All of BLACKPINK’s Outfits in ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV

All of BLACKPINK’s Outfits in ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV

As one of their latest songs, this is also the latest fashion and style we see from them. It only gets better every time, and the Lovesick Girls MV surely set the standard. 

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

As the main track for their latest album, there is definitely more attention to this special song. The pop song explosion has a comforting beat with more to it than it seems. Realizing the toxicity that comes with love, it's hard to figure out what one should do about it. 

Looking for love despite being lovesick is no problem especially when it's done with style. Read more to see what they rocked in the MV to catch a glimpse on their latest style. 


Look #1 With candy colored skies, Rose rocked a white crocheted top with a beige cable knit cardigan it was layered with a rough cut denim vest.  

Look #2 Playful and eventful scenes, Rose sported a checkered print autumn palette set. The long sleeve knitted top button up had a mini skirt pair with an asymmetrical bunching style. 

Look #3 In lieu of the 'lovesick theme', she sports a an orange ruffled tulle skirt matched with a distressed graphic tee and a biker leather jacket. 

Look #4 In the main dance scene, Rose has a grunge edge, she sports an oversized graphic tee with a thick belt to cinch in the waist, the look also features chain accessories. 

Look #5 As the epitome of our inner conflict, Rose showed us just how intense it can feel. In this scene she wore an oversized graphic tee, paired with a pastel yellow tulle skirt with a cropped and distressed cardigan.


Look #1 In ideal scene from a movie, Jennie wears a cropped top with a white and red gingham pattern, the top has a bustier style with stretchable sleeves. The top is matched with ruffle denim skirt with outline stitching detail. 

Look #2 Jennie's main look outfit brought chic and sass together, she donned a cropped black tank with a dark colored animal print, denim shorts and purple mesh stockings and black high cut cow boots. 

Look #3 In a quick switch, with a blank expression, she matched her cozy outfit so well! She wore an oversized textured sweater dress with matching knee high socks. 

Look #4 Another switch to a badass theme, she rocks a black top with denim shorts, knitted leg accessory and a pinstriped oversized blazer. 

Look #5 We live for an all denim look. In this all denim ensemble, she sports a high cut printed denim cropped top, with denim shorts and a denim accessory for shape and illusion attached to the top.  


Look #1 In the most badass outfit in the whole MV, Lisa takes top spot. She rocked a high cut bustier cropped top, leather jacket decked out in neon design, denim shorts and high cut snake print boots with hot pink accent. 

Look #2 Is there an outfit she doesn't look great in? We highly doubt it. Main dancer did not disappoint, she wears a cropped halter top with a statement leather belt design and an oversized striped cardigan. 


Look #3  Although it would be impossible to choose, this has to be one of our faves! She donned a distressed graphic dress with a stunning jeweled bralette accessory and a bell-sleeved dark wash denim jacket. 

Look #4 In a sun kissed scene like straight out of a movie, she wore a see through checkered polo, layered under a bustier structured printed vest.

Look #5 Wishing we freeze this moment in time, the happy scenes are stained forever. She fore a fairy cut cropped top with a green checkered style cropped blazer. The star of the show is the bright studded jeans with reflected and high shine beads. 


Look #1 We wish we saw a closer look at this, but it still looks beautiful from a far! She wore pastel yellow dress with a light bunching an the side to create a cinched effect. 

Look #2 Looking just like Belle, but in a different version of the dress, she wears a romantic off the shoulder puff dress, this one is styled with a thick belt. 

Look #3 Her main dance outfit also kills, she wears a distressed tee with black shorts, layered under an acid wash style bustier dress with laced up knee high boots. 

Look #4 Jisoo truly captured running away from toxic love in this shot, she wore a fitted baby tee cropped top, dark wash checkered flannel, and a printed ruffled skirt with fishnet stockings. 

Look #5 Perfect for a picnic date, Jisoo wears a baby pink chiffon blouse with frills design by the neckline, the top features bell sleeves with elastic ends. 

Look #6 For the main dance scene, she also styles some denim. Wearing a pinstriped vest and puff long sleeves with pleated denim skirt and purple mesh stockings. 

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