10 Korean Fashion Store That Ship to Germany

10 Korean Fashion Store That Ship to Germany

Do you want to feel like you’re in South Korea even if you’re in Germany? Do you want to dress like Koreans?

Korean Fashion is now influencing the world. Many people are hooked on wearing the latest fashion trend. If you’re reading this blog you are more likely in Germany who wants to know where to buy good Korean clothing and accessories online and yes! You can buy Korean clothes from Korea or even get inspired by Korea's fashion style online.

These days most people are choosing to buy all they want online because it’s more convenient, that’s  why some Korean fashion stores launched their own online store for their foreign customers. If you want to find out where you can buy them, keep reading this blog.

1. Yesstyle

Yesstyle is a popular Korean online store that also ships in Germany. They have lots of clothing choices that will satisfy your taste in fashion. It was founded in 2006 and is known as one of the best online clothing stores in the world when it comes to Korean Fashion. Yesstyle doesn’t only have a Korean category. They are also for Japanese fashion. For anyone who is a big fan of cosplaying this store is for you. They also offer good quality clothing and affordable prices. You can pay with PayPal, a credit card, or an instant transfer. It has standard shipping that can take 7 to 30 days.



2. Krendly

Krendly is a wide variety of clothes coming from other Korean stores online. The good thing about choosing this store is it will be convenient for you to pick the clothing you would like. You can find all the products in one place rather than going and searching for multiple online sites. The good thing is you can put your country on the filter of this app so you will see what items are only available to deliver to your house. 



3. Stylenanda

Stylenanda gives the aura of being young, chic and fresh by their clothing items.Stylenanda is slightly costly but the quality of the clothes are super B! This shop is also great for you if you’re looking for coats. They offer a free shipping fee if you purchase over $200. There are also some physical stores not only in South Korea like Australia, Thailand and Singapore. Stylenanda is also popular for selling cosmetics, so if you’re planning to visit South Korea you must put this store on your bucket list.




4. Chuu

Chuu is one of the most convenient and affordable Korean online shops. Chuu also has a cute and aesthetic store we’re all the items are well organized and easy-to-use. Chuu only has clothings for women so if you want to buy yourself or if you want to buy your girlfriend who’s a big fan of Korean outfits this shop is for you. Every item is affordable and easy to check out!




5. Kooding

Kooding is one of the best Korean fashion online stores, they have everything you’re looking for, from tops and pants to some attractive accessories. This shop has a unique and extraordinary style. It is also easy to navigate and see what catalog you should choose. 



6. Gmarket

Gmarket is the largest Korean online shopping mall. It has an amazing range of products, basically anything you can think of, and prices are usually the lowest since it’s so popular that there are many sellers selling the same items and fighting for customers. The good thing about this online store is you can change the shipping location and the currency price will appear based on your country.




7. 66Girls

66Girls is a Korean Fashion brand that also ships in Germany. If you love wearing swag and fashionable clothes, This store is for you! 66girls is a clothing brand that offers nice and affordable clothings. It is one of the top-runner online store in South Korea. 



8. Mixxmix

Get your Korean fashion look at Mixxmix! As they ship abroad. Mixxmix has a cool and awesome street fashion style. From their clothes and accessories. Don’t worry about the prices because they offer affordable and high quality items for you.




9. Sthsweet

is a popular online store among women when it comes to low-cost Korean brands like Icecream12, Chuu, MOCO etc. So if you’re looking for something affordable this shop is for you!




10. W Concept

W Concept is a top online Korean store that has many independent designer brands. Their items are always on trend so I recommend this store for you if you want to have a Korean outfit with a designer brand. They are most known for their most-wanted oversize blazers, but they also have the cutest wearable trend pieces and enhanced wardrobe necessities. Free shipping is also available on others for over $99.




These are some online Korean stores that ship in Germany. What are you waiting for? Go to their store and start adding the items all you want on your cart! 

Just make sure to know your body measurement so you won’t have any problems about your purchased item. You can also ask them for the sizes of the outfits.

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