Your Order Comes With A Custom Unnielooks Bag

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We have launched our custom Unnielooks ziploc bags that will hold your clothes. These bags are made of a soft plastic that will prevent your clothes from being torn or scratched when being shipped out.

EVERY unnielooks order, will come with 1 or many bags, dependent on how many products you have ordered.

Why have we created these custom bags?

1. Prevent Tearing / Damage During Transit

During transit and shipping, we want to keep your clothes and products safe, protected from environment factors. eCommerce products are usually tossed around in trucks and ships during shipment, so to protect the fabric or risk of tearing.

2. For Everyday Use 

The bag is about 40 x 50cm in length, and the amount of volume it can actually hold is quite sizeable. We want our customers to be able to put their clothes, their belongings, towels and maybe even shoes into this bag when they go to the gym, or go for a quick shopping trip. This bag is big and is very versatile because it is has a ziploc top.

Check out a few of the photos of these bags:
fashion chingu unnielooks
fashion chingu
unnielooks packaging
unnielooks clothes  

Start shopping today at unnielooks & receive a complimentary custom ziploc bag for your order!