All Of BLACKPINK Jennie Kim's Outfits In 'Solo'

All Of BLACKPINK Jennie Kim's Outfits In 'Solo'

When Jennie sings "I'm going Solo", she means it literally. There is no time to waste on useless love and she's leaving in style. 

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

Starring as the first solo debut member, (no pun intended) the stakes were high in seeing how the track will be received. But alas, the group's main rapper set the standard super high. The song expresses leaving behind unfruitful love. Going solo may be sometimes be the best thing one can do if all options are exhausted and it seems that is the main message the singer wants to convey. 

As a fashion icon herself, no outfits were left to fail and it shows. Read more to see all the outfits Jennie wore. 

Look 1: Opening the scene in style and to set the mood, Jennie wore a dark indigo halter ruffle dress that features a white lace design by the collar. 

Look 2: Perfectly capturing what most of look like in Saturday mornings, she wore an oversized white tee with high but socks and a dusty fur coat. 

Look 3: If this isn't the cutest pink washed picture of Jennie we don't know what is! She wears a white knitted pullover with a distressed cut out by the shoulder paired with pink fishnet stockings and high cut socks. 

Look 4: This is technically the remixed version of the previous scene but it still kills. She's wearing a thick knitted pullover with multi colored knit design. 

Look 5: We all know what happens to this dress but a couple seconds is enough to see it's beauty. She's wearing a white textured dress with lace up detail and frills, too bad she throws it in the laundry immediately after. 

Look 6: Underneath the frill dress she wore a black one piece from the opulent power house and she spits bars building up to the chorus. 

Look 7: Looking like a fierce dumpling, she wore a structured denim button up top with a wide neckline and dramatic collar, the top was paired with jeweled fishnet stocking and an elaborate jewel necklace. 

Look 8: In a satisfying view, in this scene she wore a heavily sequined teal dress as she sits almost floating above the pool. 

Look 9: Independent and in style, she wears an elaborate floral chiffon dress with multi layers of ruffle with an asymmetrical shoulder design. 

Look 10: Pop explosion during the chorus she wore a series of outfits starting with this multi colored ombre dress with hanging jewel design.

Look 11: In cinematic shift almost straight out of a book, she wore an this dusty almost tea colored dress that features a flowy design, a deep cowl neckline and a fitted long sleeve. 

Look 12: In an explosive dimension to show the foreshadowing of being free, she wears a floral high low style gown behind a glowing carousel. 

Look 13: Catching this scene cause it's so underrated, she wore a high neckline A line dress in mustard yellow as she frolics around the garden of her mansion. What a vibe.  

Look 14: Left alone at the after party, Jennie wears a pink structured button up cropped top with dramatic puff sleeves and wide leg denim pants. Can't help but think she's not the loser in this situation. 

Look 15: Caught ya! She wears a plain black tube top with a matching gray and pink cheetah print hat and cardigan. 

Look 16: Having second thoughts about the bike. In this scene she wears a studded and chained biker leather jacket with plain black pants and high platform boots. 

Look 17: In an outfit that captures 'innocent and delicate' so well, here she wore an oversized tee with a black bustier cropped top featuring an angel wing accessory. 

Look 18: In a quick flash she becomes 'guilty and untouchable' she wore a bold red gown with sparkling red boots. 

Look 19: It's confusing how some people can forget this scene, but dancing through the city, Jennie wore a white bralette cropped top with black and white graphic printed shorts, distressed stocking and combat boots. 

Look 20: Basically all our faces when we read a text full of lies, here Jennie wears a baby blue baby tee layered under a velvet blue tank top. 

Look 21: This is probably the closest we can get to actor Jennie, here she wears a white eyelet dress with a puff sleeves paired with an oversized leather jacket. 

Look 22: And lastly, an iconic performance deserves no let an an iconic fit. She wears an red and black bustier top over a buttoned down polo shirt paired with black pants and an independent attitude. 


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