Fourth Generation K-pop Group ITZY Enter Top 10 on Billboard 200 with their new album “Checkmate”

Fourth Generation K-pop Group ITZY Enter Top 10 on Billboard 200 with their new album “Checkmate”



The Fourth Generation Kpop group ITZY debuted at no. 8 on the U.S Billboard 200 album chart with their newest album “Checkmate”. On it’s first week ITZY’s checkmate sold over 33-thousand units. Checkmate is the fifth K-pop girl group album ever to make the top 10, on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart following BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM,” TWICE’s “Taste of Love” and “Formula of Love: O+T=<3,” and can Aespa’s “Girls.” It is their first time entering the top 10 on the Billboard 200, as well as their third entry on the chart overall, following their 2021 albums “GUESS WHO” and “CRAZY IN LOVE”. ITZY’s fifth mini album was released last July 15, 2022. On JYP’s YouTube channel, “SNEAKERS” under the mini album reaches over 78 million views in just 10 days after releasing it. The MV really makes their fans go obsessed with their talent, visuals and outfits. Their outfits give a casual and elegant royalty vibe where all the members of the standout by their beauty. Each member wore different outfits that showed off their uniqueness and individuality. Check them out below for their most perfect outfit. 

Chaeryeong’s Outfit #1

Chaeryeong literally made everyone fall for her great visuals. Wearing her elegant printed dress from Versace Jeans Couture. Chaeryeong literally shows that she’s the so-called “girl-next-door” of the group. She’s stunning in her outfit. 


Chaeryeong’s Outfit #2

Chaeryeong literally stole the attention of her fans with her gorgeous outfit on her second look. She really slays on her waist belt from Fendi.


Chaeryeong’s Outfit #3 

Her third outfit really gives a fun and unique look. Wearing a tulle top from Adidas x Gucci, a pair of Odsy-1000 sneakers from Off-White, and a pair of long cotton socks from Adidas x Gucci. Chaeryeong gives a refreshing aura in their MV.


Yeji’s Outfit #1

Giving a royal aura on her first outfit, Yeji literally amuse everyone with her super fancy Jimmy Choo Scotty mesh pumps.


Yeji’s Outfit #2

Yeji is getting the spotlight because of her swag aura. She’s wearing an emerald green belted double-breasted blazer from Balmain outfit that makes her more classy and gorgeous. 

Yeji’s Outfit #3

On her last and beautiful outfit, Yeji is wearing a Prada’s logo detailed mesh top that matches her look and style. Literally a queen!


Lia’s Outfit #1

Lia is the goddess of the goddesses in her  V-neck silk dress from Michelle Mason and the Super Queen sneakers from Dolce & Gabbana outfit. The elegant and royal gown with a fancy head accessory, Lia stuns out on their MV with her soft and sweet aura. 



Lia’s Outfit #2

Lia’s second outfit is literally jaw dropping, wearing a denim sleeveless mini dress from BALMAIN and a pair of double owl coin earrings from Mama Casar. Lia gives an expensive look on her army green outfit.


Lia’s Outfit #3

While the neon background on, Lia’s third outfit stood out, her pretty abstract triangle elasticated dress from Bottega Veneta. She finished off her girly look with a colorful pair of sneakers from ASICS. 


Yuna’s Outfit #1

Everyone always wears fancy high heels on fancy gowns, but Yuna proves that sneakers can be fit with a fancy gown. Yuna really looks marvelous on her first outfit when she styled her fancy gown with a pair of Portofino embroidered detail sneakers by Dolce & Gabbana. 

Yuna Outfit #2

Yuna never failed us with her great visuals and fashion style. She opted for a cropped ruched satin top from SACAI and an eyelet mini skirt from Dion Lee.


Yuna Outfit #3

ITZY Yuna is wearing a green jumpsuit from Adidas x Gucci as her third outfit for the MV. She gives a fresh and simple look with her blonde hair. She never failed to captivate her fans' attention with her beauty.

Ryujin’s Outfit #1 

Last but certainly not the least, Ryujin was extremely elegant in her outfit. She’s wearing a puff long sleeve and black pants, simple yet elegant look. that featured Miu Miu’s floral-embellished shirt and Gucci’s Outstanding chain sunglasses. Ryujin shows off her unique visuals and talent in their newest music video. 

Ryujin Outfit #2

Ryujin gives us chills with her perfect outfit.wearing a green jumpsuit Ryujin also stands out with her great visual and dancing skills.


Ryujin Outfit #3

Her third outfit is a simple feminine look where Ryujin wears a Vinyl Reedition jacket from COURREGES, a black mini skirt from HYEIN SEO, and a pair of Space sneakers from DOLCE & GABBANA. What a perfect combination right?

ITZY will continue to make more songs and continue to impress all their fans. Stay tuned and wait for their upcoming announcements.



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