All Of BLACKPINK Lisa's Outfits In 'LALISA'

All Of BLACKPINK Lisa's Outfits In 'LALISA'

Mainly an ode to herself, her roots, and the BLACKPINK members Lisa sings and raps her heart out in 'Lalisa'.

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit : YG Entertainment

The Thai born singer, most commonly known as one of BLACKPINK's members, Lisa just had her solo debut and there's a lot to unpack to say the least. With the hook having her name in repetition, it might leave a sour taste on people's impression, the singer shares it was one of the producer's ideas. Hesitant at first, she gave it a listen and it turned out to be a masterpiece. Looking at the lyrics closely might leave some fans questioning but the undeniable beat and the sweet ode to her roots by having some 'Thai traditional music' culminated in a wildly successful debut. 

Read more to see what she wore as she danced and rapped in her solo debut!  

Look #1 Making a dramatic and not even sparing a look, Lisa walks in a dramatic black sequined and tulle ruffled gown. True show of "You know just from looking at my back". 

Look #2 In a more fitting attire, she wears a graphic blazer top and skirt set. The top features a shoulder padded blazer with bold graphic prints similar to the mini skirt.

Look #3 Even in the dark the light shines pink.. She wears a structured avant-garde structured top. If you caught it, the top is paired with a wide leg jeweled pants.  

Look #4 Who can forget this look when she showed the K-pop community just how pop dances are done? She wore an all gray ensemble, with the top having layered puff design on the sleeves, the iconic knee high sock boots and beanie with her name in all caps. 

Look #5 It was hard to catch a glimpse of her when she's racing in split seconds, but in this desert scene she wore a graphic black cropped top with wide leg sequin pants, and all the high end edgy biker accessories.  

Look #6 Desert Rose in a form of pops of red. Lisa wears a bold patterned set with race car patterns on the skirt and colored top and laced up knee high boots for shoes. 

Look #7 Polisa in the house! This joke is old but still so good! She wears a tight white button up with an oversized tux, office pants and stilettoes as she storms in the room. 

Look #8 'I'm the hottest, okay?!'. In a mesmerizing pole dance scene, her dance versatility increased by a ten fold. She wore a ruffled, mesh and sequin corset top black shorts as she spits bars.  

Look #9 Cute and playful Lalisa playing in the park. Not! This girl is the definition of sass. She wore a plain bralette top with an elaborate designed cropped blazer, denim shorts and hot pink stilettoes. 

Look #10 Queen Lalisa summons us 'Say, "Lalisa", love me, "Lalisa", love me'. And we do! In this scene almost covered in gold, she wore a light gold custom set with traditional headdress, gold nails and accessories. 


Look #11 Going for the throat, the singer wore a black corset top with gold traditional inspired design, and metallic bangle skirt. 

Look #12 This is giving 'She is the moment' vibes. In a split second the singer donned this all gold ensemble featuring a Thai traditional inspired wear with gold metal detail from the headdress down to the dress. 

Look #13 In an energetic and movement encouraging outfit, it's hard to keep still especially in this number. She wore an all black ensemble layered under this black tasseled vest with hanging detail. 

Look #14 Going full out, she wore a sparkled bralette crop top with high waisted star white jeweled pants. The elements not to be missed, her full bangs wig, boots, sparkle, face!


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I like This dress


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