Aespa Ningning: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Aespa Ningning: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Aespa Ningning: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)
Ning Yi Zhuo ( 宁艺卓 ), also known by her stage name Ningning (닝닝 ), is a South Korean girl group aespa's Chinese member under SM Entertainment.


Stage Name

Ningning (닝닝 )

Birth Name

Ning Yi Zhuo (宁艺卓/寧藝卓) (Chinese)
Jeo Ye Tak/Nyeong Ye Tak (저예탁/녕예탁) (Korean)

Birth Place

Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

Birth Date

October 23, 2002 


161.5 cm (5'4")


44 kg (97 lbs)

Blood Type


Zodiac Sign







Main Vocalist Maknae

Years Active



S.M. Entertainment (2016-present)

Associated acts

S.M. Rookies

Early Life

NingNing was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China as Ning Yi Zhuo. Heilongjiang is China's most northerly province, bordering Russia. Her father is a mechanical engineer, while her mother is a vocalist. She has no siblings and is a Horse in the Chinese Zodiac. Vivian Ning is her English name. She grew up listening to NCT and is a huge admirer.


Pre-debut: S.M. Rookies

Ningning appeared on China's Got Talent Season 2 in March 2011, China's New Sound Generation in July 2015, and the Harbin Silver Valley Fuxing Concert playing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" on October 10, 2015. An SM Entertainment staff member approached Ningning after seeing a video of her performance in 2016. She was introduced as a member of S.M. on September 19, 2016. S.M. manages the Rookies, a pre-debut trainees team. Entertainment. She appeared on Rookies Princess: Who's the Best? as part of it. In 2016, he recorded a part for the show My SMT, and in 2017, he recorded many covers for the Korean animated TV show Shining Star.


aespa debut: 2020

During a press conference on October 28, 2020, a video showing Aespa's final lineup revealed Ningning to be a member. SM Entertainment formally revealed Ningning the following day. Aespa's third member is entertainment.




Ningning Facts

- Ningning was born in Harbin, China.
- The shortest members are Winter and NingNing.
- Her forte is singing.
- Her pastime is cooking.
- She is fluent in Chinese and Korean.
- Art is her favorite subject.
- She prefers the colors red, purple, yellow, and pink.
- She enjoys dolls.
Watermelon and strawberries are her favorite fruits.
- NCT is her favorite band.
- She knows how to play the piano.
- When she was younger, she wanted to be a painter.
- In China, she was a member of the "Let's Sing Kids" group.
NINGNING wore braces.
- She favors dark hair.
- Coca-Cola and orange juice are her favorite beverages.
- Mulan is her favorite Disney princess.
- She desires to own a dog.
Cherry Bomb, Peek-A-Boo, Black Suit, and Holiday are her favorite SM songs.
- Aside from SM, her favorite song is "As if It's Your Last" by Blackpink.
- Jennie is her favorite member of BLACKPINK.
- She like scary films.
- Her given name means "Powerful."
- She had four years of training.
- Her preferred music genres include pop, hip-hop, and R&B.
- She wishes to work with Taeyeon of Girls' Generation (SNSD).
- NINGNING's voice is husky.
- She appeared on the Chinese reality show "Music Honors Student ()".
- NINGNING appeared in MBC's "Shining Star" on October 16, 2017.
- She joined SM Rookies in 2016, after becoming an SM trainee in 2016.
- On September 19, 2016, she was announced as an SM Rookies.
- She has a tendency to be really loud.
- She is a big fan of twisted Korean doughnuts.
- Spring is her favorite season.
- Tigers and cats are her favorite animals.
- Prok back-bone stew, sundae soup, and hot pot are NINGNING's favorite dishes.
- Titanic is her favorite film.
- Her initial impression of Winter is that she resembles a little hamster.
- NINGNING's first impression of Karina is that she has a long neck.
- Her first impression of Giselle is that she has long legs.
- In the cold, she preferred iced Americano to hot Americano.
- For ttangsuyuk, she preferred dipping sauce over pouring sauce.
NINGNING like mint chocolate.
She enjoys pineapple pizza.
- She would never choose migraine above tooth pain again.
- NINGNING selected air conditioning in the winter over a heater in the summer.
- She preferred jelly kimchi stew to chocolate bibimbap.
- She preferred melted ice cream to a fizzy drink with no bubbles.
- he ranked 38th in the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021 (TC Candler).
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