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BLACKPINK Jennie's Calvin Klein Recent Cover Showcased a Fire and Sexy Outfit

Photo credits: Alasdair McLellan

As a Calvin Klein ambassador, Jennie slayed the CK Fall 2022 Campaign with their newest Bonded Flex bikini.

The South Korean K-pop idol is back for another collaboration with one of the biggest American brand, Calvin Klein. Today, CK released her pictorial photos which unveil a sexy side of Jennie.

Although it is not the first time we saw Jennie in a CK bikini, these photos hit differently. She's literally on fire with her Calvin Klein's latest Bonded Flex bralette and underwear. To make it look more bomb, she matched it with a baggy dark washed denim jeans.


Below shows another photo of Jennie released by CK today which hyped the blinks. Here, she wears the bikini alone without the baggy jeans that surely made most blink screamed their lungs out. Jennie is just being herself - sexy and enticing.


Meanwhile, Jennie tends to be Calvin Klein's favorite as they rarely setup more than one billboards. But as what their tweet below, only our Jennie could have two billboards.

 One of which was placed in LA, while the other was put in New York City.


While these photos are already enough to hyped Blinks, Calvin Klein tweet's speaks for something more that we must all look forward to. So, brace yourselves Blinks!



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