What are the top 10 best outfits worn by Jisoo In 2022?

What are the top 10 best outfits worn by Jisoo In 2022?

As the only member who is yet to debut, we're keeping a close eye on Jisoo. But she's giving us all the eye candy with her looks - it's hard to complain

By: Julianne Babaran 

1. Off duty look in Paris 

Streetwear or high end fashion? We're not sure. Jisoo shares snaps of her in the beautiful streets of Paris. She wore a beige ensemble layered over a black oversized tee. The overalls have a pleated skirt bottom with matching denim jacket, paired with black socks and platform boots. And of course, ever present in all her looks, a pink Dior microbag. 

 2. "falling in 💛"

While still in Paris she dons an off duty look featuring the bright pops of neon yellow against the gloomy background. She wore a beige button up top with a black puffer jacket, a brown block pleated midi skirt with brown socks and doll shoes. Not to mention, the star of the show, the bright yellow micro bag from Dior and the yellow baseball cap. So simple, yet so amazing. It's kind of annoying.  

3. Purple Look from BP's Welcoming Collection 2022

A Welcoming Collection consists of many things, from photo albums, stickers, video content, DVD, etc. This year's collection didn't disappoint and boy did this outfit deliver. The youthful color was brought to life as she channels cute poses. Sporting a lavender long sleeves, dark purple corset top and checkered skirt. Wow and that hair. It's a refreshing break from the pink and a color that definitely suits her.  

Photo Credit : Kpopping 

4. It's the rich girl aesthetic 

Black and white is the staple uniform for any important person - ever. She wore a textured black blazer jacket with white outline designs and bows. Paired with a large leather jacket and of course the star of the whole outfit, best summarized with the caption "With my lady @dior". 

5. Off duty looks

With the caption "🥱💤" She sports a casual outfit featuring a large periwinkle button up, patterned vest, acid wash jeans and loafers. The post contains series of poses from the singer being silly. Perhaps to show the human side of all the glam. But even with simple events, or lack thereof, 1 out of the 4 members bags 7 million likes from the post. 

6. Girlfriend Material Photos 

Ever wondered what it's like to go on a date with the star? On March 11, Jisoo shared photos of her in a garden sporting the most girlfriend style outfit. She wore a printed maxi dress with a white polo button up and large black sandals. What a tease! The photos showed the singer around a beautiful botanical garden posing with different statues and different locations.   

 7. Cartier Event in Madrid, Spain 

We love an LBD moment, for the Cartier Event in Spain, Jisoo wore a tube style dress with a square neckline by ROKH, strappy heels and sleek styling in a low bun hair and simple makeup. The understated look is meant to give attention to the jewels hanging from her neck and ears. The thick twisted necklace matched with the stud earrings with diamond and blue stone detail comes from the brand of the hour. 

8. Outfit Spotlight from Rolling Stone 

 "How can I better influence someone's life through music?". In Jisoo's solo cover, her interview uncovered a lot of burning questions we as fans have, access the interview here. For her cover look, she wore a high low dress with blue color detail and zipper neckline design. It was paired with black boots giving it more zest to the flowy feel of the outfit. 

Photo Credit : Rolling Stone, Jisoo's Solo Cover 

9. City Outfit 

Just a casual post amidst a sea of pose-y ones! Only for the most VIP guests, the luxurious experience of staying at Cheval Blanc Paris is a dream for many. Sooya shares a series of mirror selfies wearing a black knit top with a textured cotton blazer jacket, and gray static pants. Can't forget the Dior satchel bag.  

10. Channeling her inner "Clueless"

Jisoo donns a preppy style outfit wearing a yellow checkered dress for the Dior Show in Paris Fashion Week 2022. There's an obsession from fashion houses to style our girls in preppy/ school girl themes. Anyone take notice? The dress was layered over a white button up featuring a thick black neck tie. Talk about school uniforms, class dismissed! 

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