GOT7 Jay B Had His Recent Sexy Photoshoot with Vogue

GOT7 Jay B Had His Recent Sexy Photoshoot with Vogue

All photo credits: VOGUE KOREA

GOT7 JAY B wrecked Ahghases bias list with his latest sexy Vogue photoshoot.

The leader of the popular South Korean group, GOT 7 shocked everyone with his recent photoshoot with Vogue for the September 2022 issue. While his latest  Vogue shoot is comprised of mysterious concepts just like the photos below, he definitely wants to surprise everyone by serving us a look we never expected but surely Ahghases had hoped for.

Currently, Ahghases are catching their breaths as Vogue released his photos of him shirtless and with tattoos on August 24. Although he previously mentioned that he won’t get tattoos, these photos would likely push him to get one especially when he looks hot as the sun. But, if not then let’s take our time saving these photos so we could treasure his sexy and mighty fine look with tattoos.

Hold back, or let’s say get an oxygen as the following photos would really make you out of breath. Surely, Ahghases are probably beyond grateful to Vogue Korea for sharing these photos of Jay B in a bath tub, soaking in the water.

Oh we forgot to tell, he's shirtless and oh my gosh he definitely looks sexier than ever. The tattoos aren’t only ubercool, but also made him look more enticing. Surely, right now your bias list is being wrecked or probably betrayed your real bias. But no worries, that would stay within the two of us.

Now, who says fashion needs clothes when Jay B himself proved everyone that shirtless looks also slay? In truth, they’re far better, kidding aside. But, currently the fans went crazy as they shared their thoughts with Jay B’s Vogue shoot.

Well, we agree with the fans and we can’t blame them for unleashing their crazy sides and thoughts. Check out this article for the complete fashion breakdown in the aforementioned photoshoot.

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