brands



As the Korean wave surges, Korean pop stars become more known all over the world. They become an influencer by their music and fashions. We all know how great and rich  Korean fashion is. As fashion influencers and supermodels are still pulling weight on the marketing front, more and more Korean faces lend their names and show off their finest fashion outfit and style. 

More and more Korean pop stars become brand ambassadors of the famous luxurious fashion and clothing brands abroad. The surge is on for our Korean pop artists, they are now showing off how good they are when it comes to the fashion industry. Aside from that, being an ambassador of a luxurious clothing brand is a win-to-win situation. It is a good opportunity for the kpop artists to promote their fashion, culture and style. 

Korean artists' campaigns are everywhere all over the world, from the left and right billboards to your electronic devices like cell phones and televisions, you can see their fashion campaigns. 

The biggest luxurious clothing brands see the potential over them and choose to pick their best Korean ambassadors that will help them promote their business.

Here are some luxurious brands that your favorite Kpop artists partnered with.


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1. BTS for Louis Vuitton

Why try to dress up like your favorite Korean pop super star sensation? Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous luxurious brands in the world, being known for having great fashion style and quality. Louis Vuitton announced last 2021 that BTS is their newest global ambassador. As Louis Vuitton is known to align itself with the most in-demand figures across all markets, the announcement was not so surprising. BTS will continue to work with Louis Vuitton as their global ambassador. 


2. BLACKPINK Jennie for Chanel

Be a Chanel girl like BLACKPINK Jennie! Chanel is a luxurious fashion brand, famous for having great quality perfumes, bags and even clothes. Jennie has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Chanel back in 2018 and has since gained the affectionate nickname of “Human Chanel”. Knowing that G-Dragon is the first Chanel Korean ambassador, His successor is our very own Jennie.



3. EXO Kai for Gucci

Aside from being a soloist and a member of EXO and SuperM, fans would know that Kai is also Gucci's global brand ambassador. Kai made his debut as Gucci ambassador in the Italian fashion label's Fall/Winter 2019 eyewear campaign. At that time, he was the first Korean model for the brand and became the model of Gucci’s eyewear collection. His career with Gucci didn’t stop there, and in 2021, Kai is still the global ambassador of Gucci.



4. GOT7 Jackson Wang for Fendi

Famed for its fur and leather creations, today Fendi is one of the powerhouses in ultimate luxury, iconic accessories and exquisite ready-to-wear and Haute Couture collections. The Italian fashion giant Fendi collaborated with K-Pop star Jackson Wang. Fendi announced the appointment of Jackson Wang as Men's Collection Spokesperson in Greater China. He’s the first Kpop artist to become Fendi’s ambassador in China.




From being a rookie kpop boy group from the reality talent show I-land. Enhypen made their names after they debuted as a group, their amazing talents and visuals captivates everyone's attention. Even if they are still a rookie kpop boy group they have a lot of endorsements, one of their biggest campaigns is with the famous new French luxurious brand. Ami is a new luxury brand fast becoming popular in South Korea. The French designer brand Ami has tapped K-pop group Enhypen as its first global ambassadors.



6. AESPA for Givenchy 

Aespa was recently announced as the ambassadors for Givenchy as a group being one of the first kpop idols as a group to represent a luxury brand. Givenchy is a French luxury fashion brand and perfume maker. It produces haute couture clothing, accessories such as handbags and perfumes under the Parfums Givenchy brand.



7. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo for Dior

ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo is the new ambassador for Dior Beauty. Being the brand ambassador for the luxury brand, Cha Eun Woo is promoting such campaigns for the famous luxurious brands. Dior is known for one of the biggest and famous luxurious brands in line with Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. It is also known for having a unique style of clothings.


8. BLACKPINK Lisa for Celine

BLACKPINKS' Lisa Manoban dazzles in the first-ever video campaign for Celine Haute Parfumerie. Celine's first official brand ambassador under Hedi Slimane's creative direction, Lisa made her debut for the brand on its summer 2022 runway. As Celin’s global ambassador, Lisa is promoting the fashion house on her social media accounts and thru her clothing outfit.



9. NCT Jaehyun for Prada

Jaehyun from the NCT group was appointed as the newest ambassador of Prada. The Italian brand announced this good news through their official social media. It is a great opportunity for him to debut on such a luxurious brand. It is another milestone for Jeong-Jaehyun. Not only a member of one of the most popular South Korean K-Pop boy bands, but he is also now officially the ambassador for the Italian luxury brand, Prada. Jaehyun now joins BLACKPINK’s Lisa Manoban, EXO’s Chanyeol, and Red Velvet’s Irene as ambassadors for the brand.



10. RED VELVET Seulgi for Ferragamo Salvatore

Ferragamo is one of the world's most important and best known 'Made in Italy' luxury brands. It stands for consolidated craftsmanship and creative innovation, two factors of excellence identifying the brand which have developed considerably over the years but are always perfect in keeping with their origins. K-Pop Star Seulgi Is Salvatore Ferragamo's New Global Brand Ambassador. Last year the luxury brand announced on Twitter that Irene would be joining the company as its new Global Brand Ambassador.


11. BLACKPINK Jennie for Calvin Klein

BLACKPINK's Jennie is a fashionista making everything she wears a trend. Her amazing visuals enchants her fans that makes her more famous. She surprised her fans by sharing her photoshoots for Calvin Klein. Jennie once again stealing hearts and bringing up the heat through her campaign photoshoot pics for the underwear brand.



12. BLACKPINK Rosé for Saint Laurent

BLACKPINK'S Rosé is Yves Saint Laurent's global ambassador and she left no stone unturned. She was present at the Paris Fashion Week to attend the show. The famous singer and fashion icon Rosé is taking on a new role with the House of Saint Laurent.



13. WONDER GIRLS Hyuna for Loewe

Hyuna is a famous kpop artist from the iconic group “Wonder Girls”. K-pop singer-songwriter and rapper Hyuna’s recent role as Loewe’s global brand ambassador is surely a match made in heaven. Loewe is one of the world's major luxury houses, founded in 1846 in Spain, and today under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson.



14. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo for Burberry

Cha EunWoo always enchanted us with his beautiful face. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo has joined the English fashion house, Burberry as its newest global ambassador! The fashion company featured its newly selected global ambassador Cha Eun Woo via their official Instagram account. luxury, Burberry, was one of the hottest luxury brands in the fashion industry throughout 2021.


15. BLACKPINK Lisa for Bvlgari BLACKPINK

Liza who is popular for having a lot of endorsements, she’s also known as Bvlgari ambassador. The famous luxurious Italian brand known for its jewellery, watches, fragrances, accessories, and leather goods. They are popularly known for having a good quality of their products.


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