aespa's Outfit in YSL Beauté Event 2022

aespa's Outfit in YSL Beauté Event 2022

Photo credits: Asia Today

aespa's wows the public as they showed up looking sleek in the beauté event of Yves Saint Laurent "YSL". 

The South Korean girl group aespa never fails to capture various big fashion labels like Eider and Givenchy, as well as skin product brands like Mediheal and Clio. Their visuals are surely out of the world, hence they continue to garnered massive attention from not only the crowd but also big fashion labels.

Recently, aespa was invited to YSL Beauté event together with Kai from EXO, Lovelyz's Jiae, Wi Hajoon, Meenoi, Wonjae and many more. The event was exclusive to limited guest only, hence it's worth flaunting that our girls was chosen by YSL. 

Meanwhile, aespa themselves stole the event's spotlight in their all black ensemble that best accentuated their fair complexion, slim frame, and ethereal visuals. In fact, their look even dominated Twitter as fans were captivated with their dazzling styles.

That being said, Unnielooks features a complete breakdown of their YSL event outfit which could serve as one of your guide in playing your fashion game.

Photo credits: Single List via Twitter

Karina's Outfit

Karina hyped the fans with her new look for YSL's event, and her all-black ensemble definitely helped her. Here, she opted to pull a modern formal office attire, touched up with a chic twist. Specifically, she had worn a Moon Choi overlapped lapel collar with open back design, paired with a buttoned waist pouch trousers. To finish her sleek look, she pulled a stiletto black shoes that gave her an extra inch of height.

Photo credits: TV REPORT

Photo credits: TV Daily

But what wowed the fans are her new hairstyle and makeup. Here, she completed the look with a low-ponytail hairstyle with a side swept bangs to show off her V-line more. Meanwhile, the coral makeup look was just enough to keep her natural charms.

Photo credits: mydaily

Photo credits: Dispatch

Giselle's Outfit

Giselle pulled an IvanaHelsinki long tweed jacket, which she had worn as a dress due to its versatility, giving her expensive and feminine feels. But to complete the feminine gait, she paired it with a black stiletto shoes which also cheated her height. In adding extra details, she accessorized her outfit with floral cross ring and mahalia ring from Chrome hearts.

Photo credits: mydaily

Photo credits: SINGLE LIST

Also, she styled a low-ponytail with her bangs in-front which gave her a more cute look. Meanwhile, she also throwed a simple makeup look and a cat-eye wing is essential in highlighting her eyes.

Photo credits: iMBC

Winter's Outfit

Winter looked stunning in her black ribbon dress from Zara. The perfect silhouette of the dress accentuated her slim body frame that not speaks for sexy vibe.

Photo credits: Ajunews

Photo credits: mydaily

While she only pulled a simple ponytail hairstyle, the shade of black highlighted her hair's color more, giving her a goddess aura.  Also, she finished the fit with a stiletto shoes that matches Giselle's and Karina's footwear. In addition, just like the previous members, she also opted for a coral simple look to highlight her natural beauty.

Photo credits: OSEN

Ningning's Outfit

Ningning put the YSL beauty event on fire by wearing a black spaghetti strap micro-mini dress embellished with lace design. Meanwhile, she left her hair down and her bangs in front, giving her a fierce doll look. Also, she pulled a strap stiletto shoes to finished her sexy chic style.

Photo credits: OSEN

Photo credits: topstarnews

Photo credits: iMBC

In truth, Ningning might had YSL's attention with her all black chic ensemble as YSL commented on one of the Instagram fan account of her. This probably sounds for a contract with the luxurious brand.

To witness their stunning visuals more, watch the video released by Cosmopolitan Korea a couple of hours ago. It featured aespa's attendance at YSL beauté event. 



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