All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Shut Down' MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Shut Down' MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photo credits: BLACKPINK via YouTube

BLACKPINK is back in your area again as they released ‘Shut Down’ MV with their eccentric outfits

BLACKPINK will be in your area again soon as they announced their world tour to perform their Born Pink album live. Although many haters assumed that BLACKPINK will disband in no time, the girls proved them wrong by dropping their full length album ‘Born Pink’ after almost two years.

Today, they released another track from the album entitled ‘Shut Down’ and the song truly lives up on its title as the lyrics tell their haters to take a seat and watch them rise again. As they sing in one line, “Praying for my downfall, many have tried baby” Certainly this line communicates well with those people who keeps on doubting them and silently waiting for their group to collapse.

Truly enough, ‘SHUT DOWN’ made their comeback more powerful and thrilling.  Not to mention that its classical music combined with hip hop beats would make everyone dance. Also, their eccentric and enticing outfits left a big impact in the overall MV. Hence, Unnielooks prepared a fashion breakdown of all the outfits that BLACKPINK had worn.  

Jennie's Look #1

Jennie perfectly matched the classical music that their MV showcased as she had worn a white breasted corset top with pearl embellishments. But what made the look more vintage and classic, is her hairstyle that definitely speaks for itself. However, Jennie opted to add a modern twist, so she paired her top with a black fitted hot pants. For more feminine gait, she finished the look with a black strap heel pumps.

Jennie's Look #2

On her second outfit, she preferred to look chic and lavish. Here, she had worn a red and white sporty sweater. But to flaunt her curves and flat belly, she tied and folded it, making it look like a crop top instantly. Hot pants are definitely the new favorites of Jennie, and so she paired this look with one. For an eclectic touch, she designed her fit with a Gucci suspender and fur hat from the same brand.


Jennie's Look #3

Surely, this outfit brought out Jennie’s mature look as her figure became more enticing with the help of her black polo long sleeves, paired with her new thing in mind – hot pants. To make the look sexier, she completed the fit with this purple knee-high stylish heel pumps.


Jennie's Look #4

For her final look, she made sure her outfit is striking by wearing this white stylish cut out crop top layered with a black leather jacket in a cropped variation to keep the attention on her sexy frame. Meanwhile, Jennie also embellished her jacket by pinning a Camelia crystal brooch from Chanel. To finish the look, she paired the top with a semi-loose denim base.


Lisa's Look #1

Lisa’s first look is definitely one of the MV’s highlights. Not only it was eclectic, but it also showed us another side of the rapper —sensual Lisa. As flashed below, she wore a black sports bra layered with a see-through personalized crop top with her name printed on it. To make it a little bit voluminous, she topped them off with a cropped puffer vest, making the look a little edgy. But what made the look even extra is her denim asymmetrical skort. Then, Lisa finished her fit with Timberland brown ankle boots.


Lisa's Look #2

An eccentric Japanese vibe is what Lisa illustrates below. As seen on the image, she pulled the see-through crop top again and layered it this time with a crop shirt. Certainly, Lisa went for multiple layers as she topped them off with a snakeskin printed long coat. For a dose of edginess, she also paired the tops with a loose ripped printed denim base. Finally, Lisa shut downs everyone with her katana.


Lisa's Look #3

Another eclectic look is what Lisa pulled below as she sported a silver coordinates layered with camouflage cropped puffer jacket. Also, as the face of Celine, it’s only right to flaunt a bucket hat from this brand.


Lisa's Look #4

The rapper enjoys her luxurious moment in her final look as she sported a black mesh daisy top from PONY STONE, layered with neck accessory from Paco Rabanne that falls beautifully in front of the mesh top. As she loves to flaunt her frame, she opted for a navy green low-waisted cargo pants and finish the look with Celine lace up boots.


Jisoo's Look #1

Jisoo sported an Givenchy ensemble comprising of cropped jacket and a skirt-top, giving her a swag style which is definitely perfect to match the song’s hip hop beats. Meanwhile, she also accessorized her fit to aim for more finer details by wearing TIKOONZ rings and chain necklace.


Jisoo's Look #2

Jisoo flaunts a sporty chic style in her second outfit below. Here, she had worn a one-shoulder stylish crop top paired with micro-mini pleated skirt with printed numbers and sports logo. Then, Jisoo finished the look with her combat shoes.


Jisoo's Look #3

Meanwhile, in her third look, she preferred to highlight her classic side by pulling a Zebra print top from Dolce & Gabbana, which she paired with a black hot pants. 


Jisoo's Look #4

On her final look, she pulled an Adidas ensemble—black inner top layered with cropped bolero.


Rosé's Look #1 

Rosé flaunts her sexy aura by wearing a black cut out crop top paired with a fitted hot pants. She also pulled a knee-high boots to complete the black ensemble. But for a vibrant touch, she pulled a fur long green coat from Balenciaga, giving her an expensive feels as well.


Rosé's Look #2

Meanwhile, in her second look, she pulled a black coordinates layered with dark denim jacket to maintain the fit’s color palette. Also, Rosé finished the look with a brown knee-length lace up boots to make her gait more chic.


Rosé's Look #3

Rosé looked sleek in her all black chic ensemble below comprising of crop top, stylish asymmetrical skort, as well as Balenciaga black leather jacket. To finish the look, she pulled a Dr. Martens knee-length shoes.


Rosé's Look #4

Finally, on the last look of Rosé, she pulled a denim-on-denim style. The jacket is a little chunky but its just enough to give a comfort touch without sacrificing fashion.

Check out their outfits on ‘Pink Venom’ MV as well and don’t forget to stream’Shut Down’!

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All of them are my fav I love rosè but my most fav is Lisa


All of them are my fav I love rosè but my most fav is Lisa


All of them are my fav I love rosè but my most fav is Lisa


i love lisaaaaaa she is my hero, and jisoo, jennie and rosé two but lisa is the best

Victoria navas del pino

Thank you verry much for this guide, I wanted to dress up as Jennie for halloween. This has helped me a lot :)


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