All Of BLACKPINK's Jennie Outfits for Vogue Korea - February 2023 Issue

All Of BLACKPINK's Jennie Outfits for Vogue Korea - February 2023 Issue

BLACKPINK's JENNIE Has Graced The Cover Of Vogue Korea That Showed Off A Surprising Appearance!

Vogue Korea, a fashion magazine, released a pictorial of Jennie, who appeared a cover model of February issue, with the message, "The most contemporary, more shining, still infinite, one and only Jennie".

In the pictorial, Jenny only wore jewelry with her upper body exposed and showed off her sensuality. In another photo shoot, she wore a black dress and showed her sexy back.

In addition, Jennies pictorial, which gave off a dreamy look while lying on the floor, drew admiration.

In particular, the jewelries worn by Jennie is worth tens of millions of won, and the products worn in the pictorial alone cost more than 100 million won, making Jennie's influence felt.

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these heavenly hot outfits worn by BLACKPINK's Jennie below!

BLACKPINK's JENNIE Fashion Breakdown

#1 JENNIE's First Look

Jennie proudly flaunts her sultry back and sexiness in her first outfit. She wore a Cotton Tweed Dress from CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Pre-Collection.

Along with her luxurious dress, she also showed various accessories from CHANEL Coco Crush Collection. These are Coco Rush Rings, Coco Bracelet, Coco Necklace, and lastly, a Coco Crush Single Earring.

#2 JENNIE's Second Look

Jennie is glowing and shimmering in her second outfit. She wore a CHANEL Cotton Tweed & Imitation Pearls with a Camellia Cotton Tweed from its SS23 Pre-Collection.

The accessories she proudly displayed are from CHANEL Coco Crush Collection. These are J12102 & J12307 Necklaces; J11786 & J10817 Rings; and lastly, J11333 & J11162 Bracelets.

#3 JENNIE's Third Look

Her third attire makes her hot and sparkling. She donned an Iridescent Wool & Linen Tweed Dress from its CHANEL SS2023 Pre-Collection and to make her look complete, she exhibited a Coco Crush Collection.

These accessories are J12306 & J12307 Necklaces, J1154 & J12149 Single Earrings; J12303, J12366, J12365, & J12367 Bracelets.

#4 JENNIE's Fourth Look

Jennie is high and mighty showed her fox-like beauty. Her fourth outfit is an attire from CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Pre-Collection. It's a 23P Button Vest. Her jewelries are CHANEL Coco Bracelets.

#5 JENNIE's Fifth Look

Jennie is sensually stunning in her fifth look. She gracefully and elegantly flaunts her Silk Satin Dress from CHANEL SS 2023 Pre-Collection. Her accessories are all from CHANEL Coco Crush Collection.

#6 JENNIE's Sixth Look

Her sixth look makes her a badass yet elegant queen. She queenly donned an attire from CHANEL Spring Summer 2023 Pre-Collection. It's an Iridescent Wool & Linen Tweed Jacket.

Her top wear is a Cashmere Top paired with a Cashmere Skirt that has a Metal & Strass Belt.

#7 JENNIE's Seventh Look

Her final look showed a charming and dazzling visual. She homely presented her Cashmere Cardigan with a Cashmere Top underneath it which is from CHANEL SS 2023 Pre-Collection along with the accessories from CHANEL Coco Crush Collection


[All Images by BLACKPINK JENNIE & Vogue Korea via YG Entertainment]
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