BLACKPINK Comeback With Their Newest Song “Pink Venom”

BLACKPINK Comeback With Their Newest Song “Pink Venom”




BLACKPINK is back with their newest song “Pink Venom''! Today, August 19, 2020, The Kpop girl group sensation, BLACKPINK released their most awaited comeback after almost 2 years. 



With a strong and attractive beat and sounds from traditional Korean musical instruments, “Pink Venom” is a hip hop song that features BLACKPINK’s amazing talents and fierce and fiery charismatic visuals. Pink Venom acts as a taster for their upcoming album. Its title evokes the supposed duality of their sound, but feels like a direct sequel to earlier drop-style hits like How You Like That and Kill This Love.

The concept is super-B that gives you a jaw dropping performance, when it comes to the chorus part, it's really a masterpiece. Yet again, the song plays the BLACKPINK catchphrase formula to the hilt. 

The first glimpse of the music video gives you goosebumps as BLACKPINK Jisoo is playing the traditional instrument. Their lyrics, beat, costumes and even backdrops are so good. This music video is the most expensive MV that YG Entertainment produced.

The song’s music video features the group performing their signature tightly choreographed dances against a series of futuristic backdrops, while individual members are given the chance to show off their unique styles during each verse. Jennie and Lisa team up for a particularly memorable segment for the second verse and rap part. Rapper Jennie is back with her amazing rapping skills and style with Lisa.

Pink Venom is now trending on YouTube with over 22 million views in just 3 hours after releasing it on their YouTube channel, no wonder why this comeback is one of the best comebacks this year.

Stay tuned for more updates about BLACKPINK’s upcoming performances and events. Keep streaming and support BLACKPINK’s newest song on their YouTube channel.


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