BTS Drops Trailers For Their Dalmajung Merch Line: In Celebration For The Upcoming  Chuseok Festival 2022

BTS Drops Trailers For Their Dalmajung Merch Line: In Celebration For The Upcoming Chuseok Festival 2022




In line with the celebration of the upcoming Chuseok Festival 2022. HYBE is releasing the new line of BTS Dalmajung merch this September. Chuseok or hangawi, is one of the biggest holidays in South Korea. It's a time when families gather together to give thanks to their ancestors for an abundant autumn harvest. Sometimes called the Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok is celebrated with good food, wine, and family gatherings. The word Dalmajung can be split into ‘Dal’ and ‘Majung’ to decipher its meaning. ‘Dal’ refers to the moon and ‘Majung’ or ‘Majeong’ means to meet. When put together, it explains the importance of the festival Chuseok, which is also believed to be a ‘thanksgiving’ event.

Many merchandise are being released by HYBE Entertainment, a huge collection around the same time of the year last time. Various official clothing, photocard sets, keyrings, badge sets, hand mirrors, Yut Nori kits, special photo books, binders, etc inspired by the Korean culture were made available on the online Weverse shops for purchase. 

As HYBE Entertainment drops the official and complete trailers of BTS members on BANGTANTV YouTube channel. The seven members slay and look amazing with their Hanbok outfits, a traditional Korean attire worn by old Koreans during their historic era. Hanbok is also usually worn for festivities, against the serene moonlit background.

As always, BTS members Kim Nam Joon, Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and the maknae of the group, Jeon Jungkook never failed us showing their dreamboat visuals that literally took our breaths and skipped our hearts for a second. Their extraordinary beauty with their Hanbok outfits made us crazy over them. The seven together look nothing short of a star-studded cast of a potential K-drama series. The previews depict their enchanting visuals at their glorious best, while the moonlit night compliments the ethereal concept.



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