BTS To Share Their Incredible Talent In The Upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup

BTS To Share Their Incredible Talent In The Upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup





It’s confirmed! BTS is going to participate in the upcoming World Cup 2022 as they release their “FIFA World Cup 2022” theme song. The biggest k-pop sensation is going to share their incredible talent as part of Hyundai’s World Cup collaboration project. As Hyundai’s global brand ambassador, BTS will participate in the said upcoming event. 

The news is also exciting as it follows an initial announcement that the group would be taking a hiatus as a group. However, HYBE Entertainment and the BTS members assured fans that the group is not on hiatus, but rather taking time to focus on solo projects. 

BTS' song collaboration portion of the project is set to be revealed in the second half of the year as the 2022 FIFA World Cup officially starts on November 21st and continues until December 18th. This exciting news made their fans celebrate for another achievement that BTS have. Everyone is excited to hear the newest theme song of the World Cup and wondering if BTS members are going to perform on stage at the upcoming opening ceremony of  2022 FIFA World Cup

Two years ago BTS took the MAMA stage at Seoul World Cup Stadium to perform for their sensational “ON” performance. 

Everyone was hooked on the amazing performance by BTS. Their outfits were majestic, everyone was wearing an all white carnival drummer outfit. A white suit and pants matching with black belt and a pair of white boots. This simple yet elegant outfit set the mood of their performance.



Stay tuned for more updates about BTS!


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