All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'As if its your last' (마지막처럼) MV

All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'As if its your last' (마지막처럼) MV

In an ever so youthful tune, the girls express they want the person they love to kiss her as if it's his last. 

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit : YG Entertainment   

The playful song is inspired by a playful feeling when in love, the upbeat song communicates a girls' want for boys to just give them all the love! There's shouldn't be anymore to it than showing your love through action. 

The pop song MV looked just as youthful as it sounds based on what the girls rocked. Read more to see all their outfits. 


Look #1  Approaching the camera in a cute manner, Jisoo wears a printed  mesh long sleeve layered under a bright yellow crop top. It was matched with a black pleated skirt and belt. 

Look #2 For the main dance scene, she wears a bold red blouse with bell sleeves and a neck cut out, it was paired with a silver sequined mini skirt and black boots. 

Look #3 In a refreshing take of the 'school girl outfit', she wore a baby doll dress over a button up blouse and matching checkered neck tie. The look was matched with knee high white socks and platform boots. 

Look #4 Who said playful can't also have a dash of maturity? Regardless, Soyaa captured the look! She wore an oversized graphic tee with a cut out detail but the shoulder and distressed denim shorts. 

Look #5 Best look of the whole MV spotted! In this scene she wears a red and black printed dress with elaborate tassels. 

Look #6 Strawberry shortcake vibes, activated.. She wears a yellow tube dress with layers of ruffle and tulle detail. 


Look #1 Rose with brown hair is always takes us aback, but we're still here for it. In this scene she wore a glitter finish cropped long sleeve with a racer patterned mini skirt. 

Look #2 Hoping we'd see more but it the top seems more than enough. Here she wore a red and white gingham patterned blouse that is off the shoulder with ruffle design. 

Look #3 Simplicity and youthful are synonymous, and Rose showed us how it's done. She rocked a simple block designed tee with distressed denim shorts and a hot pink belt. 

Look #4 There's never a shortage of color when it comes to the dance scene. In this scene she wore a bold printed t-shirt dress with high cut boots. 

Look #5 Classics never die. Rose's version of the school girl theme reigns. She wore a white button up with a necktie layered under a cropped cardigan. It was matched with gray knee cut socks, a pleated skirt with a chain accessory. 

Look #6 This look takes the cake for the most bold style. She wore a bright pink pullover sweater with text and glitter design. Peep the tasseled earrings and braided hair. 


Look #1 This clip had to be the cutest to ever come out. She wore a red and white pullover with cut out and graphic design while bopping her head next to the cotton candy. 

Look #2 Another look that we think only Lisa can pull off. She wore a block printed halter cropped top with distressed denim shorts, thigh length neon pink boots and a beige leather accessory. 

Look #3 This look is giving blast from the past, but during this time, this was absolute #goals. She wore a white baby tee top with ripped high waited shorts and high cut boots and as for the key point, the bold printed bomber jacket.  

Look #4 For this theme, Lisa wore a long sleeve button up with navy colored best, pleated skirt with a slit and thigh belt accessory. 

Look #5 Lisa truly outdid herself for this, saying she went all out is to say the LEAST. She wore a black turtle neck long sleeve body suit. With a silver metallic bralette, chained belt accessory and denim jeans. Of course, don't forget jeweled hair and cap. 


Look #1 We could still see this look being relevant today and rightfully so. Here, Jennie wears a black top and shorts, lavender knee cut boots and a sheer floral chiffon cardigan. 

Look #2 Is she mad or happily frustrated? Our hunch says the latter, for this she wore a pastel pink silk finished button up blouse with pinstripes design. 

Look #3 Jennie's school girl outfits looks straight out an anime. She wore a three fourths length button up layered under a vest and pink neck tie. It was matched a mixed pleated and button skirt with a mesh stocking and combat boots. 

Look #4 Living for these vibes. She donned a pink dress with frill design and an oversized baby pink polo. 

Look #5 Boho, eccentric, chic. There's a lot going on, but she rocked it. She wore a cropped mesh long sleeve under a bright printed bralette top matched with a bold floral printed mini pencil skirt. 

Look #6 Pop and eccentric with simple colors can work too! Here Jennie wore a red asymmetrical top with black shirts and a see through knitted pants accessory with pearls. 

Look #7 And lastly, sporting a top we all knew and love! She wore a muscle cut tee with a tie-dye and a laced neckline.   
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