All of BLACKPINK’s Outfits in ‘Ddu-du ddu-du’ (뚜두뚜두) MV

All of BLACKPINK’s Outfits in ‘Ddu-du ddu-du’ (뚜두뚜두) MV

For a powerful song like ‘Ddu-du ddu-du’ the glamour of their looks will forever be iconic.

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit : YG Entertainment  

As part of the 1 billion view music videos BLACKPINK has under their belt, D4 is a household song amongst K-pop fans. It's powerful beat drops, and energetic rap is a staple in all our hype playlists. The music video was sensory overload with colors, looks and sets that treated all our anticipations. 

Read more to see what they wore in the legendary mv. 


Look #1 With big money moves Lisa looks like a boss in this fitted laced up maxi dress. 

Look #2 Against this backdrop, her all white ensemble looks like its glowing, especially when paired with her white studded stilettoes. 

Look #3 It's not a BLACKPINK  MV without pink. In this scene she's decked out in a matching pink blazer and pants, pink gloves and spandex sock boots. 

Look #4 She can make anything look like a million bucks! In this scene she wears a button up tube mini dress, varsity style bomber jacket and denim knee high boots. 

Look #5 Flashed really quickly, she wore a cropped sequined top with neon bottoms while spreading color powder to set the tone. 

Look #6 Nothing is beats pink with sparkles, and this look served just that. Sporting a graphic cropped tee topped with an oversized blazer, and of course the glitter shorts with matching sparkling knee high boots. 

Look #7 Highlighting her long legs, Lisa wears a button up wide leg flare pants and a racer pattern cropped top. 

Look #8 Powerful scenes only deserve powerful fits. Main piece consists of a graphic print on the wide leg pants, and structured cropped vest top. 


Look #9 Finishing on a high note, she donned this black number with dramatic puff long sleeve dress. 


Look #1 With a cold expression, Jisoo looks like a million dollars, wearing a metallic printed blouse and bold gold earrings. 

Look #2 Like a scene from a movie, she dons this textured sparkly gown with attitude. The look is accessorized with lace gloves and a thick belt to cinch it all in.  

Look #3 In this scene, we get a glimpse of actress Jisoo. Wearing a graphic cut out dress with a black and white graphic paired with acrylic platform heels and leg accessory. 

Look #4 Dolled up for this scene, Jisoo wears an sequined jumpsuit with white collar and lace gloves. 

Look #5 Incorporating pink, she wears a pink mini skirt with a printed bell sleeved blouse and knee high velvet boots. 

Look #6 Not everyone can pull of this look, from the hypnotizing racer skirt matched with pink flowy blouse and white platform boots.  


Look #1 Fit for her angelic vocals, Rose wore this body hugging silk gown with gem detail. It was paired with a satin cape for dramatic effect.  

Look #2 Only seeing a glimpse, she wore a black number textured dress with sparkle design. 
Look #3 We love ruffle! She wore this romantic multi layered ruffle dress with red outline. The off the shoulder piece was finished off with strappy stilettoes. 

Look #4 In this scene, she's wearing a whispy black tulle dress with a statement diamond necklace and floral printed knee high boots. 

Look #5 For this dance scene she wore a bold printed dress with shoulder pads and racer patterned combat boots. 

Look #6 Although the it may look simple, it still packs a punch. She wears a sequined top with fur tassel on the sleeve. The top is matched with a white belt and shorts set. 

Look #7 This red hair and pink set combo is so underrated. She wore a latex pink shorts, and asymmetrical pink top and a belt accessory that add flare to the silhouette.  

Look #8 This number for sure deserved more screen time. She wears a crochet dress in elaborate design and detail in a bold red color. 


Look #1 Something's telling us this look is impossible to recreate. This show stopping dress featured summer colors with laced up detail by the waist to define the figure and create a complimenting silhouette. 

Look #2 This look must've come straight from a boutique. She donned this elegant chiffon blouse with frill detail by the sleeve and neck outline. It was complemented by a crocheted piece and laced gloved for a romantic touch. 

Look #3 When it comes to iconic outfits, don't sleep on this set! She wore a cropped knitted long sleeve with a bustier design. The all white ensemble was paired with white shorts, white booties and high cut socks and a head turning stark white hat.  
Look #4 Rockin' the boss look, she wore an off the shoulder top with ruffled detail, it was paired with black skinny jeans and a chunky belt. Lastly, peep the high cut combat platform boots. 

Look #5 In this formal shot, she wore a plaid pattern blazer with a solid red tank and a statement necklace. 

Look #6 We are living for the cohesiveness in this look! In a full silver sequined top with puff shoulder detail the bottoms were a neutral plain white shorts, with a silver belt accessory. Final details came in jeweled leg stockings and mint latex boot socks. 

Look #7 On the topic of high impact, look no further than Jennie's pants. The powerful scene had her in this loose pants with neon print, combat boots with white lace and it features the moon top scene in the previous scene. 

Look #8 In moon patterned set, the look was layered with a velvet skirt with slit, suede heels and a button sleeve to neck accessory. 
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