All BLACKPINK's Outfit In 'Shut Down' Performance At Jimmy Kimmel Live & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All BLACKPINK's Outfit In 'Shut Down' Performance At Jimmy Kimmel Live & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photo credits to: Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube

BLACKPINK In Your Area! As One Of The Hottest Kpop Group Performs On Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Promoting 'Shut Down' in the US, it is a great idea and opportunity layed down as BLACKPINK is back on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Their last performance was during Lovesick Girl's era and they did an interview with the Pinks. They are undeniably irresistible in the music industry.

Boosting their influence again before starting the world tour that would be starting in the following months. Hence the preparation and the left-and-right schedules of these girls. 

BLACKPINK will always make people astonished from just being simple and sometimes iconic with their extravagant plus glamorous high fashion. From being K-Pop idols and debuted as a group, they are perfect in any angle.

With the recent comeback of BLACKPINK, many are in awe and even follow their styles in their music videos and also the dance practice. Performing live on Jimmy Kimmel, each member is applauded. Their outfits are nonetheless gorgeous and unmatched, timeless for everyone.

The versatility of these four fascinating women in the whole industry of music through their outfits and how they carry the style with them is so envious to consider! Every time you see them, it'll be hard to say they're not attractive at all because they are! 




The lead vocalist and the visual of the group is indeed a pleasure to see every time she performs! With Jisoo's natural Korean face and the vigorous outfit of a retro sleeveless dress paired with below-the-knee boots! What a sight! She really brings out the best even if the outfit is simple, she makes it beautiful. The wavy hair added her features more appealing. Her small details with her necklaces are a vibe! Her appearance was never unsettling, she's always the light and heaven of what to see in her.



The main rapper, lead vocalist and dancer of the group, the trendsetter, Jennie knows how to showcase her undying beauty with a see-through asymmetric top and a flurry hem of a waist jeans short. Sexy and gorgeous! Do not have much accessories yet she keeps slaying on these outfits, truly the IT girl! Plus Jennie's straight hair gives a neat, confident and classy aura. Her cat eyes are attractive that could pull you to her and make her your bias! Jennie has body goals, her pictorials and shoots are the living proof, she's the living proof.



The blonde girl, now an almost gingerhead! Rosé, the one who doesn't come to play, with a rockstar vibe of her trimmed short hair matched the fitted cropped top that has long sleeves with printed '92' on it, just wow! And how the high-waisted skirt hugged her curves with the rockstar-like belt. Her high knee boots were on point! The cross necklaces added the cool and swag aura on her. Dope! Sure, Rosé is always seen with black and dark color outfits, it is rare to see her in performance with those hues, since she has the vibe of an angel, she could be the death of people with her beauty.


Youngest and well-known for her iconic cool styles but in this performance, she slayed stage with her red leather midi skirt, her black and white cropped top parading her slim waist. The small details like the red wrist glove, the necklace and earrings! Funny how these go together well in pairings. Her long black hair, full bangs, they are back again! The ankle boots really complements her whole look. Lisa dresses sexily once in a blue moon, she often goes with the looks of baggy style and boyish, but when she does wear sexy outfits, it will be a head turner! 


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