TWICE Reveals Their Official Track List For The Upcoming Mini Album

TWICE Reveals Their Official Track List For The Upcoming Mini Album





Korean pop sensation “TWICE” is excited to announce their new upcoming mini album and the release of their newest song “ Talk that Talk” on August 26. Since TWICE renewed their contract on JYP Entertainment lot’s of fans are so happy and excited to see more projects for their favorite kpop girl group. On JYP Entertainment Twitter account they dropped TWICE’s upcoming new mini album, BETWEEN 1&2, track list online.

The track list shows that the title track will be “Talk that Talk” along with the B-sides, “Queen of Hearts”, “Basics”, “Trouble”, “Brave”, “Gone” and “ When We Were Kids”. This album will be TWICE’s 11th mini album after they debuted in October 2015.

Everyone is expecting a new look TWICE members with their fancy and outstanding outfits. On their “BETWEEN 1&2” poster they revealed their fashionable outfits and styles that definitely made you for them but it’s still a mystery what kind of outfit style they are going to wear, but first let’s just try to describe each members’ outfit on their released poster.



TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon, with her braided blond hair she’s wearing a black tube top with a big pink ribbon on top that gives a feminine aura. 

TWICE Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon on the other hand is wearing a checkered purple and black blouse that matched her indigo hair color. This blouse makes her more attractive.


 Momo is back with her fushia pink cold shoulder sleeve top with her new hair color. 


Sana is wearing a yellow puff top and knitted coat with yellow ribbon on her hair 


Jihyo never fails to impress us, with her new look and outfit she really stands out! Her outfit on their new teaser photo is so refreshing, wearing a white & blue green tank top jihyo is giving us excitement on their upcoming new album.



Mina is wearing an almost famous 70s faux fur coat with a Chanel hair clip.

TWICE Dahyun

Dahyeon is wearing a green long sleeve top cut out chest. Giving a simple look to Dahyun, it’s a great outfit for everyday look.

TWICE Chaeyoung 

Chaeyoung's doll look gives us a unique aura, she’s wearing checkered long sleeves with her hairstyle.


Tzuyu on her new look! Tzuyu definitely will give you a jaw dropping look on their new era. Tzuyu on her new haircut plus her striped tank top is a perfection. 

Between 1&2 will drop on Friday, August 26, at 1 p.m. KST.  Stay tuned and wait for their announcements for their other projects.

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